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Posted by Brett Romero - 28 August, 2019

4 Franchise Development Efforts that Improve Qualified B2B Lead Generation

Nowadays, many people believe that franchise owners have it easy when it comes to managing and running a business. After all, franchises have continuous support provided by the brands or trademarks they operate under. However, just because it may seem easy to run a franchise business, it doesn't mean that it is.

As a matter of fact, even though franchises get support from their franchisors, it's still up to the franchise owners to develop their business and ensure it's successful. This may prove to be a challenge even with all the support you may get from your franchisor.

The main reason is that franchises must compete on a local market end establish a strong presence there, in order to attract qualified leads. A franchisor’s overall reputation may be good but it's still just a slight advantage in different local markets. That being said, here are a few franchise development efforts that improve qualified lead generation for business growth.

Develop a website

The first order of business should be to create a website for your franchise. Even though your franchisor already has a website, it doesn't mean your franchise doesn't need one. The fact of the matter is that your local leads will and should land on your website that has information about the local franchise business.

website lead generationWhen developing such a website, you should focus on designing it for the local customers. That includes ensuring functionality factors, such as speed, responsiveness, security, user-friendliness and others that are able to meet local consumers' expectations and needs. In addition, you must ensure that the visual content, as well as the information on your website, is in accordance with local customers' preferences.

Of course, you must still abide by the franchisor's branding efforts while developing a franchise website. Having a website is crucial because your qualified lead must have a place to land and get informed about your offers so that they'll eventually convert into customers.

Create a marketing plan

Marketing is a crucial element for generating qualified leads. Your franchisor will undoubtedly provide you with developed b2b marketing strategies, but it's still up to you to adjust them for the local market needs. After all, owning a franchise means you get to make your own decisions regarding your business but you're never alone while doing so.

Therefore, consider which approach is best suited to generate qualified leads through your marketing efforts. For example, social media marketing may be a good way to start. Engaging local audiences on social media platforms by establishing a meaningful relationship with them and publishing relevant content may help you generate qualified leads on social networks.

Marketing plan for wholesale distribution-01Also, consider local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help you boost visibility and awareness on the local market. How many qualified leads you'll able to generate depends on how effective your marketing strategies are at capturing audience's attention, as well as at encouraging them to take the desired action, such as visit your website or convert into customers.

Implement personalization in your offers

Appealing to the local customers and generating qualified leads depends on your ability to meet their needs. Each local market has unique needs and expectations you must be aware of. That way, you can implement a level of personalization that will attract qualified leads.

reseller ecommerce personalizationFor example, Starbucks' pumpkin spice coffee may appeal to certain customer demographics in the U.S. but could be considered as repulsive to customers in other locations. Therefore, if your brand has custom and unique offers, you might consider adjusting them for the local customers. The best way to find out what your audience likes is to ask them directly.

Asking for feedback isn't a sign that you ran out of ideas but instead a sign that you care for your customers. Implementing the right levels of personalization into your offers based on the feedback you've gathered from customers will get you more appreciation and an easier way to generate qualified leads as well.

Engage with the local community

In most cases, your franchisor has strategies for engaging with the local community, in order to generate good publicity and establish awareness for your franchise. As mentioned before, even though your franchisor may favor an overall good reputation, you must still build a good reputation for your franchise.

Participating in the local charity events or hosting, as well as sponsoring such an event of your own might be a good idea. Sometimes, the best way to generate qualified leads is to give to the community without asking anything in return. That way, you create a reputation that says you're not only there to make sales but to take care of your consumers as well.

What's more, employing the locals and local businesses, such as plumbers, electricians, lawyers and so on is also a way to contribute to the local community. Your franchise will create new jobs and new opportunities that will help the local area thrive.

Developing your franchise business in a way that will help you improve qualified lead generation doesn't have to be difficult. If you take the time to research your local audience, you'll be able to develop the right approach that will let your franchise grow and develop further.


How can I improve B2B lead generation?

  1. Develop a website
  2. Create a marketing plan
  3. Personalize offers
  4. Engage with the community

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