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Posted by Christopher - 17 April, 2019

7 Cutting Edge Apps Every Business Owner Needs

There are hundreds of mobile apps out there, and dozens more launched every month. While most of these apps are for consumers, whether it's for entertainment, self-help, or online delivery, there are handfuls of apps designed for business owners and entrepreneurs. With the saturated app stores, however, it's rather tedious to scroll up and down in search of an app that can potentially strengthen customer relations or improve sales. 

Here are seven apps that you, as a business owner, should have installed on your phone or computer. 

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Business owners are constantly thinking of new features and ways to expand their enterprise. Whether they're flying cross-country or attending meetings, these ideas can pop up without warning. Evernote is an application that makes sure you don't forget anything. You can store, organize, and share both text and multimedia information. The latest version even allows users to keep track of their potentially groundbreaking ideas through voice notes.



Every business relies on a healthy cash flow to keep its operations running on a daily basis. QuickBooks' accounting software is perhaps the smartest program there is for helping identify your company's current financial shape. You can use it to monitor sales, purchases, and other cash-related data that affects your cash flow. And because your financial statements and reports are kept up-to-date and checked, the awful yet unavoidable process of filing taxes is simplified.



business appA messaging app that lets organizations and teams stay in touch wherever they are, Slack is a robust instant messaging platform that organizes conversations based on invitations and public/private channels. You can talk with specific people by using a direct message option or announce important business updates using your public channel. You also have a lot of freedom when it comes to sharing files or adding members. You can add as many users as you want to on your public channels.



Whereas cash flow is what keeps blood pumping in your business' veins, time management is what makes sure your business is growing and getting the job done. This is why at least one time management app should make it to the list. Clear is a gesture-based user-friendly time management program. Users can easily adjust tasks by dragging them down the screen, clicking on them, and dragging them out of the screen to complete the task.



With easy-to-setup and robust features for scaling any type of business, Shopify isn't just an optional app, but a necessary one to compete in today's cutthroat eCommerce market. With B2B Shopify features, your business can start accepting credit cards anywhere and everywhere. Another nifty feature the company brings to the table is its Product Reviews. For instance, if you are a business selling anti-aging products, working with Shopify can help create legitimate company reviews that make your brand more professional and trustworthy.



Similar to what QuickBooks does, which is to improve your financial health, Expensify gives you the tools you'll need to monitor business expenditures and mileage. It also allows users to scan receipts and upload it to a secure storage location. Expenses can come in all shapes and forms. With Expensify, it's easy to know if you're spending too much money or if you have a surplus to use toward expediting expansion plans.



We've already covered cash flow, time management, and point of sale, so the last app is marketing related. With MailChimp, you can quickly build quality mailing lists and send out newsletters and promotional offers with ease.


To Sum Up...

Each app mentioned above targets a specific aspect of your business. And while these apps are top-rated in their respective categories, don't be afraid to try out competing brands. Each business works with different needs, goals, and approach. Make sure to choose apps that best align with your mission statement.


What About Your Own App?

These apps are great to streamline your business processes, but what about something more catered to your specific needs? There are many benefits to developing your own app, from connecting with your consumers to simplifying payments. The sky is the limit with technology these days.

1 infograic-334553-editedApps can also encourage loyalty with a particular business, which wasn't easy to achieve in the past. Regular notifications and discounts offered through the app tell the customer that he or she is special. This business relationship is imperative to continual sales.


Final Thoughts

Whatever you decide to do, always keep your apps up to date. Keep the customer in mind, make their life easier when they are interacting with your business. Don’t underestimate the power that apps could have on your business.

It's safe to say that apps will continue to shape the business world as technology's progress forges ahead. From apps on your wristband to glasses with search capabilities, smart devices will probably always require some app access for daily functionality. From a business perspective, the world is wide open for advertising opportunities and customer satisfaction.



What apps should ever business minded person have?

  1. Evernote
  2. QuickBooks
  3. Slack
  4. Clear
  5. Shopify
  6. Expensify
  7. MailChimp
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