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Top Trends That Might Shape Your B2B Strategy


Posted by Brian Thomas - 06 June, 2019

10 Word of Mouth Marketing Tactics without Social Media

Operating and growing a business is tough – more so if it is a new or small business trying to cut a niche for itself.

To expand and attract new clients, you will need to perfect your service or product and make it unique from those of competitors.

Moreover, you will have to ensure that your business offers excellent customer service in order to retain your clients.

But perhaps the most important aspect – and the most challenging – is how to get exposure for your brand.

Companies are constantly looking for new and effective techniques to add to their marketing strategy. There is no doubt that social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools today.

Millions of business owners are using social media to promote business and gather crucial information about existing and prospective customers.

But did you know that there are other – lesser-known, newer – creative market strategies for your business? Let’s take a look at ten ways to gain visibility for your business without the use of social media:

1. Collaboration Is One of the Best Ways to Promote Your Business

Did you know that you can cooperate with other businesses to get exposure for your company and products?

You can collaborate with other firms to expand your client base and get your brand know out there. For example, you can link up with another business or two and do cross-promotional marketing.

Today, smaller businesses are adopting this marketing strategy to outwit bigger companies. Good examples of cross-promotion activities include joint events and media appearances and bundled product/service offerings.

Parnership Marketing


2. Hosting Events for Marketing Your Product

Why not try hosting events at your business premises as a way of promoting your brand?

These events do not need to be grand or very expensive. It could be a class or a simple workshop. To make sure it is effective, host an event that is relevant to whatever you are selling.

For instance, if you are a proprietor of a bakery, a cake decoration workshop could be a great idea to attract customers within your locality.


3. Speaking at Events Is Good for Marketing without Social Media

There is a good reason why company CEOs make time to speak at seminars, conferences, and events.

Business owners need to increase face-time with prospective customers to build their trust. While you can attend an event as a participant just to network, you can also go as a guest speaker.

You can start with smaller events in your neighborhood or local area to get exposure and experience. Plus, you will get to interact with other business people and professionals and share knowledge.


4. Support Charities in Your Local Area for Success in Business

One of the things to do without social media that will definitely give your company more traction is supporting charities. Whether you are a small, lesser-known business or already a super brand, there is always something or a way you can give back to society.

Taking part in these noble causes can help introduce your business to new customers. By supporting various events in the community, companies also gain significant marketing experience that can help them push their brands further.

Last but not least, supporting charities within the community boosts the image of your business thus encouraging people to buy your products and services.

Word of mouth marketing through charitySource

Nonetheless, it is important to note that businesses ought to participate in charities that are in line with their goals.

For instance, if your business manufactures sportswear and equipment, it makes sense to give donations for tournaments or sporting teams. By doing so, the company shows prospective customers that they are keen not only on business but also community matters.

“Beyond advertising one’s business, participating in charities helps in boosting employee morale and earnings coming from tax savings. Most importantly, charity is good for the community, without whom a business cannot run,” Marketing Manager at Skillroads.


5. Attend Seminars to Reach Audiences Not on Social Media

Going to seminars will also help in growing your business. For example, if you are in the hotel business, attending relevant expos can help you reach out to a previously untapped customer base.

New people will learn about your business during the seminar, and most will not hesitate to pay a visit to your hotel later if they like the experience.

Attending seminars also helps companies gather useful knowledge. When businesses apply this information in their daily operations, they stand to make meaningful strides as far as promoting their brand goes.


6. How to Promote a Product: Host Giveaways to Attract New Customers

Hosting giveaways is also one of the creative ways to market your business. Undoubtedly, many people love winning things and free stuff.

Thus, the most effective way of catching their attention is offering them some freebies as well as gifts. Some of the things you can give out include new products, gift certificates, and free services.  


7. How to Get Exposure for Your Business: Sponsor Some Events

Sponsoring a particular event in the community is yet another great way of giving your company exposure. Try to identify a local event and get on board as the official sponsor or as one of the supporters.

Though this can prove to be quite an expensive endeavor, the exposure your company will get will be unmatched.

event sponsorship for womSource

However, remember that the price can always be negotiated. Thus, try as much as possible to deliberate on the price until you arrive at a reasonable charge.


8. Promotion without Social Media: Put Your Logo on Your Company Car

If your company owns delivery vans or cars, it will do your firm much good to put company logos and or signage on them.

Though this move might seem simple, it has proven to be quite effective for many businesses. Signage and logos on the side of vehicles attract people’s attention and make them curious about your firm.

Each time your company car goes around your town or city, the business is exposed to more customers.

WOM magnets on cars Source

9. Press Releases Is One of the Ways to Promote Business Offline

Press releases are brief written statements that provide information on particular events or happenings at a company.

Publishing a press release will help tell people about your business and reach out to customers that you have not already targeted in your other brand promotion strategies.  

10. Before Social Media for Business There Was Traditional Marketing

As a business owner, you should never forget that there was, and still is, life without social media. It, therefore, makes sense to use traditional marketing methods to give your company exposure. Consider printing some attractive banners, brochures, flyers, and billboards.

In conclusion, although social media is proving to be quite a marketing tool today, adding the offline methods highlighted here to your marketing campaign can also give your company the much-needed exposure.

Even if you own a small company, these tips coupled with determination will help succeed in your business.

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About the author: Alice Berg is a blogger and career advisor, who helps people to find their own way in life, gives career advice and guidance, helps young people to prepare for their careers. You can find Alice on Twitter. 

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