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Posted by George Draper - 08 March, 2019

5 Secrets to Create an Effective B2B Case Study

Creating an effective business to business (B2B) case study can prove to be very challenging, and a lot of entrepreneurs shy away from it. Although it can be a tedious activity, it is a B2B marketing Trend that has been responsible for numerous buyers moving into a buying decision.

B2B Case StudyCase studies are an excellent way of letting your potential clients familiarize themselves with your products. It helps them get an idea of what your service or product is all about and in the process influences their purchase decisions.

What is a Case Study?

Case studies have different connotations depending on the field you're in. In some disciplines:

  • They illustrate a theory or principle utilizing an incidence that randomly occurs.
  • Represent research or survey into the development of something, people or a situation.
  • Illustrate how practical use of your product improve the performance or operations of your clients. 

Case studies are used to highlight a consumers experience using your product. They have the potential of helping your company close that sale. Businesses rely on these reports to make decisions such as going ahead with a service or not.

Case Study Formats

Every writing genre has undergone growth and change over the past century. Case studies aren't any different. In fact, today we have video case studies other than the written one which we are all used to. Therefore, when writing a B2B case study, there are two main ways you can choose to present it:

  • Video
  • Written

Customers and businesses alike have increased interest in video content presentations prompting the move to have such case studies introduced. They each have their advantages and disadvantages, but must both meet a certain threshold for them to have the intended effect. They have to be of quality.

There are some requirements that one must fulfill to write a useful B2B case study successfully. You will need hacks to help you nail it, and here are 5 such secrets:


1.   Have a Target Audience in Mind

Have a target audience in mind


You cannot appeal to everyone, and that's a fact you need to have in mind before you work on the case study.

Many case studies fail to impress because they don’t appeal to anyone specifically. Your case study, like a lot of the content we post to market our business, must have a target audience in mind.

B2B case study target marketsource

Doing so makes it easy to tailor content to that particular group and get them interested. When you have no one specific that you're trying to reach, your study will lack the finer details, saying everything but not really saying much!

The market is important, and an online presence is necessary to reach and also maintain your audience. The interaction you have with them online will give you an idea of what appeals to your crowd and their needs.

2.   Include a Consumer Success Story

A case study isn't only about highlighting figures and expecting them to make an impact. It needs to have an emotional appeal and make consumers, in this case, other businesses make that connection to you.

You'll notice that many companies are opting to go with video case studies, the reason being that they make it easier to create the emotional appeal. Including a consumer success story is among the many ways, you can do so.

Frankly speaking, nobody will be keen on listening to your success when it comes from you. The best way is to either let your work highlight it or someone else. In this case, let your success story be told from the consumers’ perspective. It has a greater appeal.

Even as you include a consumer experience, try creating a story with the study, arousing interest.

3.   Formatting and Presentation

How well you format and present your case study is essential. That means your mastery of language, grammar and flow will be put to the test. While trying to create legitimacy, don’t tarnish brand image with poorly done content – especially language and grammar errors.

There are different ways to present your case study as mentioned before. You can opt to write or use videos. Including pictures, infographics and audios can help boost presentation.

To avoid presenting studies that fail to meet the grammar and language requirements sites try using writing services to help improve the content quality. 

When the title isn't catchy enough, we often doubt whether it's worth giving the content any attention. That's a situation we must avoid if we want anyone to pay attention to the study. Create a great title that will make people curious about the content.

4.   Create Good Content

Include factual data and include figures to back up the data

Check out this 2018 e-commerce study for the Janitorial/Sanitary industry, one of the things you'll note is their use of figures. Figures are influential because they give a mental picture of the exact situation on the ground. B2Bs can't really work with generalities and will need numbers to establish specifics on the market.


Using figures to back your conclusion makes your case study more believable and worth paying attention to. Therefore, where possible, use figures; be relevant and informative at the same time.

Note; since you'll be consulting several people and you'll need their feedback, create a schedule to avoid leaving anyone out. Their response is what gives your study validity.

Good content doesn't mean overselling yourself.

Don't try portraying your business as the savior in the story. It will make it difficult for other firms to relate to your brand. Yes, your products may be good giving you the right to boast about it.

However, your story is better told by consumers; let them be the ones to tell it.

5.   Make It Accessible

The case study has a fantastic title, well formatted, presented and everything else is on point. However, accessing it becomes a problem. Regardless of how well it's done, if it can't easily be located, then it ceases to be effective.

So, make it as easy as possible to access it on your website. Other businesses won't have the time to try to figure out where you posted it. Linking to previously done case studies is also a good idea.

A call-to-action (CTA) will also be a great addition to the case study. The CTA is great because it motivates the reader to take up action. It is a great way to inspire, and it's often advised that you have it in last the section of the study.

Make your case study as enjoyable as possible

Creating an effective B2B case study requires a lot of planning and preparation. A good study will cover extensive research ensuring that the information presented is factual and relevant to the audience. Businesses rely on figures to make decisions, therefore include them where necessary.

These 5 secrets will guide you create well formatted, presented and informative content. You have to make the material arouse curiosity and give it an attractive title to go with it. Whether you’re using a written or video case study, ensure that it meets all the above to be effective. Don’t forget to close with a call-to-action.

New call-to-action

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