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Transforming A/R with Automation and Built-In Credit Financing


Posted by Michael Noble - 12 January, 2022


Computerization of human lives was the beginning of the end of all the traditional methods and non-automated devices. Ever since the evolution of computers and the introduction of automation the human lives have gone through drastic changes.

Considering how many technological advances have impacted our lives, one can say that there is no limit to technological advancements. In the beginning, computers astounded the whole world and now AI. The term “Artificial Intelligence” has a very broad meaning.

computer intelligenceOne can easily define AI as human-like computers. The computers or devices which can mimic human-like movements and can perform functions in a much better and more efficient way than humans. From integral mobile apps like SIRI to surgical robots, AI has not widened the perspectives of automation, but it has redefined what completion automation means.

The AI technology of this era is focused on enabling the machines on doing a single task like driving a car or performing facial recognition or home automation. Even though this automation was considered impractical few decades ago but all credits to AI the human generation surpassed its own expectations and possibilities. The scientists are striving to make AI stronger; a technology that will supersede human intelligence and efficiency at nearly every task humans can do.


How will AI impact the employment sector?

One of the most controversial topic when it comes to artificial intelligence is how the future of AI will impact humanity. There are tons of controversies that are being discussed by the AI experts and professionals. One of the most prophesied controversies about AI is that this rapid development in technology will soon reduce the employment opportunities to none.

Does this myth ring any bells? Well, it is the same prophecy that many people used to believe in when computers were introduced in the corporate world. Not only do computers increased the job opportunities instead it also helped in improving human efficiency and performance.

Same is the case with artificial intelligence. The employment of AI is not restricted to only checking the baggage at assembly lines rather AI is outperforming the humans in many other sectors like marketing, sales, and analysis.

It will be unreasonable to say that AI will not replace any job and will make jobs easier and better for humans. The truth lies in the midway of both these approaches, in some approaches AI will make jobs and tasks easier and simpler for humans while on the other hand robots and AI machines will replace humans.

However, this doesn’t pose any threat to any human employment. Automation is the real essence of the AI revolution and potentially. Not all careers will be destroyed, the robotic takeover of several jobs also means the opening of new job opportunities in advanced technology.

AI-for the people

Several studies and researches have been conducted on the jobs which have a higher chance of getting replaced by AI machines, robots, and other automated devices. In this article, we present you with a comprehensive enlistment of jobs and professions that will be fully computerized in a few decades. Based on the nature, type and amount of training required for these jobs, AI machines are most likely to perform these jobs in the coming years:

1. Telemarketers

The probability of this job getting fully computerized is quite high, at least 99.9%. One of the biggest reason behind this replacement is that the conversion rates of telemarketing are quite low. The career growth expectancy in telemarketing is meant to reduce by 3% in upcoming years.

2. Book-keeping clerk

The likelihood of this job getting replaced by robots and AI-activated devices is almost 98%. Well, it’s no surprise that this job is getting computerized as the growth in this role is expected to decrease by a solid 8%. Tools and applications like QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, and other tools offer book-keeping features and services. With a rapid increase in the fully automated tools and applications, the job of book-keeping clerk will no longer need a person to keep all your books in check.

3. Benefits managers

With a remarkable replacement likelihood of over 96% and a surprising growth ratio of almost 7%, it doesn’t mean that this job is safe from automation. As the business organizations are enlarging their businesses and prospects, automated benefit and compensation management systems will save a lot of time and efforts. These automated systems are currently gaining popularity and are being adopted by some huge business organizations to provide their employees with promised benefits and compensations.

4. Receptionists

Automated phoning and scheduling systems have the potential to replace the role of a receptionist. The possibility of computerization and automation of this role is nearly 96%. Most of the multinational companies and huge business organizations which don’t have an office-wide telephoning system are going for these automated systems.

5. Couriers

In the next few years, your delivery-boy will no longer have a human form. Drones and robotic devices are rapidly taking over the courier and delivery services. The expectancy of a robotic takeover is increased by an astonishing 5%. It only a matter of time that this job will be fully automated. 

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6. Proofreaders

Proofreading applications and software are used almost every blogging site. With a replacement probability of almost 84%, this job will soon be done only by automated software in the next few years. There are now self-checking writing tools and applications that not only helps in checking and detecting grammatical errors rather it also detect plagiarism and corrects the sentence structures.

7. Computer support specialist

With a rapid increase in online content, tips, guidelines, and instructions, many huge organizations now rely on automated robots and software to answer FAQs and customer support questions. The replacement possibility of this job is estimated to be 65%.

8. Market research analysis

The role of research analysts is crucial for every organization and company in content development. These analysts are supposed to conduct comprehensive market research on their competitors. To produce a highly accurate and comprehensive market research report, automated robots are gaining popularity in the business and market sectors.

9. Advertising salesperson

Advertising has shifted from print media and TV to online and social marketing. Social media platforms offer thousands of options for marketers to which makes it easy for them to promote their product and services. Many huge organizations utilize the services of the animation studio to obtain high quality animated business ads and explainer videos.

10. Retail salespeople

With a likelihood of 92%, this job is most likely to disappear in the next couple of years. With the emergence of online shopping, people are now inclined towards doing online market research and making a purchase decision on their own. Most of the online shopping stores now offer high-end features self-checkout to enhance the shopping experience.

11. Accountant

There is no denying that computerized devices are much better at financing and accounting than any human will ever be. Many companies and business organizations are already automated their financing and accounting systems and no longer need a human employee for monitoring and tracking the payables and receivables.

12. Security guards

The evolution of technology in the field of security is commendable. With facial recognition systems to high-tech robotic guards, AI has made huge advancements in the field of security.


The impacts of artificial intelligence on human lives cannot be neglected. Some experts of fear that such rapid growth in AI might bring about drastic consequences on humanity while others have a completely opposite take on this rapid development in AI.

Nobody is completely sure about what the future of AI holds for the coming human generations, but considering the human capabilities to learn, to adapt, to self-educate— it is safe to say that human beings are bound to bring about more rapid and successful changes in the world.


What jobs will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence?

  • Telemarketers
  • Bookkeeping Clerks
  • Benefits Manager
  • Receptionist
  • Couriers
  • Proofreaders
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Advertising Sales
  • Research Sales
  • Accountant
  • Security Guard


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