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Posted by Jennifer Studebaker - 03 May, 2021

Best tools for internal team communication - a look at the five hottest apps on the market

Remember the days when internal communication meant walking down the hall and talking to whatever colleague you were looking for? If you couldn’t find them, you’d have to – wait for it – leave them a note or even more surprising, wait for them. It’s crazy to think that was the norm mere decades ago. Since then, we’ve become increasingly impatient/innovative, whichever way you look at it. We devised inter-office messaging systems, like those of AOL, which were all the rage. They took so much wasted time out of our days and meant that you could get questions answered or approvals in a snap. It didn’t take long for the market to notice. If you’re familiar with our work here at Apruve, you know that our goal is to reinvent how businesses buy from each other. That means thinking strategically and outside of the box. 

That’s why today, we’re happy for our friends at Yarra Web with you the five hottest internal communication apps on the market right now. To be clear, these are just the tip of the iceberg for us. There are exponentially more tools available to you, depending on what market that you’re in. But here are five that not only seem to have staying power, but growing power as well, and can help take your business productivity to the next level.


In their own words, “Slack unifies your entire team’s communications, making your workflow, well, flow a lot better.” It’s a one-stop shop, where you can store your calls, your files, your messages and get to know everyone that you work with. You can create channels based on projects, programs or teams. You can even add employee engagement channels where your colleagues can interact on a more personal level. It’s straightforward to learn. Bonus? Conversations are also searchable, so if you forget what was discussed in a meeting, it’s easy to reference. One of the favorite features is that you can create Google Hangouts from inside the chat rooms. Oh yeah, and the emoji’s are pretty fun as well.

Slack internal communicationSlack Screenshot



HipChat is gaining popularity as a go-to tool across multiple industries. It takes the standard one-on-one messaging model to the next level, building rooms for different teams and organizations of all sizes. Its API has received extremely positive responses from different users in its affinity to automate tasks. HipChat has become especially popular with startups and has a bot that sends out gifs at any given time. Developed by Atlassian, who already have a vast amount of success with such products. Its features include video calling, inline-image viewing capabilities, and cloud-based file storage. You can run it on a variety of platforms including those of Mac, Windows, Android, Lux, and even tablets.

Hipchat Screenshot
HipChat Screenshot


Remember when sticky notes used to litter your office and (try to) help organize your thoughts and work? Those sticky notes go digital with Trello as a solution. Trello is a great way to map out the different bodies of work in flight and also check things off of the to-do list. It offers push notifications to email so that you’re alerted when that colleague finally finishes their task. It has rich API solutions and integrates well with enterprise systems, so it’s especially popular with teams in larger companies. Additionally, it has cloud-based integration services with services like Zapier. Trello was also sold to Atlassian in 2017.

Trello Internal Communication AppTrello Screenshot


Basecamp is excellent for project-based work as well as companies that work in a variety of different locations. Its’ one of the older apps available on the Web, founded in 1999, but it’s had staying power for a reason. To quote its site, “Basecamp organizes your communication, projects, and client work together, so you have a central source of truth.” It’s ideal for task management with tabs like “my assignments,” “my schedule,” “my recent activity” and even “my applause” for kudos from your colleagues.

basecamp-internal communication application for companiesBasecamp Screenshot

Office 365

Microsoft just seems to be everywhere, don’t they? And every couple of years, they release a new suite of tools that maximize productivity for your team and connect teammates all over the world. The Office 365 suite accomplishes just that with tools like Yammer, which serves just like an inter-company Facebook-type solution, Teams – a great way to share files and conversations in real-time and all of the usual Office suite suspects (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.). Your Outlook syncs with Office 365, so you also can see your emails in the same space.

As mentioned, each of these can satisfy different needs of your company’s strategies, regardless of the size of your teams.

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