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Posted by Michael Noble - 16 September, 2021

The Six Best B2B Ecommerce Platforms For Small Business

There is no debate in saying that the eCommerce industry is full of opportunities for B2B businesses. The E-retailing systems have helped B2B merchants to efficiently manage their business relations, minimize the communication gap between partners, eliminate the wastage of goods and above all, increase brand and product reach to improve sales and revenue.

B2B eCommerce is already a trillion dollar industry and is thriving and flourishing. Gone are those days when B2B retailers considered eCommerce as an afterthought.  Today, B2B business owners along with their B2C counterparts are taking strong initiatives to establish a firm online presence because they know it’s an opportunity they cannot afford to miss.

With B2B eCommerce offering a promising future; tons of different eCommerce platforms have also popped out to grab this business opportunity and are providing innovative solutions to meet the demand of wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors.  

Choosing the Right E-commerce Platform

However, as a beginner in the industry choosing the right platform may appear to be a daunting as there are dozens of them and each offering a unique twist. To be honest the solution is completely subjective and you can find some tips on how to choose a B2B eCommerce platform here.

In this article, we are showcasing 4 B2B eCommerce platforms that have been targeted towards B2B eCommerce.


1. Contalog

Contalog has successfully emerged out as one of the best B2B eCommerce portal as it has simplified the process of order management, product management, and inventory management.  Contalog inhabits elegant, clean, and responsive designs carefully crafted to help B2B enterprises maximize their opportunities.

Contalog B2B eCommerceContalog started off as a digital catalog and order management solution but now it has fully evolved into a complete omnichannel commercial platform for businesses engaged in both business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) selling.

Here are some of its highlighting features,

  • B2B eCommerce Store
  • Product Info Management
  • Digital Catalog
  • Instore Experience
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • eCommerce Software
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Field Sales App

Starting from 99 US Dollars per month; catalog offers variable pricing plans that are flexible and friendly to all team sizes. They also offer a free 30-day trial plan to check out the functionality and usability. Catalog supports three major languages, i.e. English, German and Indian and supports all major devices such as Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac and etc.


2. GOECart

If you are on a search for a comprehensive, customizable, and extensible B2B eCommerce platform, then GOE cart is arguably the best match for you. It inhabits some powerful features that offer you enterprise eCommerce without limits.

GoeCart best platformGeo cart’s order management software comes with over 250 features that let you process hundreds of thousands of orders seamlessly. Here are some of its accentuating features,

  • Advanced order approval, routing and processing
  • Complete mail order telephone order (MOTO) support
  • Single-click quote to order conversion
  • Additional capabilities for CRM, Sales tax support and mobile API for back office integration
  • On-the-fly order record modification
  • Multiple payment support
  • Bulk order printing
  • centralized inventory and order management
  • Automated picking lists, packing slips, and shipping labels
  • Complete integration with GoECart's enterprise-level CRM capabilities
  • Advanced search options
  • Advanced return authorizations including workflow approvals and routing
  • Advanced shipping integration with UPS® Online Tools, USPS® (Endicia), and FedEx®

GOE CART offers two pricing packages, standard @ 1,000 US $ dollars per month and Professional @ $1,600 per month. Standard package offers complete solution for emerging brands where as professional offers some extra features like guided navigation and rich transaction emails.


3. InsiteCommerce

InsiteCommerce is another impressive, multipurpose, resourceful, sleek, responsive, and out of the box B2B eCommerce platform. It is conceived as one of the most powerful yet insite B2B eCommercedynamic tools designed to meet the growing needs of manufacturers and distributors by offering them endless possibilities and vast functionality.

InsiteCommerce stands out of the crowd and is widely popular powering hundreds of websites.

  • Helps retailers manage dynamic pricing matrix for all order processing scenarios
  • Comes with several built-in merchandising and promotion techniques that helps B2B retailers establish a firm online presence.
  • Built in communication tools, from email list collection to templates for transactional emails.
  • It also offers single point Content Management System that allows you to manage multiple websites from a single interface and also for in-context editing and approval of content.
  • User experience goes beyond a nice looking site; it prioritizes driving business efficiencies and getting people to the right information.
  • Other features include, Site search management, tuning of synonyms, stop words, auto redirects, and search boosting, burying and much more.


4. NetSuite 

NetSuite is one of the world’s leading B2B eCommerce platforms that offers a modern and scalable solution at a reasonable cost. NetSuite allows merchants to automate operations, decrease IT costs and improve real time visibility by providing a one-size-fits-all solution to B2B retailers.

netsuite eCommrece BestNetSuite is by far the world’s most deployed cloud ERP solution powering more than 40,000+ organizations across 160+ countries. NetSuite ERP offers a modern, scalable solution to run all key back-office operations and financial business processes in the cloud.

 Here are some of its powerful features.   

  • NetSuite is a very smart and progressive solution. Its intelligent system has the ability to hold all the corporate data in a single database, giving you access to the key performance metrics on the customizable, real-time dashboard. As a result, NetSuite helps you to make better, faster decisions.
  • NetSuite is a highly integrated solution. Within a single, powerful application, it merges complete customer-facing CRM and Ecommerce capabilities with back-office Accounting/ERP and self-service portals for partners. It allows the companies to unite the fragmented data and automate processes from end to end.
  • NetSuite is simple, hassle free and easy to use. With the help of NetSuite, implementations are both faster and less expensive than traditional B2B business applications. In addition, click not code and advanced customization supports business in the way you define it. As a Web-based on-demand solution, NetSuite significantly reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO).


5. 3dCart

3dcart_logoA B2B E-commerce business requires a platform that can evolve with your store’s growth, that is what 3dcart is said to be. 3dcart offers tools that can help a business of any size scale their growth efforts and processes to be able to sell to any customer base.

Some 3dCart b2b specific features that can help you run a perfect operation:

  • Customer Groups allows you to segment your b2b customer and set specific options to that group. 

  • Bulk price discounts allow you to set discounts based on order quantity, independent of customer group pricing. 

  • Registered customers can save time on reorders with the one-click re-ordering feature.

  • Quick order pad allows you to streamline the bulk order processes for your customers.

  • Tax management features let you set specific tax exemption rules for customers, products or customer groups as you see fit.


6. BigCommerce

big_commerce_logoBigCommerce is a leading cloud ecommerce platform for established and rapidly-growing businesses. Combining enterprise functionality, an open architecture and app ecosystem, and market-leading performance,

BigCommerce’s B2B ecommerce platform enables you with powerful features to readily meet – and exceed – your buyers’ expectations.

  • Advanced B2B-friendly shipping

  • Automated 3rd-party data syncing

  • Advanced search and punchout

  • Quote management and bulk pricing

  • Purchase orders and credit authorization

BigCommerce enables businesses to grow online sales significantly less cost, time, and complexity than on-premise software. BigCommerce powers  B2B ecommerce across SMB, Mid-Market and Fortune 1000 brands.

The above-mentioned platforms have brought a revolutionary change in the B2B eCommerce industry. These superb B2B eCommerce solutions have removed all the hassles in inventory management, order processing, reporting and are the best pick for long-term growth and success.


What are the best B2B platforms for small business?

  • Contalog
  • GOECart
  • InsiteCommerce
  • NetSuite 
  • 3dCart
  • BigCommerce

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Author Bio: Asad is an internet marketing expert having more than 8 years of experience in eCommerce SEO. Currently he heading the marketing department of GO-Gulf – a web design Dubai company, where he has worked on several SEO projects, UX and increasing eCommerce stores conversion. You can reach him on LinkedIn.

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