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Posted by Matt Osborn - 28 June, 2019

6 Ways to Grow B2B Sales as an Amazon Business Seller

One of the most remarkable thing about Amazon business is that it offers a platform for businesses like yours to sell products. It is no longer just for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies.

Amazon Business SellersWhat makes Amazon.com so appealing to both new and current e-commerce sellers? The immediate reward it offers when tapping into its huge built-in traffic stream of buyers.

However, as an Amazon business owner, your main goal is to increase sales. This means that you’ll need to get your product in front of millions of Amazon Business members so that more people can find you, connect with your brand, and purchase your products.

To achieve this, you’ll need proven strategies that can help you increase your Amazon sales.

So without further ado, I present to you 7 of the best strategies to increase your Amazon sales.

1. Source the best products

This is very important if not the most important step when selling on Amazon. There are millions of products on the Amazon platform and hundreds of thousands get added every day.

As a seller, knowing how to select the right products to sell is vital to your success. In fact, gaining success or failure can sometimes come down to which product and the variation of that specific product you decide to stock.

Take selling wholesale flavored tea, for example, this is a hugely popular market but does that mean that all flavors are selling out rapidly? No. Only the ones that people like the most.

Therefore, before sourcing any product, thoroughly research the item you want to stock for your own store to know how well it is doing. Source only those products that have a high selling rate to increase your chances of success.

2. Spy on competitors

As a seller, it is important to know how your products compete with other similar items.

competitor-analysis-on-amazonYou need to know when competing products are selling well and why they are selling well. One way you can stay informed about your competitors is to spy on their product periodically, read their reviews or check for updates on their products.

The great thing is you can acquire this information quite easy by simply setting a sales rank alert.

Remember, as the Amazon sales rank gets closer and closer to 1 the more sales it makes. Here’s the great part, the moment you’ve discovered what led to the increase in the sale you should immediately copy that strategy, it might work as well for you as it did for the competitor.

3. Find High-Volume Keywords

When potential customers look for a product, the first thing they’ll do is type it into the search bar.

As a seller, you should know the search term they are entering when looking for that product. The best way to find out the keywords they are using is to do appropriate keyword research.

You can use the Google Keyword Planner (Free) or a more Amazon related keyword planner like Merchantwords (paid) to find high-volume keywords that are related to your products. When you know the exact keywords these people are typing in, use them in your listing, description and in your title.

4. Write a Compelling Product Description

Writing great descriptions that will hold customers attention and compels them to buy is a must. Actually writing great descriptions is an art as you must know exactly which words will convert potential customers into actual consumers.

A great product description often describes product features alongside their relevant consumer benefits.


It also references the problem the product is solving and ends with a strong call to action. Incorporate these in your description and watch your sales skyrocket.

5. Improve your Images

Your images are the first impression consumers get of your product, so make it lasting. Consumers are more likely to click on images that are beautiful and look professional.

So if you are not sure if your images fit these criteria, send your product to a professional photographer. Also, make sure that your images have a clear white background, are at least 1000 pixels long and 500 pixels wide so it can be zoomable on the page.  A great image will make your main page look more attractive.

6. Get Feedback and Reviews

The best way to make your products appealing to customers is to have reviews.

It is a known fact that consumers will choose a brand with reviews over one with no reviews, and since about 88% of consumers say that they truly trust online reviews, you can’t afford to ignore them.


Product reviews help educate potential buyers on whether they should purchase your product or not. These reviews are important for gaining new customers and they help push your product to a higher rank in the search results.

This process can easily be automated using software services such as; Feedback Genius, Feedback Five or AMZFinder. Another way to get feedback is to encourage video or photo reviews instead of text reviews. 


Having an Amazon Business is a great way to sell your own e-commerce goods. In addition, you can add FBA to your seller account to have Amazon do all the heavy lifting for you while allowing you to plug into their highly successful ecosystem and tap into their large buyer network.

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