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7 Ingredients to Cook Up a Great Email Marketing Campaign

If you ask anyone what is email marketing is. Most of them saying "use of email to market products or services", but the exact meaning of email marketing:

"It is the best way to make communications with potential prospects or customers".

Using Email Marketing, marketers can easily develop their business and maintain a relationship with clients that can positively impact marketing results and produce an outstanding ROI.

It is an affordable, targeted, share able, measurable, and profitable method for business marketing. It is also one of the easiest marketing channels to start up and track.

To get you started off on the right foot, I have provided my "7 Ingredients to Cook Up a Great Email Marketing Campaign":

1. Make Your Email More Mobile-Friendly


According to 2016 report from Statista, over 62.9 % of emails are opened on mobile devices in the USA. Compare to previous years this number is a dramatic increase, if your emails aren’t mobile-friendly, you could be missing out on the chance to connect your prospects. To make sure your emails reach the mobile inbox, it is best practice to consider the following steps:

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  1. Subject line length - After analyzing over a million emails, statisticians revealed that the best performing subject lines were between 41-50 characters. If you want your prospects and customers to open your emails you need to write a subject line within those characters.
  2. Pre-header text - The pre-header text is often unnoticed, just left out, but it is a very functional piece of the email when it comes to mobile devices. Your pre-header text should work with your subject line to attract the reader and induce them to click.
  3. Visual content - People naturally respond to images. Visual content gets shared two times more than non-visual content across social channels. Caution: if your images are too large, your loading times will increase and will lead to deteriorating email performance.


2. Improve Email Deliverability


Deliverability means the rate at which emails actually make it to the prospects' inboxes. Email deliverability failure is generally when an email went to spam or blocked by the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

deliveribility of emails

If you find yourself having low deliverability, you should make your subject line mirror the content of the messages so the content is not a shock to your viewers. Also, reaching out to inactive users on your email list will risk damage to your reputation and deliverability rates due to lower open rates and higher unsubscribes.

ISPs protect the end-user and if they indicate they are happy, then the ISPs will be pleased with your sending and keep placing your email in the inbox. All your recipients are not alike. Segmenting your list by interest and modifying frequency accordingly can drive more engagement.


3. Measuring Email Campaigns


Email Campaigns are measurable, it is in your best interest to continually keep track of these metrics to know whether your campaigns are improving. If you want to analyze and enhance any of your marketing campaigns, the following metrics will help you:

  1. Open Rates - the Open rate is the percentage of your email receivers who opened your email.
  2. Click through Rates - Click through rate is the percentage of your email receivers who clicked on a link which one is inside your email, it doesn’t matter what the link was.
  3. Unsubscribe Rates - Unsubscribe rate is the percentage of your email receivers who clicked on the “unsubscribe” link inside your email. Most of the time, recipients don’t bother to unsubscribe, they’re much more likely to delete, ignore, or filter your emails rather than clicking on unsubscribe.
  4. Conversion Rates - The conversion rate is the percentage of your email receivers who clicked on the link within an email and partook in your desired action. It is the more important measure of an email campaign’s effectiveness.


4. Email Timing and Frequency


The timing and frequency of email marketing should be a primary outcome for all campaigns. You must focus on your time because it is one of the most important elements when you send an email. Before sending an email to a customer or prospects, take the time to look up their time zone or where they are located. The better you can segment and append your database based on their time zone the more likely you will get a response.

In addition to the timing of your email, the frequency at which you broadcast your messages also plays a crucial role in performance. If you send too many emails, particularly if they aren’t targeted to their needs, your prospect may choose to start ignoring you.

Utilize the timing and frequency of emails have to be considered carefully, think about combining emails and being selective on what is actually important to send.


5. Creative Subject Lines


Do you open every email you receive, every day? Most people answer, "No". According to research that most receivers spent just a few milliseconds to decide whether to open an email or not, gives marketers the reason to be short and witty in their subject lines.


6. Frequent Communication


Compared with the several marketing channels, email takes less time to set up and send than other channels do.

Frequent communication can make your relationships more effectively with your ideal customers. Although, frequent communication may be a negative with leads/prospects, with the customers it can be very valuable in the long-run. Through email marketing, you can communicate with customers/prospects weekly or even daily to keep them up to dates on new products, features, and etc, that directly impacts their business.


7. Educational Content


Educational content is trouble-free to share and promote on social media. It shows you’re a thought chief in your niche, and that finally translates into acquiring thought. If you are using educational content, your customers/prospects can learn something important about their requirements, and your products or services.

In the world of content marketing, educational content provides two primary reasons:


  1. It created to connect with customers/prospects and optimistically turn them into paying customers.
  2. Improve SEO importance, enhance back links, and make traffic to your website.


In conclusion, these seven ingredients make your email marketing effective and customer relationships stronger. With a strategic plan, goal, and a strong message, a business is sure to benefit from email marketing.

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