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7 off-page SEO tactics for B2B Marketing


Posted by Jack Dsouja - 11 August, 2020

5 Content Ideas for Your B2B eCommerce Email Newsletter

Email is the oldest and the most widely used form of direct contact with online prospects that business worldwide use with a selective rate of success. Although the statistics used to paint the picture of email b2b marketing show astonishing figures, revolving around $40 return per $1 invested, it’s not that easy getting the attention required to reach that promised ROI. Furthermore, as arguably the cheapest content marketing strategy, emails should turn every business into undisputable success so why aren’t all of us swimming in profit if all these amazing figures that we read about are true?

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The problem with emails is that they are easily overlooked, when it comes to promotional content, because we tend to screen the inbox folder for subjects that matter to ongoing issues of our business like payment requests or confirmations, order and delivery status reports, inventory updates, and other business aspects that take our attention away from special offers, sales, and other subjects that aren’t in the focus of our attention. Creating a unique concept that will grab the attention and invoke an immediate interest of the recipient is of paramount importance for your email newsletter, so let’s examine some content ideas you could use and explain why they show the most potential to turn your marketing strategy into a success.

Curated content

To keep the wheels turning, every business owner should stay in touch with the latest events regarding their industry. Therefore, delivering handpicked information relevant to your target audience is an effective way to show yourself as a useful source of information, rather than self-promoting.

The subject line for this type of email should explain, in a few words, what the readers will gain if they read the entire content. In addition, it’s not a bad idea to deliver information by writing a short summary and place a link to the entire article, which doesn’t even have to be your own.

Statistics and data reports

Although few people enjoy analyzing numbers and creating graphs and spreadsheets, a lot of people are interested in reading statistical reports. Of course, not all statistics are interesting to the same people, so it's important to segment your audience so each of the recipients gets valuable information.

Since data analysis is not that easy to deliver in an engaging manner, the formatting of the content is important. Use anything that would point out the most important information, keep the language simple, and use graphics that are not overly complex.

Success stories

If your clients used your product in a manner that helped them expand their own business, allowed them to achieve higher visibility or in any other way served as leverage – don't be shy, share that information with the rest of your subscribers. You can create a case study that will explain exactly how you contributed to the success of someone else's business in a simplified form that would be enough to make the reader interested in learning more and click on the link to a deeper source of the material.

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User experience updates

Showing that you care about the design and usability of your product or service, or even announcement of a new platform launch is a useful newsletter material for both you and your audience. Launching a mobile app, introducing new website features, or enhancements in your customer service department will most certainly raise interest because it shows you are innovative and thinking about the development of your company. Furthermore, business owners could benefit from taking a glimpse at your latest improvement as a source of inspiration for their own scaling strategy.

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Top lists

Writing about top lists of virtually anything related to your recipient’s niche is one of the best ways to get their attention. Of course, the more effort you put into generating the topic you are going to present, the more value that top list holds for your subscriber, and the more creativity you use in order to write the content itself – the higher will be the chance to enjoy the benefits of your strategy.

According to psychology studies, our brains react positively to listicles because they provide a sum of information we would otherwise have to gather through a series of articles, reports, or statistical analysis - all of which require time, effort, and are downright boring.


These are just some of the paths that you can take on your road to creating the content that will engage your subscribers, make them visit your page, or take any sort of action that you intend them to with your marketing strategy. There are no rules that define how the events would unfold depending on the type of content, its length, or distribution period; rather consider this article as a guideline to making your effort worthwhile. The most important piece of advice you could take from this article is to aspire towards creativity and authenticity of your content because that's what really matters.

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Author Bio: Lauren Adley is a writer and editor at Best Essay Writing Service and Essayshark. She is dedicated to her family, work and friends. She is keen on reading, playing the guitar and traveling. She is interested in educational, marketing and blogging issues. Feel free to connect with her if you need essay writing help.

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