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Posted by Matt Osborn - 16 December, 2019

4 Steps of Success in Content Marketing for Manufacturers

You might have the best quality product but without the marketing know-how to back you up, your product risks languishing on the virtual shelf.

Being an expert in manufacturing does not necessarily guarantee that you have the first clue about selling your goods, so here are some top tactics for getting your content just right and making your website the one-stop-shop for B2B transactions.

With a just a little research and some insider tricks, positioning your brand at the top of the tree is just a few clicks away.


Sell The Person, Not Just The Brand 

You may be in the top flight for manufacturing in your industry but without something that brings the personal touch to your product; you risk being just a faceless brand.

Revealing something of your company’s personality and the people behind it helps customers to find a personal connection to you and might make all the difference when choosing a company to engage in business with.


Marketing specialist Bryan Robinson at LastMinuteWriting said: “If I had to choose between a company that engages my heart as well as my head or one that just engages my head, I know which one I’d choose. When you know something about a company, besides the obvious you begin to build up a trust and relationship that company that goes beyond brand awareness.”

Connect with some content that sells you and you alone. Whether through a dedicated spot on your website, a blog or integrated mail out.


Make Content Count

Whatever you write, it’s got to be the best reflection of who you are and what you represent.

Aside from the actual content itself, whatever you write should be free of mistakes, spelling and grammatical errors. If you don’t trust your own writing skills then employ someone who makes it their living. In any case, use some online writing tools that can help you with content writing and proofreading.

There are plenty of online resources that can help you with this such as, Grammarly or Atomic Reach.

blogging errors

Make sure yours aren’t the only eyes looking at your content before it goes live. Get a range of views for a fuller opinion and more effective feedback.

As for the content itself, as well as being highly readable with great flow, you should also consider how your website will appear in search engines.

Make sure you make a feature of your keywords and consider hiring an expert to make it Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. Your content should be the first and last place your customers get to.


Build Your Blog Content

If there’s one thing you can do to build brand awareness and draw customers to your content, it’s build your brand blog.

Blogs are the driving force for content.

They work in several ways, from driving SEO content to creating a personal voice for your company. With this personal voice comes a chance to position yourself as an authoritative spokesman for your industry. 

Blogs are also a chance to start a two-way conversation with customers in a natural way that engages the reader through their own interests in your product.

The key to writing a good blog is to write to your maximum length. No short texts make sure you’re hitting at least a 1,000 word count.

Smart search engines will pick up on your word count and SEO words and your product will be found that much more quickly.

Sylvia Stott, an entrepreneur at DraftBeyond and Writinity, said: “Blogs have become the must have for B2B content. Simply having a blog post is not enough though. You should make sure that you update regularly, at least each month to maintain your SEO position.”

Content posted regularlySource


Consider An E Book

Once your blog has taken off and you want to further your creative efforts, then consider an eBook to establish yourself at the top of the manufacturing league.

This gives you the opportunity to explore your hot topics in much greater depth than a blog and will also allow you to talk about subjects you know your customer base is interested in.

Don’t begin an eBook before you have carried out extensive research into just who your ideal customer is, and the kind of subjects they are interested in.

Use your eBook to review technical aspects of your products and go in to greater discussion about your services.



B2B marketing is a tough industry and competing against other industry giants is something that requires more than just a good product.

To really succeed companies must use a strategically effective marketing content. This can only be made possible when both your content and customer base is well-researched and highly targeted.

Once you have established yourself as a market leader, your positive customer experiences are going to speak for themselves and you’ll find your company scaling new heights.

How do manufacturers gets started with content marketing?

  1. Sell The Person, Not Just The Brand
  2. Make Content Count
  3. Build Your Blog Content
  4. Consider An E Book

New call-to-actionAbout the Author: Martina Sanchez spends her working life as an entrepreneur and content marketing specialist at Lucky Assignments.  Outside of this she spends her time writing articles and contributing to her own blog where she discusses topics including digital marketing and SEO tips and tricks. 

Topics: Sales & Marketing, B2B Marketing, manufacturing

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