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Posted by Brian Thomas - 06 June, 2019

12 Best Inventory Management Software of 2019

Stock inventory is one of the most important business activity. E-commerce brands, grocery stores, food and beverage stores, retail shops, etc, conduct stock inventory to know the use of resources, determine the performance of employees and regulate finances. It takes a lot of time to conduct and complete stock inventory.

That is why they use inventory management software to automate stock inventory and complete it quickly. So, have a look at the 12 best B2B technology inventory management software. 

1. Salonist


salonist inventory management

Basically, salonist is a CRM based salon software with outstanding inventory capabilities. All Salon business owners can use this software to automate their business activities and increase the ability to serve a large number of customers and boosts the overall profit margins.

The software automatically captures all important business data submitted by the business marketing professionals and store them on the Cloud Servers. It helps auditors to easily conduct the stock inventory to calculate the number of goods that should be available in the salon and complete the stock inventory in Quick Time.

The best thing about the CRM software is that you can use it on all internet-enabled devices and conduct the stock inventory easily and smoothly.


2. SparkResto 

SparkResto Inventory Management


As a matter of fact, SparkResto is a very useful CRM software for all hotel and restaurant business organizations. This excellent hotel and restaurant management software comes with stock inventory management features.

With its help, you can easily process the orders of your customers, prepare bills for the ordered food items with all basic details in ShortTime, show customers about the exact time of the delivery of their food and beverage items and ensure their 100% satisfaction with automated Hospitality Services. As the software is based on a cloud server, so you can use it at any time and from any place.

You can use this inventory software to automate the stock inventory process and complete it quickly without making errors.


3. Zoho Inventory 

zoho inventory


Zoho inventory is a helping hand for all retail companies. It is based on cloud servers and allows them to automated sales and conducts stock inventory.

This tool can easily be integrated with online sales channels and shopping carts. It updates you about the stock level in your store from time-to-time. With its help, you can easily automate the stock inventory process quickly and generate accurate results immediacy.


4. EZOfficeInventory



EZOfficeInventory management software is a real comrade for all auditors who have to conduct stock inventories for different departments. It automates the stock inventory process.

It allows you to create custom labels and deal with vendors effectively. Using its mobile app, you can scan barcodes and QR codes quickly. With this asset tracking software, scan-based audits, and actionable reports, stock inventory becomes a hassle-free work.


5. QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is an accounting software with inventory capabilities. This inventory management software offers tools for managing payroll, the generation of reports, tracking sales, and stock inventory.

Non-profit organizations, manufacturing and Wholesale companies, retail stores, private contractors can use this software to automate the business and easily manage the stock inventory process.

With this software, you can limit the employee’s access to sensitive data and an insured the privacy of confidential information in an easy way. It helps you to complete the stock inventory increase time and summative report to the company


6. Zero

zero inventory management


As a matter of fact, zero is cloud-based software for stock inventory, accounting, bank reconciliation, purchasing, expenses bookkeeping, etc. You can operate this accounting software from all internet enabled devices to make your accounting work smarter and easier.

The software automatically creates a clear and concise picture of your financial condition. Using this software you can highlight Bank balances, outstanding invoices, upcoming bills and expense claims in an easy way.


7. Asset Panda

asset panda


Asset Panda is a nice CRM software for streamlining different activities of your business, such as reservation management, stock inventory, tool tracking, Work Order Management, Purchase Order Management, Compliance Management, Check In and Check Out, Depreciation, Service Management, Enterprise Service Desk Solutions, etc.

The CRM software is full of lots of features that help you to streamline your business activities and boost overall productivity. Those features are-GPS coordinates upon scans, parent/child relationships and data grouping, a calendar/gantt feature, change history reporting, hosting of asset's documents, photos, videos and voice notes, mobile app barcode scanning, etc.


8. inFlow Cloud

cloud based inventory management


inFlow Cloud is a feature-rich inventory management software for all small and medium scale business organizations. They can use this software to track products, sales, and customers. It comes with several features which can help you in a stock inventory, such as tracking, bulk reordering, bill of materials, quote management, customer management, sales reporting, catalogue, etc.


9. Fishbowl

fishbowl inventory management


Fishbowl is an ideal manufacturing and inventory management software that allows small and large scale companies to manage demand and supply issues in an easy way. With this CRM software, you can easily automate almost all the activities of your business and maximize production efficiency.

It has an inventory-centric approach which allows you to take control of the stock inventory process and complete it quickly. It automatically updates your inventory records and helps you in stock inventory. It has a reporting tool which enables you to collect data on different business aspects and generate accurate records quickly.


10. Unleashed Software 

unleashed inventory management software


With this easy to use Unleashed inventory management software companies can easily manage the stock inventory process quickly from all places. This inventory management software has an excellent reporting tool which automatically generates reports all business KPIs.

It automatically collects data and stores them on a cloud server. Also, it supports integration with various eCommerce tools, the point of sales, and accounting software which enables you to streamline your business and increase the lead generation opportunities up to a great extent.


11. Finale Inventory

finale inventory


Finale Inventory is a marvelous cloud-based inventory management software which allows almost all business organizations to if we conduct a stock inventory and file a brief report in a few clicks. With its help, you can easily track all important business activities.

It is a multi-channel eCommerce business tool because it comes with inventory management integration product building features and QuickBooks integration. Finale inventory makes it easier for you to conduct the stock inventory in an easy way for all types of eCommerce and retail stores.


12. TradeGecko 

trade gecko


TradeGecko is a very useful inventory management software for online business organizations. It combines manufacturing, sales, channels, locations and currencies at one place so that you can easily manage customer’s order.

It helps you to manage stock inventory for all types of e-commerce stores, retail stores, hotels and restaurants Salon business, Spa etc. With this inventory management software, you can easily generate different types of reports, predict the behavior of customers, and launch business marketing campaigns accordingly for maximum results.

It is a perfect platform true streamline your online business with a unique catalogue and price list for each and every customer depending on their product purchasing frequencies with your brand.

Final Words

Inventory management is an important aspect of any company that sells products and services to customers. It helps them to supervise the sale and purchase of products, analyze the performance of employees, and ensure the proper use of the available resources in a better way. They can choose the inventory management software from the above-mentioned list and take their business to the next level by conducting decorate stock inventory in an easy way. Good luck.


What are the best inventory management software platforms?

  • Salonist
  • SparkResto
  • Zoho Inventory
  • EZOfficeInventory
  • QuickBooks Enterprise
  • Zero
  • Asset Panda
  • inFlow Cloud
  • Fishbowl
  • Unleashed Software
  • Finale Inventory
  • TradeGecko

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