Traditional Credit Application Vs. Apruve Credit Application


What is a credit application? In general terms, a credit application is a specific request for extended credit through a lender. There are a couple of ways for your customers to go through the credit application process for their online orders with you.

Traditional Credit Application with a B2B Seller

Traditionally, an online buyer would download a credit application pdf from your website, fill it out by hand, and fax it to you. You would then be responsible for the labor-intensive process of checking your customer’s credit history, verifying their business information, etc. and then assigning a credit limit that your company can afford to give your customer. This process can take days, if not weeks to complete. You take on the risk of offering your customer terms.


An even easier process is having the ability to fill out an online form and hit submit! Through Apruve, your buyers have the opportunity to submit an online credit application with real-time approval (we handle the credit application and approval), giving them a quicker turnaround time to make corporate purchases. If time is money, make the most of it with Apruve.

For quick turnaround, innovative solutions, and significantly less paperwork, online is the way to go. Make it even easier, use the streamlined approach of submitting the form and getting almost instant credit approval.


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