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Posted by Jennifer Studebaker - 17 June, 2021

5 Simple Signs That You Need a Brand Redesign

When you think of successful brands, some of the first that likely come to mind are the likes of Nike, Gucci, or McDonald's amongst many others.

These brands are successful for many reasons, and one of them is their distinct and remarkable branding. It is an essential part of running and growing a thriving business because your brand is what makes a business human.

Branding is the reason people are able to connect, relate, and develop loyalty for businesses.

In the same respect, we live in an ever-changing world which means that brands must continue to grow and evolve while still retaining their authenticity. On that note, you’re going to find a few reasons why a successful brand would redesign below.

1. To Get Ahead of Competition

Successful brands are that because of their ability to get, and stay ahead. One of the ways they continue to stay a few steps ahead of their competition is by redesigning their brand.

Redesign to beat competitionWhat a redesign does is draw attention to a brand and hopefully, reels users in. In addition to grabbing the attention of potential consumers, setting the right metrics to measure whether user interaction increases after the redesign and how it affects their customer base is equally important.

The reality is that irrespective of how successful a brand is, in order to retain their position, they have to stay a few steps ahead.


2. Improving Customer Engagement

One of the strongest indications of good branding is customer engagement. It shows that a brand’s target audience is responding to them positively, which implies they must be doing something right.

It could be a result of emotive copy, compelling images, personalized messages and so much more.


However, there are times when even successful brands see a decline in customer engagement. The most natural response in such an instance would, therefore, be to either redesign so that their brand is more appealing, or look for an external marketing agency to help.

With the right redesign strategy, customer engagement should pick up and exceed former levels.


3. They Notice Room for Improvement

No matter how amazing a brand is, there’s always room for improvement. A brand may realize that perhaps certain things are outdated and need to be updated and as a result, decide to redesign.

It could mean needing a new logo, slightly changing the tone of voice, or introducing more innovative products.

On this note, a brand may redesign by getting customer feedback, seeing areas in which customers express dissatisfaction and then acting on it in hopes that the redesign will be effective.


4. The Brand Message Fails to Resonate With Consumers

A brand message, quite simply, tells consumers exactly who a brand is, what they do (and do best), and importantly, what they believe in.

In today’s society, customers are highly intrigued by businesses which market themselves as ethical, and who can provoke emotive responses.

Therefore, if the message a brand is projecting no longer fits with the ideals of society, regardless of how successful the brand currently is, it’s time for a redesign to ensure they hit the mark.


For example, Snapchat’s original brand message was “forever young,” and while this certainly still rings true for the majority of users, by redesigning and launching a new brand message, they are able to attract a wider audience.

A successful business will already have a brand message, but altering it and adopting a new one may be the simple redesign needed to draw in a new pool of consumers.  


5. Consumers Say It’s Time

Whether the company partners agree its time or not, one of the strongest factors in a successful brand deciding to redesign is consumer feedback.

After all, your target audience is the one who ultimately decides whether a marketing method is working for a brand, or more importantly if it’s not working.

Feedback and market research is a vital part of any marketing strategy; it allows you to tweak and alter your direction to ensure you are creating the talking point you desire.

However, it can also work to enable a brand to see which part of their design, logo, message, and more, fails to attract attention, and fails to hold the attention to turn potential consumers into paying customers.

A successful brand redesign will take into suggestions, whether it’s changing the logo to reflect the brand better.



Every brand must continue to reinvent itself if it wants to remain relevant in its industry.

The digital world is fast-paced, and people are constantly looking for something fresh, new and innovative, especially in the brands they associate themselves with.

The above article has outlined a few reasons that successful brands redesign, so hopefully you now have a better understanding. If you happen to have a brand of your own, don’t forget to ensure your branding is consistent, effective and relevant.

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