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Navigating a New Normal: How Businesses Have Adapted Their A/R Practices in a Pandemic


Posted by Matt Osborn - 17 September, 2020

Leveraging Data Entry Outsourcing for Any Business


The most efficient and effective way of managing data for most businesses is to outsource data entry. Raw data comes from thousands of different documents, transactions, etc., and it’s useless until it’s processed and converted into meaningful and actionable information. 

Since data entry is a time-consuming and daunting task, partnering up with third-parties and outsourcing data entry lessens the workload, and brings countless other benefits. 

Your company and its employees can focus on the core business, decreasing spending while increasing revenue. A bonus is that the data entry company can finish the job quickly.  It also proves to be much more profitable for businesses, seeing how the outsourced company is typically located overseas, in a low-cost destination. 

Importance of Data Entry Outsourcing in Any Business  

Regardless of the type of business conducted, outsourcing data entry is highly significant because of all the advantages that it provides your company with. 

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Amplifies Your Messaging 

Choosing a reliable data entry company ensures high accuracy of data processing. The data can then be thoroughly analyzed and used to promote your company and your brand. 

All the information collected from your clients, for example, can be analyzed so that you can create a better marketing strategy that amplifies your message to the customers. 

Provides Clearer Understanding 

Since the raw data comes from such a vast variety of different sources, it can be challenging and confusing, bringing it all together in a meaningful way. 

Small companies struggle here the most, for the simple reason that even though it’s essential, data entry isn’t part of their core business.

Outsourcing data entry to a reliable company will ensure all the data from different sources is synchronized and brought together.

Aids Decision Analysis

Every single business relies on specific data to operate. This data dictates almost all business decisions, and it’s crucial that it’s well-organized and always available. 

Relying on unskilled in-house employees to handle this task only leaves confusion because of the lack of systemization. Outsourcing data entry, on the other hand, ensures that all the necessary information indexed, well-compiled, and logical, significantly improving the decision-making process. 

Key to Actionable Insights 

The amount of data in the world is expected to reach 40 zettabytes by 2020. As data is the lifeline of any company, it needs to be handled properly. 

For businesses to stay in operation, they must use the data to achieve actionable insights that will streamline their processes and improve both their internal and external functions. 

Relying on experts to manage your data will allow you to optimize your internal infrastructure and enable you to respond quickly to any changes, no matter how big or small they are. 

Integrates Multiple Sources of Data 

Data entry includes combining large amounts of data from multiple sources into a single comprehensive structure.

You need specific data preparation tools before you can implement the collected data into your internal and external processes. This is done interactively with no need for coding skills. 

The more data sources you have, the more time-consuming and intensive this process is, and the more skills it takes to plan an integration project. 

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How to Leverage Data Entry Outsourcing? 

Since most businesses, especially SMBs, don’t specifically deal with data entry, it would be time-consuming and expensive to have in-house employees to deal with this task. It would be even more disadvantageous to have unskilled employees do so. Your company only stands to gain from outsourcing data entry. 

Save on Cost 

Outsourcing data entry is cost-efficient for a few different reasons. Primarily, it would be expensive to hire professional data entry operators to work in-house. More money would go on their salaries, you’d need to provide the employees with more office space, and you’d need to invest in the necessary software. 

Secondly, most data entry companies operate in countries with lower income, as was mentioned. This means their rates are lower, while their skill level remains unchanged. 

Thirdly, all money saved on outsourcing could go toward improving your business and increasing your revenue. 

Get a Strategic Advantage over Competitors 

Since you would relieve your employees of this daunting, repetitive task, they’d have more time. They have more room to brainstorm creative ideas to help improve your business, and they’ll eventually be more efficient. When your employees are more productive, they’re more able to outsmart and get an advantage over competitors. 

Quality Data Entry with Zero Errors 

Data entry outsourcing professionals in countries such as India are known for their services of the highest quality. Many international companies entrust these skilled experts with this task simply because they provide accurate and ready-to-use data that is clear, concise, and almost entirely error-free. 

Fast Turnaround Time 

Data entry service providers in India often have a large number of employees at your service. Regardless of the amount of data your company entrusts them with, you can rest assured the task will be finished expeditiously. 

Spend More Time on Customer Care 

Since you and your in-house employees have at least one less thing to worry about and spend time on, you can dedicate more time and effort into building better relationships with your clients and customers, ensuring their utmost satisfaction. 


Partnering up with a data entry outsourced company is the smartest decision for you and your business. Proper Outsourced Data Entry enables your business to tackle the problems and keep a step ahead from core competency. Outsourcing Smartly helps your business to face the problems and seek sustainable growth.


  • Outsourcing data can be a very time consuming task when looking at your overall business
  • Ensuring good data entry by outsourcing guarantees high accuracy with data processing
  • World data will increase to reach 40 zettabytes very soon, so there needs to be assurance that it will be handled properly
  • Having the ability to integrate multiple sources of data becomes easier with companies that deal directly with data entry


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