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Top Trends That Might Shape Your B2B Strategy


Posted by Brian Thomas - 06 June, 2019

6 Actionable Small Business Growth Strategies

If you've ever wanted to be successful in business, you're likely going to want to try working with new concepts, trends, and strategies to make the most out of today's flexible and ever-changing market.

However, this can sometimes be tricky, as niches and industries change in different ways.

However, this doesn't mean being successful in your business endeavors is impossible. In fact, perhaps with Scott Duffy's new breakthrough book, you're likely going to have the opportunity to find better ways of making it in your B2B marketing Strategy work.

You'd be surprised to find out the keys to success in your business are right outside your doorstep.

You just have to learn how to use these new concepts to your business' advantage.

If you're in need of a bit of convincing that you need to up the ante on your business, you might need a few statistics out of the way first.

For instance, in the United States alone, small businesses were actually the ones that managed to push through 1.4-million new jobs in the country, with predictions stating that half the workforce might even be comprised of freelancers as soon as 2020.

In fact, small businesses have added more jobs than large businesses, and 75.3-percent of employers in the private sector are still microbusinesses.

This means you really can thrive as a business in today's economy, but you do need to make sure you've got what it takes to survive in today's ever-evolving market.


How To Be Successful In Business 

scott duffy book for growth strategiesWhen you think of ways to be successful in your business, perhaps the most important step is to realize you're not always alone in the process.

Scott Duffy is one of many resources you could tap into in order to learn both fundamentals and intricacies of businesses and how they can be successful in the long term and this post was structured around his latest book.

Recognizing and acknowledging your potential to learn through all of these means could put you in a position of advantage, as you can become a powerhouse if you take your time learning how all these elements flow and mesh together.

Here are other ways to be successful in your business endeavors:


Thinking big, acting big, but within reason

A lot of business people and business owners tend to think short of their ideas because they often think they're not capable of pulling off what they truly want to work on.

Big ideas for business growth

However, it's important to remember that things such as calculated risks exist, and you can really try working on a "big" idea you have and see if it can actually work on a realistic level. If you want to achieve something big but have limited resources to do so, don't give up on your dream just yet.

Instead, try to see what's a small-scale version of this big vision you have, and see if you can make a way to lead towards your grand vision through small steps.

That way, you can also slowly branch out to other ideas if in case the small steps of your grand vision don't necessarily work. Feel free to think big, and once you have a concrete idea, try to scale it down to chunks you can slowly accomplish.

Leveraging on technology, existing skills and resources

Don't just burst in guns blazing on the market. You need to assess the kind of resources you have, skills you possess, and technology you can leverage on properly before you even create your business plans.

When you think of an idea for a business, or an idea to improve on your business, always see if you have the resources - time, money, manpower, and tools - in order to achieve this idea.

business technologiesSource

If you do, just how do you aim on utilizing these resources to push through with your idea? If you can answer this in a basic sense, follow-through with proper research and ideation of concepts and plans you think you can fulfill.

Develop and cultivate strategic and meaningful partnerships

When you enter business, it's not just enough for you to be able to sell your products and services.

Your survival is essential in sustaining profit, and one of the best ways to do this is to actually make sure you cultivate meaningful partnerships and relationships with clients and other businesses in the industry.

You can do this by making sure your campaigns and branding vision are built towards engaging the industry and providing value for everyone.

You can leverage on resources and skills you can provide to others in exchange of something of theirs that could benefit your existence in the market.

Relationships are built upon providing something of value that others can find relevant to their needs.

Continually doing this effectively with others can put you in a position of advantage that can help you survive in the long run.

Assess proper distribution and placement of products, sales, market

Another thing you shouldn't forget is to make sure your products, sales, and market are properly distributed and placed depending on your plans and campaigns.

It's not just important to have products and services ready for your clients, but to position them in places where they can easily be accessed.

For instance, products in physical and online locations have specific ways of appealing to customers.


Tech products not in your physical stores can be in tech departments of other retail stores, and you should try planning to see how you can gain customer attraction for these products.

Likewise, discounts, sales, and coupons can attract those buying your product on an online level.

Planning efficient and effective marketing campaigns

When you provide products and services to your customers, don't forget to also make sure you prioritize your marketing campaigns as well.

Make sure your branding stays consistent throughout the lifetime of your company, and make appropriate adjustments as needed in order to better meet your customers' needs.

Your products and the way you market them should be built towards platforms and tools your clients are using or attracted to, and as such you should build campaigns that reach them best in order to engage with them.

Business growth marketingSource

Prioritize creating positive experiences for both your consumers and the industry 

One of the hallmarks of great and memorable businesses is to actually create positive experiences for your industry and your consumers.

Make sure your campaigns and products are built with providing only the best experiences for your customers in mind.

When you make campaigns and content, for instance, try to build them in such a way that it strikes conversations to your customers and gives them incentive to participate in discussions.

positive customer experiences

Building relationships through events, discounts, contests, and even funny posts can do a great deal to boost your appeal to your customers.


The Takeaway

Being successful in business has a lot to do with proper planning, execution, evaluation, and innovation.

Understanding how these factors work together towards making your business bloom and shine from conception to sustainability is integral to both your business' survival and success.

With the above analysis, your business can actually rise to industry stardom by following Scott Duffy's tips.

Always keep an open mind for new innovations and breakthroughs, and utilize the skills and resources you have - and you'll eventually tap into that formula that can help your business adapt and survive in an ever-changing landscape.


What are the small business growth strategies?

  1. Thinking big, acting big, but within reason

  2. Leveraging on technology, existing skills and resources

  3. Develop and cultivate strategic and meaningful partnerships

  4. Assess proper distribution and placement of products, sales, market

  5. Planning efficient and effective marketing campaigns

  6. Prioritize creating positive experiences for both your consumers and the industry 

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