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Checklist Before You Hire A Collection Agency


Posted by Brett Romero - 24 May, 2019

7 Must-Have Tactics for your Marketing Strategy

Building partnerships and trust takes time.


However, when it’s done right, you can have a fruitful outcome as you expand marketing opportunities and bring in revenues. Businesses want to deal with the right vendor at the right time, and, most importantly, for the right price.

A B2B sale could take weeks or even months to close, but with the right strategy, you will increase your leads, sign a commission agreement, and welcome new partnerships in no time. Here are some tips that you should follow:


  1. Content marketing.
  2. Get feedback from your partners.
  3. Cross-sell and upsell.
  4. Create a live chat on your website.
  5. Organize events.
  6. Monitor social media accounts.
  7. Send personalized emails.

 Personalization Marketing Source

Content Marketing

You should invest resources and time on content marketing. It’s been proven that having a good content marketing strategy works well online. The conversion rate of businesses that do so is six times higher than companies that don’t.

Remember that content marketing includes videos and not just sales funnels, web copies, etc.. Videos are getting a lot of views nowadays and have become an effective conversion strategy when selling a product.

Studies have shown that 43% of the audience like watching videos from marketers and people would rather watch marketing videos rather than read a lengthy article. Some tips on making a successful content marketing strategy includes, but isn’t limited to: 

  • Target more landing pages.
  • Set up a blog.
  • Write content based on your core values.
  • Write only quality content.


Get honest feed feedback

You should be open to honest feedback from your partners about customer engagement, website and sales funnel improvement, as well as your marketing strategy. Keep in mind that honest feedback is not easy to come by, but try to get it nonetheless.

It will greatly help you with your future leads and you’ll be more informed about your partners’ constantly evolving needs. Some tips when gaining honest feedback includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Get timely feedback in private after an event.
  • Ask for feedback in person or through a phone call.
  • Avoid being defensive when getting feedback.
  • Always clarify if you’re unsure of what you heard.
  • Always thank the person giving the feedback.


Feedback Marketing Source 

Cross-Sell & Up-Sell

These two strategies are used by almost all large businesses and has increased their B2B sales. Cross-selling is when you offer a different product than the one that was ordered, but somehow is related to the product that you’re selling. Upselling is giving the client an option to get the same product, but a better version. This is the most common sales tactic and works like a charm. Some tips on how to start this includes:

  • Know your audience so you know which product to cross-sell.
  • Understand the needs of your clients.
  • Learn their goals.
  • Come up with problems that you could provide a solution for.
  • Always listen to your clients.

These two strategies could be used by almost all businesses in any industry.


Live Chat

People are often impatient and would like to have answers immediately when they have questions. This feature will give them quick customer support and it’s also an opportunity for you to pre-sell other products. However, be careful about pushing live chats on each website visitor. If you push too much, they could leave your site immediately. Study the behavior of the visitor. Only push for a live chat when a visitor has been on a page for some time. There are several live chat tools that you can use that has several features such as email marketing. Here’s some tips when communicating through live chat:

  • Use short sentences.
  • Create canned responses.
  • Prioritize cases.
  • Practice faster typing .
  • Gather client data to customize your chats.
  • Have a second monitor, if you can, so you can work faster and not have to switch tabs/windows



There’s nothing quite like meeting your partners face-to-face. When there’s a face attached to a brand, it’s easier to trust and increase sales. Events also keep your brand in the minds of clients. Here are some advantages of organizing an event:- As high as 84% of the audience purchase products during an event.- Meet partners face-to-face and build trust.- Strengthen current partner relationships in order to retain them.- It’s a successful marketing tactic with a 77% success rate.The event doesn’t have to be too big nor too formal. You should hire an event specialist and discuss what your goals are.


Social Media

Social media combined with content marketing is 92% effective. That means you need to monitor all your social media accounts especially when your brand is mentioned or used as a hashtag. These are warm leads that your team needs to follow up on. This is also the platform where you can get honest reviews and you’ll see what people think of your brand.

Engage your customers and learn how you can make your service or product better. This is a good way to start networking. There are tools you can use to monitor mentions such as Google Alerts to make things easier for you. Here’s some tips to help create a great social media campaign:


  • Study your target audience and their social media behavior.
  • Choose the social media platform that your audience uses the most.
  • Learn how to engage potential clients.
  • Create engaging content.
  • Create visuals that will support your content.
  • Plot content posts in a calendar.
  • Monitor posts and respond.
  • Learn and adjust if necessary.

 Social Media Marketing

Personalized Emails

Personalized emails increase sales revenue by 50%. If you have a large email database, you will need to have a strategy. The best way for you to do this is to group your leads according to their personas. This means gathering data such as preferences, interests, and learn their buyer personas. Learn about their behavior so you know how you can personalize your email marketing. Here’s some tips to help create a great email marketing campaign:


  • Start your email campaign by identifying your goals.
  • Study your audience and group them by their interests, buyer personas, etc..
  • Write a good subject line.
  • Write different copies for different groups.
  • Create an email marketing design that suits your business.
  • Send emails and track.



Prospecting is a trick that’s perfected through experience. You need to learn how to distinguish a cold lead from a warm lead so you don’t waste time. Sometimes, the only way for you to learn how to increase your B2B sales is through trial and error. See what works and what doesn’t on a particular group.


What are the best tactics for a B2B Marketing Strategy?

  • Content marketing.
  • Get feedback from your partners.
  • Cross-sell and upsell.
  • Create a live chat on your website.
  • Organize events.
  • Monitor social media accounts.
  • Send personalized emails
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