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Posted by Ed Morley - 18 October, 2018

10 of the Best Email Tips for Customer Success Managers

As a customer success manager, you may already feel like writing emails is second nature to you and you know what you’re doing. After all, you send countless emails every single day.

However, skills can always be perfected and by perfecting your most common form of communication, you’ll be able to save yourself time, communicate more effectively and directly and even improve inter-department relationships.

This all combined will benefit you, your team and your department, taking you to new levels of success. Looking for this in your life? Here are ten email writing tips you need to know.

#1 - Focus on the Subject Line

The subject line is one of the most important parts of an email and can help your readers organize their days. Try to avoid writing lines like ‘A quick question’ or something vague like ‘Important!!!’.

Instead, try to use informative subject lines like ‘Detail pack on productivity meeting 2/1/2018’ or ’Friday’s meeting room booked for ten people’.

#2 - Try to Avoid Attachments

It can take so much time out of somebody’s day to continually download, open and read through attachments of an email and more times than not; it can simply be avoided altogether.

Although sometimes necessary, it can be extremely beneficial to simply copy and paste the important parts of a document into the email itself, rather than sending the entire file.

#3 - Check Your Emails Regularly

Not so much a writing tip but more of a general email piece of advice, always check your emails regularly so you can reply quickly. You never know when you’re going to receive an important piece of information that requires a quick response so always allow time to ensure that doesn’t happen. For people with extremely hectic work days, creating a block on your calendar may help you to find time each day to dedicate to this activity.

#4 - Perfect Your Contact Name

As a customer success manager, you’ll be dealing with lots of different people from lots of different teams. This can get very confusing very quickly to some people, especially when lots of emails are being sent.

Try to edit and perfect your contact information, so you’re easily identifiable, so your reader knows exactly who they’re responding too. For example, don’t just use an email address contact name like This type of email is generic and shows a low level of trust. Use your company's URL and a standard email construction.

#5 - Don’t Forget Security

When writing emails, it’s almost too easy to hit the CC feature or to send an email to the wrong person accidentally. Always avoid writing negative things about a person or a member of your team or even a customer in your emails as you never know who’s going to read it and the effects of that risk.

“As a rule of thumb, send as much praise as you want over email but always avoid something that you would not want your name or credibility attached too. Remain professional,” suggests Marianne Aston, customer success representative at Assignment Service.

#6 - Keep to the Point

Not everybody wants to open an email that’s thousands of words long and crammed with detail. This simply wastes so much time and can lead to your recipients getting very confused.

When writing emails, stick to sending one subject per message and keeping your emails as short and as direct as possible. Millennials have coined the phrase, TL;DR meaning "Too Long, Didn't Read". For this reason, it may be best to write shorter emails to younger recipients.

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#7 - Use Online Tools

When it comes to writing emails, you can be sure that you don’t have to do it online. If you’re in need of help, here are some tools to help you out;

  • AcademAdvisor: An online blog that is dedicated to helping you to improve your grammar skills.
  • Assignment Help: An online writing agency that can help you with any email writing questions you have.
  • Let's Go and Learn & Writing Populist: Two online resources you can use to download unique writing guides you can follow when writing emails.
  • BestBritishEssays: An online writing service with professional writers that can help you write and edit your emails, a service recommended by the likes of the Huffington Post in Write My Paper.
  • My Writing Way: A free online blog you can use to improve your emails actively.
  • Essay Services: An online writing guide you can follow to ensure each email is perfectly structured and formatted.

#8 - Realize Who You’re Speaking To

As a customer success manager, the chances are that you’re going to be speaking to both team members and customers in certain situations. It’s so important that you recognize the fact that both of these niches of people need to be spoken to in an appropriate manner.

Although it’s hard to judge the tone of voice in an email, it’s not impossible. For example, if a customer seems angry, word your emails in such a way that you come across as understanding.

#9 - Proofread Your Emails

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This is one point that can’t be stressed enough. The chances that you write an email first time with any spelling mistakes or typos is near impossible, especially if you’re writing quickly when trying to write out lots of responses.

Before clicking send, simply give your email a quick readthrough to avoid any spelling mistakes that could increase the risk of miscommunication.

- Use Automated Emails

When it comes to sending out emails to your customers or staff, it’s incredibly time-consuming to send them all out individually, and it creates a massive risk of error.

Instead, look into using email automation software where you can create and perfect a single email before sending it out to all the relevant people when required. This could be anything from meeting organising emails to birthday and anniversary emails.

In Conclusion

These steps will allow you to be more efficient and effective at driving sales from your current customers. To help drive new customer revenue or improve your existing tactics, check out these B2B Sales tactics.

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