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Five Ways to Cut Costs in Your B2B Operations


Posted by Michael Deane - 26 November, 2019

5 Reasons Why You Need Social Media for B2B

Social media forever altered our approach to information and data sharing, but it’s not only the customers you can reach via various platforms.

To reach potential collaborators and business partners, you have to know the benefits of the business model that social media follows. B2B marketing trends have changed and the dynamics are ever-evolving.

It is estimated that 56% of new business partnerships are formed on social media and by 2025, the number is supposed to reach as much as 80%. Don’t get us wrong, direct communication is still important, but you can’t ignore the potential of social media marketplaces.

Let’s cover the points to understand the concept in detail.


Link building and SEO

The two biggest search engines, Google and YouTube all have social media popularity and interactions as a part of their algorithms.

Offering products directly via links on Facebook and Instagram is a great way to attract both interactions and conversions. The more you sell on social media, the higher your search engine ranking and SEO level.

As you rank higher, more sites in the same niche will link to you as a reputable source. In addition to further strengthening your position on the first page, this is a nice opportunity to get in contact with possible associates.

Social media for B2B

Exciting blogs might prove to be a great platform for guest posting, product and service promotion and more. 


Generate leads 

Clients place great value in properly run social media pages. It’s one of the first things companies look for when searching for potential sellers and associates. Branding unison is particularly important, as it indicates that you truly care about reaching all the right parties.

If all your social media pages are equipped with proper branding, clients will gladly approach a verified brand that sells on social media. B2B buyers are known to be keen buyers on social media.

According to a report, an approximate 54% of B2B buyers make all their purchases on social media. If you take good care of your social media engagements, it’s possible that your purchase rates will exceed all expectations.

Social Media Lead Generation

Just remember to give your best in terms of following everything up with content prepared in advance.

What is that makes content so essential to B2B marketing in particular?


A platform for all kinds of content 

Using only basic specifications and links to product and services may be enough for B2C marketing strategies.

Unfortunately, B2B marketing involves much bigger risks to the buyer. Thus, everyone places great value in the content that compliments your social media campaign. A strong marketing place, each social network lets you put your branding context, so to speak. What does this mean?

Giving context to a venture means providing all the necessary information - so that the client makes decisions with their conscious reasoning. If the conversion is a result of a rational decision from the client, this means that there is enough room for a longer, more stable relationship.

Make a content plan that effectively targets the market. Subsequently, you need to allocate your time. Don’t be surprised if you encounter an insufficient amount of time during certain periods. For such occasions, you need to have outsourced content as an option.


Expand recruitment options

Before the expansion of social media, what did people do to gain information about a potential employer? Amongst other things, they asked their friends and sought input from former/current employees.

Nowadays, the tides have shifted in favor of social media pages. B2B marketing technically gives you a free window of recruitment for various positions and needs.

Be responsive on all media challenge and mention the benefits of your working pace and conditions as much as you can. There is no need to force anything or to provide aggressive ads during hiring periods. Maintain consistent branding, high SEO rankings and people will ask you to cooperate.


What does this mean for your brand? No PPC campaigns. No going through tons of resumes incompatible with results. Employees who are unafraid to approach brands directly come off as better, more forthcoming candidates than those who not.


Exchange information and collaborate

With social media tools, you can explore options such as guest posting. A large majority of today’s blogs heavily rely on approaching other brands in their niche. 

If your social media marketplace yields result and convert into purchases, it will engage many more smaller brands to pitch you their offers. Again, like with recruitment benefits, this model gives you a chance to save money on advertising.

Another often forgotten benefit of B2B marketing via social media is the event organization. With the proper event management team, you can meet your collaborators in person and come off as a successful, but still an ambitious brand.

Let your clients know that your plan includes them - all because you effectively targeted them using vaguely-related campaigns.



Now that you realize the possible benefits of social media marketplace for your business, you might want to reconsider this model. Use all the positive factors to your influences and expand your network of associates, suppliers and collaborators.

It’s a great way to ensure steady growth, backlinking and every other goal that you value.

What are the top benefits for B2B organizations to be on social media?

  1. Link building and SEO
  2. Generate leads 
  3. A platform for all kinds of content 
  4. Expand recruitment options
  5. Exchange information and collaborate

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About the Author: Jacob writes for EduBirdie valuable service that aids in providing targeted B2B content.

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