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Posted by Michael Noble - 16 September, 2021

3 Emerging Fintech Trends Relevant to Every Entrepreneur

As technology progresses, we see it becoming an integral part of almost every aspect of our lives. The financial industry is one of many spheres of life that adopted technology in order to facilitate the delivery of services.

Automated procedures, digital ledgers, mobile, and desktop financial apps are just some benefits that lead to a more effective flow of finance and business. For this reason, we decided to share 3 emerging fintech trends relevant to every entrepreneur who aims to scale their business faster and easier.

Fingerprint authentication

Mobile technology is taking over the online market with more and more businesses realizing the potential of providing customers with the ability to use their services beyond the desktop platform.

With current practice of building fingerprint sensors into mobile devices, which is probably going to become an industry standard in years to come, we now have the chance to create seamless authentication procedures that are difficult to breach.

Fingerprints in fintech

Standard login information is not easy to protect, even though a lot of people almost forgot the incident when thousands of account information were stolen by a group of hackers.

Brute force attacks are becoming more sophisticated, with enough time a hacker could easily obtain user information and damage both company reputation and the integrity of users. Fingerprint recognition, on the other side, holds multiple benefits for everyone:

  • It requires less space to store fingerprint data
  • Reduces the login period
  • Data can’t be lost, stolen, or shared
  • Fingerprints are not changing with the age


Securing your payment process with fingerprint technology allows your customers to perform seamless purchases, but most importantly, it gives you the advantage over the competition simply because your platform provides better security.  

If one of those platforms is providing an added-security payment process it’s more likely that you’ll choose the platform which gives you peace of mind, which is why fingerprint authentication is on the rise.

Software payroll management

Up until lately, payroll management was something many entrepreneurs had to deal with themselves or through a third-party service. Both ways are consuming resources, which is not the most cost-effective way to run your business.

Automated payroll management brings a new dimension to your business, as it allows an easier and cost-efficient method for calculating the compensation for the time and effort your employees committed.

According to recent market research, the payroll software industry is registering growth, both in sales and the number of features and benefits that come with the implementation of this kind of solution.


There are multiple benefits to introducing software payroll technology to your business, other than saving the money you'd have to spend outsourcing or delegating your own employee to deal with the task.

Humans can make mistakes, due to stress, lack of focus, fatigue, or simply by accident. Software solution leaves no room for mistakes of this type and provides results much faster.

Cost reduction can also be achieved by storing your data on a Cloud which diminishes maintenance and storage costs while providing access to information to authorized personnel. Your employees can have direct insight into their work progress and current hours, along with some other extra features, depending on the software.


Cryptocurrency payments

The year 2018 started with Bitcoin on almost everybody's lips, as the world's most famous cryptocurrency reached its peak value. More and more people decided to start mining for bitcoin, others took a shot at trading the blockchain-based money, and we've seen substantial growth of new digital wallets

The trend of mining for cryptocurrency and using it for online payments caught the attention of more than a handful of online, but also brick and mortar, enterprises.

Companies like Microsoft, Tesla, Dell, PayPal, Reddit, and many others accept cryptocurrency payments for a while now. There are many reasons why cryptocurrency surpasses regular cash - it’s much safer, there are no middleman fees, quicker transaction processing.

Fintech trendsSource

As we already discussed, the number of cryptocurrency users is growing which means they need a chance to spend their money without first trading it for regular currency.

By providing cryptocurrency payments, you can generate a pool of regular customers that will keep coming back because they know you are a cryptocurrency-friendly solution. Since this method of payment is yet to reach its peak, the sooner you become blockchain-ready the more customer you could attract.

Furthermore, since blockchain is not related to any country or economy, global payments are made easy. You could buy materials from vendors faster and without expensive fees, which influences your production costs, and gives you a chance to offer your products or services much cheaper. 



In order to stay competitive, it is essential to follow the flow of technology and its influence on market development. The bond between finance and technology is growing stronger every day, which brings fresh ideas and improved marketing solutions that should not be neglected. Reaching the top of the industry ladder depends on your ability to acquire new skills and learn how to utilize the technology to your benefit.



What are the top emerging fintech technologies?

  1. Fingerprint authentication
  2. Software payroll management
  3. Cryptocurrency payments

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About the Author: Becky Holton is a journalist and a blogger at UK Careers Booster. She is interested in education technologies and is always ready to support informative speaking. Follow her on Twitter.

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