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Posted by Brian Thomas - 06 June, 2019

5 Tips on How to Design Visually Appealing B2B Facebook Ads

What started as a platform for connecting college students has grown into one of the largest social networks the world has ever seen. Facebook—it’s a melting pot of white noise.

To cut through that noise and establish connections with the very people who use it, brands must be more engaging. One way of achieving that is through compelling visual content.

Graphic design is a critical skill in online marketing, although it’s not the easiest to acquire. Still, there are certain techniques that marketers can use to create stunning Facebook ads.

Read on to find out how even those with limited design skills can create Facebook ads that produce results in your social media b2b marketing strategy.

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Whether you choose static or animated ads, here are a few key techniques on how you can create effective Facebook ads to help boost your revenue:


1. Use graphics creatively

Designing ads for Facebook is not so different from designing ads for other platforms—you need an appealing design and call to action, and your ad has to be relevant to your target audience.

Graphics will be the first aspect a viewer notices when they see an ad. Combining an image, an icon, a logo, and some text determines whether or not your ad will capture attention.

And you won’t even have to worry if you’re not quite experienced in animation and editing. There are lots of free graphic design tools online (such as Crello) to help you create eye-catching and memorable Facebook ads.

Some tried-and-tested ways to use graphics include the following:


Use bright colors

Okay, you don’t have to go all neon on your ads.

But splashing some color on your ad can make it pop on the Facebook newsfeed. If you’re unsure which colors to use, remember that consumer reaction is more about how appropriate the palette is for your brand, rather than about the individual colors themselves.

You can always go for your branding colors, or use contrasting tones to highlight certain text like the CTA.



Remember that people like to see people

Marketing research shows that having an image of a real person on your ad can increase conversion by as much as 35%.

Indeed, when you see a smiling person on your screen, you tend to mirror that emotion. So include hero shots on your ads, ideally of people who can represent your target customers.


Include ad copy

If your ad image or animation is noticeable, it makes sense to place your key message right in your ad. Just make sure that it’s engaging but concise.

Facebook notifies through email if your ads are text-heavy, so always test multiple versions before choosing one design.


Add a call to action

A good call to action may not impact your ad’s design, but adding it can decrease customer friction and engage users to click and land on your landing page.

Again, you don’t have to stress if you’re not a Photoshop or video editing expert. Online visual editors are available at your disposal.

As long as you have a winning concept, you can turn it into an actual ad. 



2. Show your product or service in action

Sixty-two percent of customers report that they want online content from brands. So why not satisfy their demand, and on top of that, offer added value?

Consider creating how-to ads. You could feature an employee, influencer, or even a customer to speak about the product and show how to use it.

A simple, no-frills style of demonstrating the product’s features can engage viewers. Plus, you can give valuable and inspirational lifestyle tips that fit your product line.


3. Use multiple images

Facebook prioritizes images and videos, so you have to optimize this type of content.

While single images are effective, using multiple images can help your ads perform better, especially if you’re an eCommerce business.

For instance, if you’re a clothing company, you can showcase one blouse in a variety of colors to appeal to more consumers. Or, you could display a range of related products in an ad to emphasize that you have a wide array of items available.

Fashion retailers like MyDress use this approach really well, and they have reported a threefold increase in sales and up to twice the return on their advertising spend just showcasing product shots from multiple angles.


4. Stop selling

Not every ad needs to be focused on sales. In fact, consumers tend to tune out blatantly presented ads.

By strengthening your brand identity rather than immediately going for the sale, you can continue capturing the attention of your buyer persona.

Outdoor brand The North Face runs ads that are visually captivating, showing adventures in nature. This strategy can build customer base and enhance brand loyalty.

Another idea is to promote an event on your ads. Facebook is a great platform to promote and launch an event and showcase a brand without the outright selling tactics.


5. Emphasize user-generated content

A user-generated content (UGC) campaign involves your brand sharing your customers’ content. This is a great way to turn each customer into a brand ambassador. Whether customers are using your product or just talking about it, their photos and videos can boost your authentic branding strategy and help reach a wider audience.

More importantly, user-generated content boosts your social proof—the impact of other people’s actions and attitudes on someone’s behavior. When you see other people buying or endorsing a certain product, you are influenced to do the same.

The best way to get UGC is to come right out and ask for it. You could offer fun incentives or freebies for your customers. This helps you strengthen the appeal of your brand and let loyal fans be recognized. A little editing on the submitted photos, and you’re all set!

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The takeaway

There are a lot of factors to consider when setting up high-performing Facebook ads. These are just a few tried-and-tested ways to design attention-grabbing ads that will potentially garner you higher returns.

For B2B companies, it’s a must to keep your branding voice strong and to keep your specific audience in mind when creating Facebook ads. And don’t forget to test your ads, as it’s the only way you can see how they will perform in real life.



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About the Author: Eugine Dychko is a marketing manager at Crello. She has 7 years of experience in marketing and content writing and a strong understanding of social media techniques. Eugine is >passionate about providing insight into the latest trends of the visual industry and online advertising.

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