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How to Leverage Long Tail E-Commerce Strategies as a B2B Company

Posted by Michael Noble - 21 June, 2022

7 Challenges in B2B Sales That Are Actually Easy to Solve

It is one thing to market products or services to customers. It is another thing to market them to businesses. While customers are trustful, entrepreneurs know all tricks of the trade. That is why business-to-business marketing is a particularly difficult challenge even for the most experienced marketers. Thanks to rapid changes taking place in the marketing world, marketers come across many obstacles. Therefore, they have to constantly learn, adapt to changing circumstances, and upgrade their skills. Every challenge is easy to overcome when you have enough experience and knowledge. Here are some of the most common B2B sales challenges that are actually easy to solve. 

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1. Mapping Out a Successful Marketing Strategy

No matter what industry the business belongs to, an effective marketing strategy is key to its success. Even before the digital marketing takeover, marketers struggled with finding the best strategy. Today, it is no less of a challenge. Now more than ever before, marketers have many opportunities and channels to make use of. Although having plenty of options might be good for the firm, in the marketing world, it just might not be the case. Why? Because the success of a business largely depends on its marketing strategy and practices. If the right ones aren’t implemented, the business falls short of its expectations and goals.

To map out a successful marketing strategy, skillful marketers should bring objectives into the focus. Based on those aims, they can make a strategic plan that will make them happen. Once the plan is put into motion, the marketers closely monitor not only its implementation but also the market. This way, they can make adjustments and improve the strategy to make sure it brings the desired results.

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2. Facilitating Internal Communication 

Every day, more and more organizations put their trust in intranet solutions to facilitate internal communication. This has proved to be a wise move. Whether entire or partial internal communication takes place on communicative platforms, it doesn’t matter. What matters is how simple communication becomes. 

Such a powerful system keeps all employees on the same page which is what most businesses need. If every member of their staff communicates effectively, shares knowledge, and receives timely updates, the business is on the right track. 

Additionally, since moving towards the digital era, it is useful to have all relevant files stored on the cloud, synchronized, and shared among the employees. As a result, they would no longer waste precious time trying to find misplaced documents all over the workplace.

3. Creating Engaging Content

Most marketers believe content creation is a vital part of any B2B marketing strategy. It is the best way to drive traffic to the website. Without a good content strategy, even the best content pieces fall flat. To create the right strategy, marketers have to think about certain aspects. The audience, platforms, channels, type of content, posting frequency, promotion are some things they should think about when creating engaging content. Some of the best content strategies are simple ones. The simpler the strategy is, the easier it is to implement it. Still, there are some tricks only the most skillful marketers use. For example, apart from creating engaging content, they make sure it is informative as well. Moreover, they like to play with different content formats so they include infographics, blog posts, case studies, etc. Furthermore, visuals, calls for action, and exceptional writing style are the building blocks for every piece of content.


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4. Generating Leads

For a few years now, generating leads has been one of the greatest challenges for most marketers. It is no longer enough to simply attract visitors to numerous channels. Now they have to create engaging content that will convince B2B customers to finally take action. When they become active, it means that the marketing strategy is working and the business can expect to achieve their objectives. There are two easy ways to overcome this challenge. In optimal conditions, company growth is expected. The first approach to overcoming this obstacle requires the business to expand on other markets. If a business decides to use this approach, it will have to connect with a mass audience through international content and using other beneficial tactics. On the other hand, the second approach requires something known as split testing. This testing comes with perks of its own. Minimal bounce rates, high conversion rates, and low risk just to name a few.

5. Following and Predicting Trends

The world of marketing changes rapidly. If marketers and businesses can’t keep up with the latest marketing trends, they are most likely to stay behind which is bad for both sides. Both marketers and businesses go to great lengths to stay competitive. That is why they not only have to follow trends but also predict them. By anticipating trends in the industry, they are able to take advantage of many opportunities B2B marketing offers. For example, marketers shouldn’t neglect mobile marketing. Since most B2B customers are always on the go, creating and optimizing a mobile site increases the odds of achieving marketing and business goals.


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6. Standing Out from The Rest

A few decades ago, only large corporations with deep pockets could afford marketing campaigns and attract a mass audience. Thanks to the digital era, those days are over. Still, one crucial aspect remains the same. Every business wants to stay ahead of the curve. For this reason, B2B marketing is even more competitive in comparison to B2C. Today, every business can launch a campaign through social media and other platforms. Still, the best way to stay competitive is to stand out from the rest. What makes your business so special? Storytelling and creativity can help set apart the brand from all the rest. To evoke the right emotions, you will need to define your buyer’s persona. The emotional bond created between a brand and customer will drive the traffic and leads. If done right, emotional branding can help your brand reach new heights. 

7. Making the Time 

Marketers always have a full plate. Search engine optimization, strategies, various types of marketing, website development, and many other aspects are all their responsibility. No wonder they don’t have enough time to juggle it all perfectly. Every aspect demands time, knowledge, precision, and skill. While marketers certainly have skills, knowledge, and precision, they mostly lack time because of so many daily responsibilities. Therefore, time management is an issue in most cases.

Nonetheless, there is a solution to this problem. All marketers have to do is make the time, which is easier said than done. Luckily for them, technology has got them covered even in time-sensitive situations. Namely, marketers can use many automation tools available to them on the market. For instance, they can set up posts ahead of time on different social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. All they have to do is set the date and time so the users can enjoy the content. 

Final Thoughts 

In the end, business-to-business marketing is a challenge in itself. Marketers have to step up their marketing game if they want it to work out successfully. With our solutions for the most common B2B problems, their strategy can lead to future success. 

What are some B2B sale challenges that are easy to overcome? 

  1. Mapping Out a Successful Marketing Strategy
  2. Facilitating Internal Communication 
  3. Creating Engaging Content
  4. Generating Leads
  5. Following and Predicting Trends 
  6. Standing Out from the Rest
  7. Making the Time  

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