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Posted by Erik Larson - 18 January, 2019

8 Professional B2B Email Writing Tips for More Leads

Emails are still very much useful in marketing and are still being used widely. They have stood the test of time. To the surprise of many, they still yield the same great results in lead generation and marketing. With special reference to B2b marketing, emailing is used more than ever.

What will be attributed to this upsurge? The simple answer lies with the utility that the emails have. With a clear working strategy and defined plan, you can acquire more leads by writing professional emails. This article considers 8 professional B2b email writing tips to gain a stream of leads.

1. Creating a Prospecting List

Prospecting lists are synonymous with B2b email marketing. Almost everyone who has undertaken emailed marketing can relate. If you are not conversant with them, a prospecting list is simply a list of contacts. These are contacts of people, companies, and entities that you would want to send a business message.

When creating and using a prospecting list, some guidelines must apply, e.g.

  • You should inherit permission from the contact before adding them to your list
  • Always offer the contact bearer the possibility to opt out 

You can use various techniques to acquire valid email addresses for your contact list. You could draw them from your professional contacts. You can also obtain them from your social sphere.

When creating a prospecting list, the norm is that you will get all contacts from different people and entities. Thus, some sort of sorting is undertaken to retain the best contacts for your prospecting list. The funnel principle applies here.

Common to a funnel, filter out the unresponsive contacts and remain with those that add value.

2. Understand Your Target Audience


How can you send a message to a person who you cannot describe? This is not just rhetoric, but a call to understanding your audience before sending out any broadcast. Get to know who uses your product or service and create an embodiment persona.

Craft a B2b email that almost converses to them on an inquisitive level. What does it entail to communicate with your audience?

  • Know their preferences
  • Understand their dispositions
  • Identify their tastes
  • Ascertain their needs
  • Understand their problems

Understanding your audience puts you in a better stance to craft a targeted email to gain new leads.

3. Get Your Audience to Act

The vital intention of writing a B2b email is to stimulate the target audience to action. For example, you may want them to buy an item, service, or take advantage of an offer. A particular call to action increases click-through rates by 371% and product sales by 1617%. 

Your audience might understand that you are stimulating an action, but they won’t act unless it's encouraging. This necessitates the use of a Call to Action (CTA). This is a direct call to the customer to swing into action so they don't miss an opportunity.

For the favorable call to action, ensure that:

  • You are enticing
  • You show urgency
  • You create curiosity

4. Have Powerful Headlines

Headlines are the selling point of any message - emails included. Picture this: A multitude of business people have to attend to many emails at once. It follows then 

Powerful Headlines

that they may brush off some emails that possess weak headlines. To that effect, ensure that you write a catchy and engaging headline.

Once you hook the reader with your irresistible and captivating headline, he/she is as good as sold. Therefore, utilize the power of a powerful headline in your B2b emails. Use the input of an essay writer if you need powerful headlines.


5. Brevity is Prevailing

It is always assumed that people in business are always busy. This assumption is actually true. The uptight schedules and endless commitments leave them no time to dilly dally. In fact, it is tough for such people to give you undivided attention.

One of the lead generation strategies that should apply while using emails is writing short and precise. B2b emails have to observe all the underpinnings of brevity. This postures your messages will be well received and read to in its entirety.

Extensive emails are instantly ignored on sight. Furthermore, most people tend to scan through emails. Hence, you are better positioned with a short message as it would be read conveniently.

6. Personalize your Messages

How does it feel to receive a tailored gift or message? Many would be ecstatic at the sight of it. In fact, it would endear one to the gift or message. Visualize the reaction you would induce sending a personalized message to your contacts!

By personalized, we mean, you have incorporated a trait or personal mark it into the B2b email. If you are targeting the Managing Directors of various entities, start by citing their name and position. This arouses interest, increases leads, and click-through rates.

7. Entice Your Audience

If you plan to hook your audience, then what better way to do this than enticing them? The ultimate way of keeping people interested in something is by creating irresistible value. Give your audience the incentive to read your email and sign up for what you're offering.

You can do this effectively by:

  • Offering unpaid advice
  • Organizing fun get-togethers or boot camps 
  • Creating fun networking events
  • Giving free samples

Offering discounts, among others.

8. Show Social Proof

We all have succumbed to the power of social proof at one point in time. Let’s say you find out that a celebrity uses a certain product that you’ve been interested in. The fact that this celebrity uses it is enough reason for you to acquire it.

Social Media

In another scenario, let’s say three-quarters of your friends utilize a certain social media app. The rationale that 75% of your friends are using it is a valid explanation for you too. This is socialistic proof at work.

Showing notable figures or people using your products or services will tempt widespread leads with your B2b email.


The 8 discussed tips are sure to attain your B2b email marketing efforts to a successful level. Utilize them today to produce substantial leads for your business.

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