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Posted by Matt Osborn - 16 December, 2019

5 Tips for Creating a Great Business Presentation


In marketing and business development, a presentation plays a major role. It is used by various enterprises to sell their product, service, idea, or to educate and motivate their potential audience. Undeniably, it leaves a lasting impression on your audience and can help your company grow and make you stand out from the crowd. A well-crafted presentation not only shows professionalism, but also helps to strengthen the corporate image of an organization. If you are looking to create a great company presentation, here are top 5 tips that can help you.

First Get to Know your Audience

One of the most important regulations for creating a presentation is to know your audience first. Put yourself in their shoes, this will help you to understand their needs and create a better presentation. 

When you create a presentation, think from the perspective of your audience. Is it interesting? Is it informative or helpful for your audience? If neither, reconsider it. Because if your audience doesn’t find it engaging and valuable, your hard work will be of no use.

As mentioned above, a presentation must have certain elements that can educate your audience. But education doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Listeners want to get the solutions to their problems or learn tricks of the trade to enhance their productivity and performance. A good presentation acts as an eye-opener for the audience. It should be informative and include all practical information such as - How to make cold calls, or how to be a better supervisor. No one likes to listen to a boring presentation. So, make sure your presentation is interesting and created on the direct experiences of the presenter.

Start With a Story

The first few moments of your presentation are quite important. It is the time when you have to capture the attention of your audience and convince them to listen to the complete presentation. Make sure to utilize those valuable moments. Websites like Apruve has always used this trick while creating their presentation. Use something related to such businesses to educate your audience in a better way.

Begin your presentation with a small engaging narrative about your business and relate it with your audience. Create some curiosity among them or tell them something unexpected. Attempt to get them imagine something interesting that they can relate to. If you are confused about where to start from, you can take help from Google or any other search engine to get the ideas.

 Your enterprise presentations should be interactive and involve your audience. As a presenter, try to create a bonding with your audience. The comradeship created by such activities conveys your message to your audience. After all, the main motive of your presentation is to educate your audience that uplifts and stimulates them.

Use Good Graphics and Fonts

Untitled design (16)

Text is an important part of any presentation and so are good graphics and fonts.

Today, you can find many good and free graphics and font resources on the web. There are many creative fonts available that give your slides a polished and sophisticated look. Make certain to experiment with different font combinations. There is no standard font size, but if you need to play it safe stick to 40. Make sure to consider the room size where you will be presenting your business presentation.

 A lively and clearly visible slide is more appealing than a black and white slide. So, the important point to consider while using fonts in your presentation is to make sure that you are using a sharp contrast between the color of the fonts. However, you don’t need to make it colorful like a color book of your children. You can utilize dual or triple tone color theme.

Provide Relevant and Supporting Visuals 

The visuals are vital for every presentation. They enhance the slides and are more visually pleasing to the audience than plain texts. A survey conducted by think outside the slide shows that people are most annoyed when the presenter reads out the slides. So, using visuals instead of text can create a huge difference when delivering an effective business presentation. 

You can utilize graphs to demonstrate numeric data and diagrams to display the flows of goods or information. Pictures can be incorporated into a slide to show an object, person or place. And media clips can be used to present different views of others. With the help of Renderforest tools, you can add intro video clips to your presentation and make it more informative and visually appealing.

Practice and Rehearse 

Try to complete your presentation earlier so you will have more time to practice and rehearse it. When presenting your presentation in front of your audience, you should be completely prepared. So, after completing your presentation, make sure to review it carefully. 

Analyze what and how you are going to say in front of your audience. Rehearse it by standing and imagining that you are delivering it for real. This helps you to check your words, sentence structure, and visuals along with the message you want to convey to your audience. You can also check the timings to ensure that you don’t run over the allotted time.


Whether it’s a small or a large enterprise, creating effective presentation is important to share your vision with your audience. A good presentation says a lot about your business, so make sure to create it carefully. It contains images, graphics, and facts in such a way that they are easy to remember.

When creating a great business presentation, focus on the message you want to convey to your audience.

Produce a presentation that attracts the attention of your audience and enables them to remember everything you have discussed with them. 

Need more ideas? Check out 100+ Creative Presentation Ideas here!


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Author Bio: I am the Chief Marketing Officer at Renderforest, a Content Marketing Specialist and an Expert in SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Link Building who enjoys sharing the experiences gained along working as a marketer and helping other entrepreneurs succeed.
My works have been published on different blogs and mediums like Crazy Egg, Forbes, Upwork, ShareThis, etc. 

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