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Posted by Brett Romero - 24 May, 2019

4 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Conversion Rate in Magento

Do you believe in the term called “By chance”? In the technology realm, nothing emerges by chance - especially if something like Magento has capitalized the top spot for years despite other technologies and platforms taking part in the race.

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If you peep into the online marketing expansion, I am sure you will find Magento riding the wave. Because it offers retailers to build and optimize their online channel with minimal efforts.

Apart from Magento, you can evaluate different options like WordPress, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, 3dCart. There are a plethora of alternatives, but in order to truly discover the best of what you're looking for, you have to determine where to look.

Unfortunately, no cookie-cutter answer applies to everyone. But you have to start somewhere. if you are looking into an e-commerce platform or are currently using Magento, Ihope the following post helps to choose or optimize your online store.

To survive in the highly dynamic environment of e-commerce and compete effectively online, one needs to keep a close eye on the latest strategies used to optimize a Magento website conversion rate.

I am sure you are evaluating Pay-Per-Click (PPC) budgets or ROI on SEO campaigns at first, but conversion rates distinguish themselves as the most crucial performance indicator of your store. Just look at the bigger picture.

What Is A Conversion Rate?  As a business, I am sure you want a visitor to complete the desired activity on your website, during a certain time period. A conversion rate is the percentage of those visitors.

Any valuable action taken by your visitors as long as it fulfills your web page’s goal can be considered as the desired action.

For example:

  • If someone purchases a product
  • If someone sign-ups the newsletter
  • If someone subscribes
  • If a visitor hires your services
  • If anyone downloads a free e-book
  • If they fill out a ‘contact’ us form, answer a survey, give a feedback

Basically, the only way to find out if your pages are persuading visitors to take the action you want them to take on the page is by measuring the conversion rate.

magento conversion rate

To determine whether your design and copy are attaining the attention of qualified prospects or not is by noticing how high the conversion rates are.   

By seeing the goal of optimizing your conversion rate, it grants you to make the most of the site traffic and make more money without having to spend additional funds towards customer acquisition tactics.

Magento Conversion Optimization Strategies to Take into Account

#1 Introduce Advanced Search Engine

Have you wondered why most e-commerce sites constructed on Magento tend to rank better on third-party search engines? It is due to the Enterprise Edition of Magento 2 elastic search that can utilize advanced requirements in no time to quickly enable businesses to meet the requirements of search engines and be easily crawled.

Moreover, it even lets you set weighted attributes values, stop words, and search synonyms.

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#2 UX Friendly Product Pages

Most of the e-commerce store owners are seen focusing on the home page and a few selected landing pages.

Where in actual what they should be focusing on is your product page because shoppers visit your site for a purpose to find their desired products and related info.

Optimizing product page heavily contributes to the conversion rate improvement. By putting yourself in the mindset of your customer, one can quickly improve conversion rates on these pages. Think about what would hold you back from purchasing? Adding clear photos, thorough product descriptions, product reviews, and a wide variety of payment options are usually a great start.

#3 Order and Shipping Management

The time has come when real-time updates of the orders and on-time product delivery are considered as essential elements leading to customer satisfaction. And the end result, satisfied customers are compelled to speak some glowing words regarding your business on the social networking sites.

With the help of real-time tracking tools and technologies, businesses can offer free of charge shipping up to some defined quantity of product purchase leading to an increase in conversion.

#4 Propagate Trust Building Strategies

Magento being an e-commerce platform involves several sensitive transactions as well as data exchanges pertaining to finance, security is becoming a prime concern for it.

Even after having several built-in security features, it is important to depict trust building certificates, seals, and badges on the Magento stores as well as in checkout pages.

Implementing these services can increase conversion rates so try to implement it if the nature of your offering supports it. It has been proven that this method longer guarantees at boosting conversion rate.


The real importance of conversion rate optimization on your Magento website is to get the ball rolling. Not everything you do will be successful, but it is important to test everything to find out what works and what does not.

This will help you in acquiring more customers in a shorter span of time. Even if these strategies give you a small amount of traffic, chances are pretty much high you can make more money off of that traffic.

Conversion rate optimization is not just a cherry on top of a cake; it’s more like the whole cake; the foundation upon which all other efforts reside.


Top Magento Conversion Optimization Strategies:

  • Introduce Advanced Search Engine
  • UX Friendly Product Pages
  • Order and Shipping Management
  • Propagate Trust Building Strategies

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Author Bio: Vikash Chaudhary is a manager at Tatvasoft, it’s a software development company. In his leisure time he likes to explore new technology trends and loves to write on them as well. He is also a crazy traveler and loves to travel around the world.

Topics: B2B eCommerce, Magento