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Posted by George Draper - 08 March, 2019

B2B Sales Trends That You Need to Adapt To

B2B businesses are going through a significant change in their structure. The reason is that B2B prospects have adopted an entirely new approach when it comes to buying. The clients prefer a consultative approach these days.

They are eager to learn and are not ready to be pitched. If we track down the records, then the buyers had to contact the sellers in the past during the early sales process to acquire detailed insight about their purchase.

b2b-sales-trendsAt that time the seller ensured the fact that he exerted pressure over the buyer. The seller had the leverage because of the information he had. The buyer was dependent on the seller for the info, but now the things have changed drastically.

The buyers have finally learned to research their purchases online. Now, there are multiple avenues through which the buyers can get the information. They can go through the reviews or get pricing details from their friend who has acquired the service of a company earlier.

Buyers have already completed 60% to 90% sales procedure before they move towards the actual sales. The leverage of the seller has vanished away.

If the seller exerts pressures on the buyer, then this approach can backfire now. This is why it is essential that the sellers should change their selling approach altogether. The new pitching technique is teaching what the buyers readily accept.

If done the right way, selling does not seem to be selling at all. Let us look at some of the most effective ways in which the seller can increase the sales.

The best B2B sales approach to lure clients

The sellers should be willing to do the research work

The seller has to do a lot of homework, it is essential to research the lead. As a seller, you need to have a clear picture of which website pages your prospect has visited. This allows you to speak directly to those specific pain points discussed on those pages and speak directly to their buying needs.

Using a marketing automation platform, like Hubspot or Marketo that is directly tied to your CRM will make this research profoundly easy.

Decipher the art of effective communication

Great communication is the key to an effective B2B sales approach. To accomplish this, it is vital that you get as much information from the buyer as possible. The more information you have as a seller, the more value you can add to the sales process.

The best approach to follow is that you should put up open-ended questions to the sellers. Ask the who, how, what, and why questions. You should ensure that you never restrict the conversion to yes or no answers because that will limit your ability to get information from the buyer.

The mistake most salespeople do is that they make assumptions about the buyer. You should avoid this mistake by all means for sure.

Focus on the answers of the buyer

Once you have put up the questions, make sure that you focus on the responses of the buyer. You should not be thinking about the next question when the buyer is answering your query. The perfect approach to retain your focus is that you should repeat what the buyer is saying. This will keep you focused on the buyer’s answers.

Ideally, you should only do 30% of the talking when the buyer is answering your questions.


Adopt the teaching approach

When the seller adopts the teaching approach, then it helps the buyer to identify the real needs. However, when you select the teaching mode, make sure that you do not discuss your services or products instead offer industry facts or insights that help the prospect make a wise purchasing decision.

Finding out how to qualify for success

You should try to define quantitative goals and identify what the client wishes to achieve. As a seller, you should be willing to review the strategies of your clients and how they want to achieve their goals.

At the same time, it is crucial to be aware of the challenges faced by your clients. Timing is also a vital aspect for your client. If you do not achieve the goals within the specified timeline, then there is no point in attaining those goals.

When you want to sell your products or services to the clients, then it is important to know who has the largest influence in the company and makes the purchasing decisions. You should also check out if there are specific pain points of the client that your product can address.

This qualifying approach is termed as the GPCT approach. If you follow the mentioned approach, then closing will be quite a simple process, and the buyer will have no remorse at the end of the day.

All businesses should stick to this approach. For example, visit cleaning services NYC can try implementing this approach to increase their potential clientele. However, the companies should ensure that they have a clear perception of the consultative approach presented above. This way the implementation of the strategy will become a much easier process.

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