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Posted by Brett Romero - 28 August, 2019

6 Ways to Begin Generating B2B Sales Leads

Connecting with the right customers to promote your products or services is the crucial part and success factor for any business, no matter how good your services are if no one knows about your products or services then no one is going to acquire it.

Selling the business product or service to the right buyer is the ultimate aim of any business. To sell your services you need to have constant and quality leads (that can convert) flow for your business. So, providing your sales team with the right quality leads makes you the best seller.

Marketing your business services and the value of doing business with you through different channels is the best way to reach the right prospects. Let's look at these 6 different ways to generate more b2b sales leads for your business.

Effect of Email Marketing for B2B

email marketing

Getting your customers attention to make a buying decision is the most challenging factor for business success when it comes to b2b email marketing if a business gives the right resources and building email campaigns in a more targeted way then marketers can generate a ton of business in the B2B world.

B2B marketing involves promoting your business products or services between other business entities. B2B marketing is to understand the logic and reason before making a purchase decision and providing the information and resources on how it will help the other business.

How you are going to do it?

Having a B2B email marketing strategy is the best way to foster a relationship with your current and future B2B clientele. Built an email list based on your target market and follow these tips that help you to come up with the best email campaigns.

Build Your List

One of the important factors for the success of your B2B Email Marketing depends on the email lists you build around it. The lists should be built with much care and it should be relevant to your industry and service you are providing.

Most of the small, medium and large scale businesses build their lists using different techniques like email subscription, using clients references, by providing free guides niche to the business, events, webinars and more but the ultimate aim to build a list is it should be relevant to their business niche and designed with a specific goal.

Segmenting the List

Segmenting your list helps you to start a much more targeted campaign. A targeted campaign helps you deliver the right message to the right inbox. Companies most often segment their list based on demographics, customer behavior, offers and more.

Content Marketing

content marketing

Having a content marketing strategy build trust and enhance your brand presence in the niche market. The process of b2b content marketing includes identifying the issues in the market, directing and planning the solutions and presenting the solution through different content marketing ways such as blogs, infographics, videos, free guides, industry reports and more.

Achieving the target marketing goals determines the success of a business and today's consumers make purchase decisions by doing their own research in the market, consumers go through the various elements such as brand reputation, their issues, and right solution provider, service sustainability, product or service reviews and more.

B2B Customers go to a service provider with a specific issue, pain points and needs, understanding your customer needs also helps you in the content marketing strategy by providing the information on the issues and needs through content marketing. A successful B2B content marketing strategy educates consumers and enhances brand trust.

Using Social Media for Lead Generation

Another way to reach and connect your business to the most prospective audience is through social media channels. Make use of the three well known social media platforms i.e., Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. As more than half of the b2b decision-makers research about b2b products and services at social media channels, it is the smart way to make use of your social media channels.

While LinkedIn still serving as one of the best lead generation source for b2b marketers, Facebook constantly evolving as the result driven source to advertise your b2b brand to enhance followers and convert them into leads.

Ways to enhance your brand presence at social media channels

Facebook Business Page: Create and updated your company page, advertise your page with target filters providing by Facebook ad services, post your blog articles, promote offers, market your services, educate your followers and invite people to like your page.

Make use of Twitter: Connect with b2b professional, c-level executives, promote articles, links, videos, share your client’s testimonials, promote offers and share your opinions at business conversations.

Pinterest Marketing: Create your own board share company news, events, new products, follow niche boards.

LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation: According to LinkedIn there are 610 million business professionals using LinkedIn, in that around 63 Million professionals are in decision-making roles and 10 Million c-level executives.

There are over 63 million target audiences that are in the position of decision-making authority which makes it the best platform for b2b marketers to promote their services.

Making use of Q&A Forum Services

Quora serves as the best channel to get qualified b2b leads using question and answer services. It acts as a user-oriented site which acts as a source for b2b marketers to determine what customers think about the services, what they are looking for and promote relevant content.

It is also a helpful source to connect with the decision-makers looking for your products or services by checking the type of questions they are asking, type of business services they need.

This Q&A channel makes your business to get a step ahead of the competition by answering the questions. It can also help you to enhance your brand awareness

Making use of Paid Ads for Instant Lead Generation

As we discussed above SEO and content marketing is the time-consuming process to get the results. PPC is one of the easiest ways to get instant results. It is the most effective way connects to connect with your target audience through paid ads at search engines. Google Adwords is one of the most commonly used tools for PPC ads at Google search engine.

You can start a PPC ad once you know your target audience based on your business services. It serves as the most effective channel to generate quality leads for a business. Cost of your ads differs based on the industry you are serving.

There are three different ways to deploy a PPC ad campaign at Google search engine:

The Search Ads

The type of ads generally appears when a user types something at "Google" where a specific ad with business intention targeted for the keyword typed by the user. These types of ads generally appear at the top of SERP's. The best way to do it is, if a user looking for a product or service you are business offering then people go to search engines and type with the certain keywords (words containing what they are looking for) and if your business already started an ad campaign for that specific keyword or group of keywords with appropriate filters then your PPC ad is most likely to appear in the search results, which is one of the best ways to increase conversions.

Display Ads

When advertising through search network businesses place text ads whereas on the display networks instead of text ads businesses place banners ads, image ads, business ads across multiple and niche network sites. Display ads get converted to leads at a less ratio when compared to search ads.

Google Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads are the form of online advertising that enables different sites to show ads to users who have already visited your site. These types of ads will show up to the visitor while they are browsing through other sites and media channels.

This type of ads can get more conversions to when compared to search and display ad networks as the ads are targeted towards already visited users who are most likely interested in your products or services.

Search Engine Optimization for Long-term Lead Generation

seo b2b

Search engines like Google and Bing constantly improve their algorithms to provide better and better results for every query. So, it is a must to follow search engine guidelines and user intent which helps you with the constant leads flow for your business. And still, it is important to obtain quality backlinks for your suite to beat the competition in the niche market.

The best way to do it is by crafting good contents and optimizing at the site, providing free resources like blog posts, whitepapers, free guides, industry statistics, and testimonials help with the better crawling of your site at search engines.

Generating quality backlinks through guest blogging, making use of email outreach techniques to generate backlinks, business listing at local directories help your business to increase its domain authority.


I believe that most marketers are aware and are working hard to keep up their lead generation, as b2b marketing is constantly evolving and generating a consistent lead flow is an ultimate goal for any marketer.

Start by experimenting with different lead generation methods. See if the results are what you expected so that you can use your time and budget more efficiently to generate better leads for your business. I hope this post has given you some information on what works when it comes to b2b lead generation and which method is best to focus on. For more on sales enablement, read here

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