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How Accounts Receivable Factoring is a Pay Day Loan for Business


Posted by Matt Osborn - 28 June, 2019

6 of the best Lead Generation Tactics for Content Marketing

Are you able to generate sufficient leads for your business?

Well, there are various effective approaches to lead generation and using premium quality content is one of the best ones. Also, it is the easiest way of lead generation. When it comes to modern SEO, there is a great demand of users for high-end content. If you are able to meet their anticipation then your users will start trusting you.

Irrespective of what kind of business model you are having, content is definitely ‘The King’ always. With that, content marketing turns out to be one of the most significant and primary goals of every business.

Research says, there is a myriad of B2B marketers who have certain documented plans to increase their budgets for lead generation by 50%. And, in this entire process, content will be their main key.

Isn’t the following image depicts this scenario so well?  

Here, you have to keep in mind that the trend of lead generation for each type of content will be different. Also, the right content will lead to a pretty easy social media promotion for your business. 

Seems interesting, right?

Indeed, it is. But, wait! You must know the right tricks to generate amazing inbound leads with your content. 

What are they?

Read on:

Curate excellent content  

Sounds very simple!


But, what’s the definition of good content?

First and foremost, it has to be an entirely original piece of writing. Next, it has to be extremely motivational to the readers comprising of an informative, catchy and engaging title as well as some unique data.

Content marketing to help lead generationSource

Content can be referred as the best one when it is not only informative but also guides users with the right way to use what they’ve learned. Also, try to generate such contents which are accurate, relevant, visually appealing and last but not the least, absolutely fluff-free!

Write white papers and guides

This is one of the most old-school approaches of generating leads but it is true that this is one of the best ways you can ever think of. White papers seem to be very appealing for the audience as they provide an extensive and authoritative report on various topics related to the genre of your business.

If you want a white paper to generate leads rigorously, you must include all sorts of call to actions into it. It would help to provide the readers with some more important sort of information. 

Content marketing for B2B

Curate case studies

Case studies are referred as such type of content which are always trending. The main reason behind why case studies are so attractive is that they can often depict some good stories.

The stories can be any type, the success of a product or service to the problems that customers encounter and their solutions of course to help your organization overcome sales objections. You can write a case study very easily while breaking it down into two steps: abstract and real people’s stories. This kind of content seems to be pretty appealing to leads and they get attracted more to your business. 

Opt for high-converting landing page

When you are done with creating high-end content which is exclusively designed to generate leads then it’s time for you to create a high-converting landing page.

It can definitely help you build a relationship with the audience through content. Moreover, you must ensure that the landing page is having a gripping headline, call-to-action and social proof along with a memorable image and a short video to ensure that it is enticing enough to the leads. 


Know your audience well  

One of the major steps of generating leads with content marketing is to ensure that you know your customers well. It is very crucial to know actually understand what your customers want and generate the keywords accordingly. You can opt for three major ways to accomplish that and they are polls, interviews and making use of a Google Adwords Keyword Planner.  

Some of the preliminary things that you should keep in mind here are basic demographic details, jobs, sources of information, how to purchase decisions and so on. 

Make detailed and data-driven content 

Do you want to make the most qualified leads?

You must gather all the relevant information before starting to create your content. The detailed articles serve users with more valuable and relevant information. Besides, it is true that longer texts are always ranked better than short articles by Google’s search engine. So, make sure that you are not at all forgetting this content marketing hack to ensure a fantastic lead generation.


Aren’t these content marketing hacks simply superb?

You can start making use of them without any ado and thus, it will be a great benefit to your business with a remarkable extent of lead generation. 

What are the best content marketing tactics for lead generation?

  • Curate excellent content 
  • Write white papers and guides
  • Curate case studies
  • Opt for high-converting landing page
  • Know your audience well 
  • Make detailed and data-driven content 

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