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Posted by Jennifer Studebaker - 17 June, 2021

9 Tips for Nailing Your Trade Show Marketing

You know there is no substitute for having in-person contact for small to mid-level business owners. And Trade exhibit is such an opportunity, which no business should miss.

Have you decided to attend the trade show in the future? If yes, it is certain you will want to get the maximum of it. You know you need to be very careful to retrieve maximum from such an exhibition.

trade show stat

Here are some powerful tips that can help you make your upcoming trade show successful:

Plan in advance

Planning well ahead of the schedule exhibition time is one of the best ways to nail your trade show. Begin planning 2-3 months ago. Disclose this in your team and ask the members to be ready for the same. From ticket booking to lodging and foods, ask them to make necessary arrangements in advance so that there could be no hassle at that time. Prepare emails and send the same to all the interested individuals inviting them to meet your team at the exhibition.

Build executive and sales teams 

Communication plays a crucial role in the business exhibition. Several departments like marketing, sales, and executive attend the event. You need to ensure that everyone is on the right track and has all the relevant information related to your business and products/services you offer.

Conduct in-depth research

Before you sign a deal to attend the exhibition, you should do your research, about the trade show. There are differences in the trade shows and hence, you should ask some questions to yourself. The issues might be related to the advertisement, space required, participation goals, and customer base. Try to get satisfactory answers. 

Schedule booth meetings before the show 

The best point of most of the thriving trade shows is the one where marketing and sales teams worked together. It means you need to know how your sales and marketing teams work. For this, scheduling pre-show booth meetings will be an excellent opportunity for you. With this, you will be able to point out the faults if there are any and solve them earlier before the actual exhibition.

Make sure your booth is on the point 

Keep in mind that the first impression goes in a long way. It is the same with trade shows. A glance at your booth is enough for attendees to decide whether they should stop at your stall or keep walking ahead. Using bright custom labels and stickers displaying your brand is a great way to draw the attention of visitors and fetch them to your stall. Good lightening along with stall decorators will help you attain this.

Be active on digital platforms 

In this digital world, people use various platforms to access information on desired topics. From search engines to social media platforms, you should be everywhere inviting people to meet your teams at the trade show, which is scheduled. Keep people reminding about that through regular posts on social channels and PPC on search engines. Being alert and active will pave the way to success.  

Disclose show exclusive offers 

Offering show exclusive specials is the most general strategy to draw people to your stall and keep them engaged. Try to make customers feel special, and enable them to comprehend it was worth to stay at your booth in the exhibition. Based on your business sector, show exclusive specials can be anything from personalized stickers to a custom label water bottle to show discounted prices on certain products/services. With this, you can have potential leads and you can keep people engaged at your booth, and draw other visitors.

Be both offensive and defensive 

A common mistake can make your stay stationed at your stall throughout the exhibition. Therefore, ensure the presence of at least one member of your team all the time at your business stall. Ensuring one member at the booth is equally essential to engage the members visiting around the exhibition premise handing out personalized stickers and labels.  

Follow up soon 

trade show follow up

In trade shows, attendees visit several business stalls speaking with many people and companies. You need to make them remember your organization by following them after the exhibition. Avoid waiting too long, as their interests in your services/products will diminish with time as they get back to their jobs or healthy lives. Leave the following message to them who showed interest, and this can help you have a sale and exposure to your business.

Bottom line

In the end, you will get what you put throughout the day and show. In brief, it would be quite easy to say earlier preparation with extensive research and strategies will help you get rewarded. Guaranteeing everything from booth management to attire, communication, and systematic organization is well will work wonder for you and help you reap the maximum from the show.

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