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Posted by Erik Larson - 18 January, 2019

The Launch Pad into B2B Digital Transformation

Featured CompanyEvery business strives to offer a unique product or service to the clients in their area or on a larger scale. Which means that each business has a slightly different customer profile that they're targeting, as well as a different set of needs when it comes to technology and software.

While products and software might strive to meet the needs of a plethora of different businesses, odds are that when a business tries to implement one, there are going to be gaps that need attention. That's where LaunchPad Lab is changing the game.

LaunchPad Lab is a custom software design and development firm in Chicago. They help businesses build smarter web and mobile applications by offering innovative, customized services that target the specific needs of a single company.

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These services are designed to help those businesses to create custom solutions for their clients. Besides helping businesses with their digital needs, LaunchPad Lab is also skilled at coaching businesses through the process of delivering digital products to their customers more efficiently.

We caught up with Scott Weisman, president of LaunchPad Lab, to see what inspired this innovative service, and how's it's revolutionizing the digital world for businesses in a variety of industries.

How was the company created? When did you find a pain point that eventually morphed into your idea for a business?

Launch Pad Lab Transformation DigitalWe created LaunchPad Lab after a few businesses asked us to build software applications for them. At the time, we were working on a startup that seemed to be focused on digital innovation. It seemed that a lot of businesses we were helping were stuck in rigid, waterfall-like approaches to software development. They noticed startups moving faster and breaking into new industries and wanted to bring some of that startup mindset to their companies.

What are the typical problems businesses have when they first come to your company looking for help?

A lot of the businesses we work with still have problems with online conversion. They may be spending a lot of money on marketing their product or services and generating leads, but they are struggling to convert those leads into customers. Just because you have a lot of traffic to your site doesn’t mean you are attracting lots of business. It is all about finding the right audience to draw to your site.

What strategic process do you use to analyze the problem and execute a solution for your clients?

We start each project with a detailed discovery phase. This stage allows us to really get to know our client’s business and understand the problems they are facing at a much deeper level. Ideally, we get the chance to meet with our client on site and interview some of their customers. We come away from the discovery process with deeper insights that drive the success of the project.

Has your process of building a solution changed over the years? If so, how?

Yes, it has changed a lot. By doing more upfront discovery with clients, we’re able to think more about the problems they’re facing. This allows us to uncover a number of potential solutions for them. This helps us and our customer think more about the real objectives of the project, rather than focusing on a predetermined list of specs or deliverables.

What would you say to businesses that are using outdated processes? What’s the best way for them to realize their digital potential?

Launch Pad Lab TransformationOne of the biggest mistakes we see is that businesses take too long to release digital products. They get caught up in thinking that they need every feature to be included in the first version. It’s much better to release the first version with a small subset of the features you plan to include. That way you can put the digital product into customers’ hands earlier in order to get feedback. 

The features you initially thought were important might not be as important to customers. We challenge ourselves to scope out versions of products that can be built by small teams in no more than 3 or 4 months.

Typically, what do your clients see as a benefit from your custom solutions?

Clients typically come to us with problems that can’t be solved with traditional off-the-shelf software. They are looking for something customized to meet their needs. But all of the custom applications we build interact with a number of different application programming interfaces, or APIs. We’re able to design and build custom software that can take advantage of key APIs, while maintaining a custom experience.

Custom applications and other digital products are a game changer for businesses in multiple industries. They allow you to offer digital ways to interact with a business, a solution for their clients, or a variety of other goals.

But creating applications that stand out, and that meet a business' unique client profile, can be a challenge. LaunchPad Lab is out to fix this problem by delivering innovative, fully-custom solutions to the companies they work with. Custom digital transformation solutions means customized digital products that clients will love.

Disrupting B2B Processes

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LaunchPad Lab is a custom software design and development firm in Chicago. We help businesses build smarter web and mobile applications. We work with leading companies to deliver new, innovative digital products.

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