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Posted by Jennifer Studebaker - 03 May, 2021

12 Common Mistakes of B2B Email Marketing

According to the 2019 B2B Content Marketing Research by Content Marketing Institute, 87% of B2B marketers use email campaigns to nurture their audience. In the B2C marketing community, email is important, too. 77% of B2C marketers use email marketing software to boost the efficiency of their content marketing efforts. 80% of them use email campaigns to nurture their audience.

Still, the world of email marketing is constantly evolving. You’ll face the changing needs of your audience and you’ll need to match the advanced strategies of your competitors. You may send one email after another, and you won’t see any results in terms of growing conversions. That’s because you’re making at least one of the most common mistakes that most email marketers make.

12 Email Marketing Campaign Mistakes

Not Taking It Seriously

This is one of the most common mistakes that marketers make: they don’t approach email with a serious strategy. They let the list go cold for several months. Then they send a random email with a silly typo. They accidentally send it twice. It’s no wonder why many recipients will unsubscribe after that.

First and foremost: you absolutely need a strategy. Make a plan and take it very seriously. When you develop it, you’ll pay close attention to each message before sending it. The design should be perfect. The content must be flawless.

Not Inviting People to Sign Up

You think a pop-up window would distract the visitors from the site’s main message. You’re too shy to ask them to subscribe. That’s the wrong mindset. You have to ask for subscriptions. The visitors won’t be bothered if you offer value in return. This brings us to the next mistake:

Not Offering Value

Why would someone subscribe? Do you offer a great report or a white paper? Do you promise to deliver cool discount codes on an ongoing basis? If you don’t give them tangible benefits for subscribing, you’re making a mistake.

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Using a Complicated Email Marketing Service

You know you need an email marketing automation platform. So you go ahead and choose a random one without getting informed. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with the right one. But if you make the wrong choice, you’ll waste money on a super-complicated tool that you don’t know how to use.

Complications for Recipients to Unsubscribe

No one wants to lose subscribers. But if you don’t make it easy for people to abandon your email list, you’ll only frustrate them. Remember: the point of this campaign is to get the message to the ones who want to receive it.

At the bottom of each message you send, you should include a link that leads the recipient to a safe unsubscribe page. It should be easy for them to do this with two clicks - one in the message and one on the unsubscribe page.

Skipping A/B Testing

Every good email marketing tool allows you to do A/B testing. You’ll send different versions of the message to different groups from your list. You’ll track the results, so you’ll see what approach makes a real difference to conversions. Many newbies in email marketing tend to skip this step. But it’s not a hard thing to do. The tool will let you design different versions with ease, and it will give you direct reports on the effects.

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Do you know what most business owners wonder when they want to start developing an email marketing campaign? “Can I buy the email list?” No, you can’t buy it. Without getting the email address from the subscriber and receiving subscription confirmation through the same email, you’re sending spam.

When people see your brand in the spam folder and they don’t remember subscribing, they will form a negative opinion about it. You don’t want that. Buying email lists is easy, but it gets you nowhere. Attracting people to subscribe and getting their confirmation is hard, but it’s the only effective way to do email marketing.

Underestimating the Importance of a Subject Line

What not to focus on for the subject line:
  • “I’ll just write March Newsletter and that’s enough.”
  • “I’ll think of clickbait, so people will open the message.”
  • “I’ll write Hello.”

The subject line is a critical factor for open rates and conversions. It has to convey the essence of your message. It should be intriguing, but it mustn’t be clickbait. Keep it relevant and catchy. Try something like: “Our March Newsletter is awesome! Discounts for everyone!”

Ignoring the Importance of Good Content

You decide to give everyone a discount code and you send an almost empty message with the code in it? That’s not how proper email marketing is done.

Emails are a great space for long-form content, which helps the recipients to make an informed decision. If you don’t have someone in your team to write this kind of content for each email, you can hire a writing service. Take a look at Term Paper Writing Services and other services alike to find what providers are a good fit for your marketing needs.

Ignoring the Importance of Good Structure

Do you have good content? That’s great! Will you send it as plain text in the email? No. That’s a mistake. The good news is that email marketing services give you awesome templates to play with. It’s easy to create gorgeous messages when you have them.

Not Paying Attention to the Reports

When you use a strong email marketing service, you’ll get reports and message statistics. Many marketers neglect this data, so they wonder why the tool doesn’t help them reach better conversion rates. It helps you by delivering the data. You’re supposed to analyze it and consider the hints.

Not Bothering When You Have Few Subscribers

Many business owners wait until they get at least 1K subscribers before they start sending messages. Don’t do that. You need a plan before you start inviting people to subscribe. Even if you have one subscriber, they expect a message from you. Your decision to start an email marketing campaign is a good one. But it’s just a beginning. To make it effective, you have to avoid common mistakes.

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