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Inventory Management For B2B Wholesale


Posted by Brett Romero - 07 August, 2019

5 Simple Strategies to Improve SEO for B2B Companies

Do you want to build B2B SEO strategies that will be immune from the search engine algorithm updates and able to increase your authority online?

This can be done if you rethink your approach to search engine optimization.

Rethink your keyword research methods along with content creation techniques

If you operate in a straight and forward field, for example, retail industry, in particular – selling mono products, then keyword strategy might seem to you as something clear and understandable.

Well, for the website that is selling, let’s say dresses, is not enough to place the phrase “buy a dress online” on their main page.

Why? Firstly, because search engines became way more sophisticated with how they compose top of the search results. Of course, you are most likely going to use such keyword combinations as:

  • (Brand) + Equipment.
  • (Size) + Equipment.
  • (Color) + Equipment, etc.

Nevertheless, no matter how many options you take, you will still only glide over the surface of the potential capabilities of organic search optimization and miss out on the creativity aspect.

That's why it's important to think out of the box and find more profitable and relevant tactics that will allow for a good stream of organic traffic with less effort than when using the obvious keywords that all your competitors are already using.

Related products and/or services

Are items that you sell meant for independent use? Or they require any equipment (like coffee pods and capsules require a specific machine, otherwise – these would be useless)?

Do you need special tools for its installation and operation? Do you need to work with related products, such as lubrication or calibration devices?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, your opportunities for search engine optimization increase exponentially.

SEO for B2BSource

Your website content about related (auxiliary) goods or services is of great importance to your own product because they open up a completely new segment of keywords, which may enable you to become highly visible in search.


Interviews with industry leaders

Unless you are working as a CIA a secret agent, you probably have a pleasant excitement when somebody mentions your name in the media.

Indeed, this feeling almost never disappears, no matter where we see our name - in Forbes or a small regional newspaper.

This can be used to your advantage. An interview with industry leaders will give you the opportunity to create stunning content, and most importantly - your interlocutors will do most of the work for you.

There is one more plus to this - such content will allow you to become more authoritative in the eyes of a potential audience and increase the level of trust of your customers in you. Also, your interlocutor themselves will refer to the interview and thus, you will find yourself in a much more favorable position than most of your competitors.


Review of your competitors’ products or services

This may seem like a strange and even crazy idea but writing content about your competitors' products or services can open up great opportunities for you if you are superior to them to some extent.

For instance, if you offer some academic writing services, you may want to compile of list of your competitors, searching them in a Google with a phrase pay someone to write a paper and then break down their advantages and disadvantages compared to your service. This tactic is tested in practice, and it can become one of the most successful strategies in the field of SEO.

competitor SEO analysisSource

It is important not to demean the merits of competitors and not to demonstrate their shortcomings but to provide information so that it is useful for users who must make an informed decision before making a purchase.

State the facts clearly and objectively, carry out a comparative description of products (services), demonstrate the differences between their offers and yours, highlight the pros and cons of each option. Let the audience get a real idea of the advantages and disadvantages of the products and services.


Understand how your customers will look for products and services

Thanks to the development of technology, the proliferation of mobile devices and the growth of artificial intelligence, the structure of search queries has undergone significant changes.

Today, instead of Googling "cheap apartments", a user can literally ask Google via their brand new phone or tablet: "Where can I buy a house for $100,000 in the US?"

This is of great value for both users and business owners. When you create content, keep in mind that users are using longer and more complex search queries, and the search engines are intelligent enough to analyze your website pages (as well as hundreds and thousands of others) and offer a user a single answer.

To implement this SEO strategy, you need to get into the heads of your customers and read their thoughts.

Find out what issues they have. What keywords do they use to find a product or service? To answer this question, you can use a Google Keyword Planner Tool, which is a free tool that gives you an opportunity to see how customers google to search for products or services similar to yours.


Best ways to improve SEO for B2B:

  • Rethink your keyword research methods along with content creation techniques
  • Related products and/or services
  • Interviews with industry leaders
  • Review of your competitors’ products or services
  • Understand how your customers will look for products and services

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