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Posted by Michael Noble - 12 January, 2022

7 off-page SEO tactics for B2B Marketing

Every discussion about SEO revolves around the website and its optimization techniques that help to gain high visibility that translates into a higher ranking in search results. This is precisely what search engine optimization is all about and why the website remains central to it. The various optimization techniques of sites are critical for improving ranking against the targeted keywords, which is known as on-page SEO.

For example, internal links, backlinks, keyword optimization, URL optimization, page content optimization, etc. - These techniques are entirely within your control and build your fortune to taste success.


What is Off-page SEO?

SEO is vast and requires much more effort than on-page optimization. It begins by taking various measures beyond the website that can reinforce the on-page efforts and helps to improve search rankings. These sets of techniques are known as off-page SEO, because although its purpose is to strengthen the website, all the actions take place outside of it. Unlike on-page SEO, you often do not have much control what gets implemented. Requesting a link from some other website is a typical example of off-page SEO and can be tough to acquire.

Off-page SEO is important because it tells Google how others feel about your website and how much they value it. When several valuable links are pointing to your page, the search engines will understand that your content must be worthy enough to receive appreciation from many others hence relevant.


Blending on-page and off-page SEO

Only when you blend on-page and off-page SEO can you do well in your online marketing campaign. Any SEO expert knows the importance of combining these techniques. Whenever they experience difficulties getting the right results from their on-page efforts despite doing their best, they turn to off-page SEO to prop up the campaign and bring it back on track. Although the optimization efforts begin with the website, the things that matter to Google often exist beyond it. How much time you share between on-page and off-page SEO will depend on the marketing goals, and there is no fixed rule for it.

Having understood the importance of off-page SEO, you can practice the techniques discussed to strengthen the SEO campaign.


Launch a link-building campaign


To garner natural links for your website, start a link building campaign, also known as backlinking. When you associate with reputable websites that link back to your site, your ranking will improve and drive more traffic to the pages linked. Links from reputed websites are assets that strengthen your domain authority, similarly, being linked from non-reputable sites may lower your ranking. To find out what is reputable or not, do a search of the external site here.

Links enrich the audience experience that can access more resources for additional information by clicking on the links and derive more value from the content. Links are like votes in recognition of the website's quality that upholds the expertise, authority, and trust of any website.

To start link building campaign, you must begin networking with other quality websites by building relationships with them through industry associations and social networking platforms. Reaching out to bloggers and journalists and requesting them for content or asking them to play host to something you have created helps build fruitful relationships that pave the way for earning links. Create high-quality content to draw the attention of quality websites from where you can gather links.


Take to blogging

B2B Blogging is the best way to showcase your content that can attract links from good quality websites. Blogging allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your business niche and, in the process, earn the appreciation of others that increases your authority and sends a positive signal to search engines for improving ranking by recognizing your leadership traits in your field. When your content draws a lot of attraction, it generates interaction too. The audience starts commenting and sharing the content and even offers links to it as a gesture of appreciation of its high quality.


Launch a social media marketing campaign

Online marketing success depends mainly on gaining high visibility and generating brand awareness. While your on-page SEO efforts help to gain high visibility and create brand awareness, you must distribute your content on social media to make it successful. Although Google does not include social media signals in its ranking algorithms, it considers the signs necessary for ascertaining the acceptance level of the brand among the audience. Your social media presence makes the brand more approachable, increasing its trustworthiness, which shows that the audience is ready to consider it over other brands.



Making and dispersing an infographic can be a shockingly powerful approach to pick up backlinks to your site.

A beginning stage is to make an infographic and distribute it on your site with the code underneath that individual need in order to copy and paste to embed the infographic on their own site (HubSpot has made an amazing aide about how to do this).

Each time somebody embeds the infographic, it goes about as a backlinks to the first source.

Likewise, there are an enormous number of infographic submission sites online that will publish infographics to their visitors. 

Infographic-Submission-Sites-by-99signals_v2Click here to view

Do guest blogging

Guest blogging is composing of different bloggers who order huge amounts of traffic having a place with your specialty. Try not to botch the chance of composing a guest post on high DA websites. It won't just carry traffic to your site yet additionally increase your domain authority.

Since you have the characteristic abilities to compose quality content you can use this expertise to compose for good blogging websites. Some of them may reject your request however is as yet worth difficult.

A few bloggers permit guest blogging however they are certain that you won't have the option to post any backlinks with the exception of in your profile. All things considered, this is a decent alternative as your brand gets a mention in front of lots of new guests and they may look for your content. Indeed, even Google conceded that such un-linked notices are likewise a ranking component and they call it a suggested link.


Influencer marketing

As part of your social media marketing campaign, you can expand your reach through influencer marketing. Influencers are social media icons who have considerable following and command on their followers who value their opinion in matters related to businesses and brands.

By establishing relationships with influencers, you can use their influence to spread your brand message to their followers and then nurture the relationship to convert them into customers. This off-page SEO effort can be rewarding as it will expand your customer base and drive more traffic to your website.


Write for publications

One of the goals of off-page SEO is to establish your identity as a competent authority in your industry niche and use it to promote your business. To gain publicity and attract people towards your business, start writing for publications, or take to guest blogging that expands your reach and draws a new audience with high engagement prospects.

Once you establish your authority, your brand receives more attention as you can use your network to spread the brand message across the new audience whom you can reach through your writings.

You must work hard to do off-page SEO, but the rewards you get from it will be much more satisfying.



Best methods to boost off-page SEO

  1. Blending on-page and off-page SEO
  2. Blogging
  3. Social Media
  4. Infographics
  5. Guest Blogging
  6. Influencer Marketing
  7. Write for publications

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