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Posted by Matt Osborn - 16 December, 2019

8 Easy Office Exercises That Increase Employee Productivity

Manpower is the heart and the most important factor in any workplace. Employees work, ensure productivity and interact personally which gives the place an enthusiastic vibe and helps with business growth. When an employee loses interest, his/her productivity gets affected. The unavoidable truth is that some employees can or may already be losing interest, thus losing productivity altogether. It’s normal to have a repetitive desk job. The secret is how to keep everything else interesting for your people. Here are eight office exercises that can increase employee productivity.

Getting Up to Move Around Sparks Collaboration

B2B collaborationWhile it may seem like promoting procrastination and small, unnecessary talks, getting up and walking around the office is actually an effective way to promote collaboration between employees. Moving around and allowing employees to interact with each other promotes personal networking and developing friendship which brings a stronger foundation. In fact, it is during these interactions where the best insights and ideas mostly come from. Walking around gives better blood circulation and muscle movement which is a healthy practice for anyone.

Don't Take the Easy Way

Exercise before your day starts in an excellent and effective way to jump-start your body’s energy for the day. Early morning exercise can condition the mind and body to perform physical activities and this even leads to being more productive at work. However, the reality is many of us just do not have the time to do exercise in the morning anymore. The alternative is to take advantage of your morning travels to work. If you have other options to get to your workplace, such as walking, jogging or cycling, then you can forego traveling by your car every once in a while.

Office Cardio

office cardioHaving a workout gym in the workplace seems ideal but it simply is not the same for all other offices. Most workplaces do not have workout amenities for employees to use but do have enough space for a cardio workout. Simple cardio workout routines such as zumba dancing and aerobics exercise can even promote enjoyment and camaraderie among employees.


Have a Ball

One of the most affordable exercise equipment you can have in the workplace is an exercise ball. It’s practical and takes up less space but also has many uses and benefits when put to use. The best use for an exercise ball is to develop core muscles by doing core exercises. These exercises are quick and can be done daily for a few minutes per day.

Promote the Use of Stairs Over Elevators

One of the simplest and widely used office exercise which promotes employees’ health is the use of stairs instead of elevators. The good thing about this is that it can be implemented as an office policy so that everyone, except for employees with health conditions, will have to participate in the ‘stairs over elevators’ exercise routine. This is a simple cardio exercise that is both healthy and energy saving.

Walk and Work

arek-adeoye-213476-unsplashWalking around the office does not have to be isolated on when you have to talk to your other workmates. Every chance you can get to stand up and walk whilst not having to look at a computer screen, take it and walk around the office space. For instance, taking an official call does not have to be done while glued to your desk. You can stand up and stretch your legs while walking around your space. This may seem likely to be less relevant as an exercise routine but walking around, even in just a small space, can stretch your muscles and promote better circulation in your body.

Stand Up

Admittedly some office work can be tedious and can get any employee easily bored, which can take its toll on productivity. One effective method to do, especially on most desk works, is to stand up from time to time. Yes, this means you continue to work while standing up. This gives you a different angle of your work for a few minutes, which is an effective way to bring new ideas and insights to the table.

Take a Break

This may seem contradictory to being productive, but taking a break is actually a good way to refresh the body and reset the mind to open up for more ideas that can increase productivity. It’s not always work, work, work. In the midst of the busy day, it’s good to also take a break.

Working in an office and doing a desk job can make a person sedentary which, experts say, is just as dangerous as smoking. Keeping the mind and body active during a tedious work day can help keep the employee healthy, they can learn how to get rid of bloating, and this will ensure that they are pumped up to be productive. Implementing this practice can benefit your people’s health and your company, which is a win-win situation.


What exercises can boost office productivity?

  1. Move around
  2. Don't take the easy way
  3. Office Cardio
  4. Exercise Ball at desk
  5. Use the stairs
  6. Walk at work
  7. Stand up
  8. Take a break

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