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Posted by Brett Romero - 24 May, 2019

4 Best Practices in Content Marketing for B2B Companies

Content can cost considerably less than other forms of marketing. However, it’s easy to have a content strategy that isn’t as effective as it could be – or completely falls flat.

Here are four reasons why your content might be failing right now and what you can do about that.

The Content Isn’t Topical, Relevant or Newsworthy

Different websites including marketing tools provider, BuzzSumo, and SEO firm, Moz looked at the performance of articles on the web. They determined that over half of all articles examined – from a sample of over 100,000 – had only seen a minimal amount of interest in the form of comments, likes or shares. Only a quarter of the content had any links from third-party websites too.

Their conclusion was that the content failed to be:

  1. Topical
  2. High-quality
  3. Original

It was also confirmed that even marketers don’t do a good job of promoting their own content across the web to generate interest and garner shares or inbound links.

Pro Tip

Only publish high-quality, thought-provoking content. Ensure it’s interesting and original enough to receive links from other websites. Half the battle is content quality; the other half is adequate promotion.

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The Content Isn’t Properly Targeted

Knowing your target market means your content is aimed directly at them. Sometimes, people fail to understand that clearly.

For instance, a freelance writer’s website could publish articles for other writers talking about freelance writing as a professional. It might be openly critical of clients and discuss the issues presented when dealing with them.

At the same time, the freelance writer’s website is used to attract and sign up new paying clients for written content orders. This actually happens! Then the writer is surprised when prospective clients are turned off by what’s published on their blog, content which makes clients (like them) look bad.

Understanding your target audience is critically important. If you don’t have a customer avatar or a written description of your typical customer, then you should write one down.

Pro Tip

Know your audience and personalize content around them. Target content that is distinctive and speaks to their interests, concerns or pain points. If you don’t know what problems your audience has, make it your point to find out!

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The Content Isn’t Professionally Presented

Presentation matters. Publishing any content with a typeface that’s either hard to read or too small to be comfortable on the eyes is going to turn people away no matter how impressive the prose.

A blog must load quickly and be optimized to present the content first and interactive elements last. Even if you’ve already started your website, you can use the How to Start a Blog website to learn how to make improvements or to start anew. Rest assured, their info on how to start a blog is one of the most comprehensive on the web.

Pro Tip

Put time into the presentation to make your site eye-catching. It doesn’t need to go over the top, but it shouldn’t be underwhelming either.

You Aren’t Providing Enough Value

No matter what type of business you run, it’s important that your content provides value to the people who read it.  For example, let’s say you run an appliance repair company.  You’ve been told that adding a blog to your website will help with SEO, so you write a blog post about why everyone needs to hire you to maintain their washing machines. 

However, as you’ve never written a blog post before, it comes off as overly promotional and doesn’t really say anything the reader doesn’t already know.  It may look okay on the surface, but your competitors are doing a better job.

Perhaps they’re suggesting tips on how to extend the life of an appliance that the general reader can implement themselves, or they’re adding videos which explain how to do simple maintenance.  Whatever it is, they’re succeeding while you’re failing.

The thing to remember here is that just because your content looks good to you, this doesn’t mean it looks good to your audience.  Blog content needs to be informational.  It needs to inspire trust in those who read it, and this will do your company a lot more favors than a post talking about how great your company is.

Different types of content work well on different platforms too.  While you want to prove good, informational content on your blog, your Facebook posts can be a lot lighter and more promotional.

Pro Tip

If you’re unsure of how to write content according to the platform it’s being published on, hire a content writer.  They are trained in how to write content specific to the platform and audience. 


The Content Isn’t Marketed Properly

Most content fails to impress in terms of quality, uniqueness, and presentation. It’s also poorly marketed.Content_Marketing_b2b

While natural inbound links where no one asks for a backlink from another site – they just happen organically – are nice, rarely does this happen by itself. The site must be on people’s radar already to garner attention and inbound links if it’s a small fish in a big pond.

Pro Tip

Getting good content in front of the right people does the marketing for you. When content is impressive, other people want to share it. It makes them look informed and smarter by sharing. Their audience appreciates it too. Make connections. Network with other people in your industry. Spread the word!

Good content can be better with additional effort and better presentation. When it’s great, you still have to market it to get eyeballs on it. Few pieces of content go viral – they have to be promoted first. It rarely happens in isolation.


Top tactics for creating a successful blog:

  • Only publish high-quality, thought-provoking content.
  • Know your audience.
  • Put time into the presentation to make your site eye-catching. 
  • If you’re unsure of how to write content according to the platform it’s being published on, hire a content writer. 
  • Getting good content in front of the right people does the marketing for you. 

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