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Posted by Michael Noble - 16 September, 2021

Best Ways to Multiply Your Customer Engagements

Online customer engagement has become a powerful tool to be exercised in the e-marketplace field. A well mapped-out customer engagement plan helps adding value to your product considerably. The techniques of customer engagements increase the confidence of the customer towards you. Therefore you get a permanent consumer for your future sales.

So, what customer engagement tricks are we actually talking about that can boost your b2b e-commerce business? Let’s discuss them below.

Listen To Customers Attentively

Customer SupportNever listen to your clients with an ignorant attitude. It is a big mistake for organizations. Customers are brilliant. They will notice that you are hearing them just to pull money out of their pockets. You have no real concern with their problem. Moreover, such corporations will not care about consumer demands. What should you do?

Introduce Live Chat

Customer ServiceLive chat has its own charm. A visitor will suddenly become more interested in your website when he realizes that a human is assisting him/her. The world is becoming increasingly fast-paced. Nowadays, people hate to dial a telephone number through a dialer for acquiring assistance. Instead, they save time by chatting with the representative directly and inquire about what he/she wants. This will save both the time and effort of a customer and a guide.

Offering assistance by popping up a live chat window is a bad idea. Especially, when a client is busy having a look at your website. This can totally ruin the impression. Professionals also recommend avoiding such an act. On the other hand, when the user has spent some time looking at your e-commerce website and didn’t add anything in the cart, then it is the best time to appear with live chat.

Encourage Customer Participation

“Public opinion is so important that it directly liquidates into money.”

(James Arnold, customer relation executive at Crowd Writer)

It is essential to know the public opinion for business growth and to establish a good relationship with the customer. Creating polls and launching campaigns are generally the ways to do so. However, you won’t get a response from all of the consumer. Such users ignore and never participate in all these campaigns until you offer them anything.

Take a chill pill!

The benefits you offer in return for participating in your clients not necessarily have to cost you cash. You have to think of the possible techniques without spending money. There are several examples like thanking letter, published best reviews on your social media page, announcing the names of participants, and responding through thumbs on participant’s remarks are helpful methods.

Quality Content Helps

“Quality content literally hypnotizes customers at will.”

(David Rudolph, content marketing analyst at Australian Master)

Sending an email is one of the most widely used methods to grab the attention of potential consumers. Yet, sending a dry as dust text will not bear fruits. Good content will make an ordinary product look extraordinary.

One should be taken care of and be creative while drafting an email. Try to cover the elements that could grab the reader’s attention in the first few lines. The art of storytelling may make your ambition easy. Such posts will attract the vision, and the reader will relate by sharing their comments and likes.

Exploit Social Media

According to CNN, an average teen spends 9 hours a day on social media and as per the AdWeek adults spend 28 percent of their time on social media.

That’s a lot of time. Think about how many people you can take onboard on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

brand loyaltyIt’s not an era where you can afford to be casual about what you sell. People take social media and spread negativity about a brand if they notice any such activity. Customers don’t allow any breathing space to you if you provide them a product that does not worth their money. If you see consumers are making negative feedback viral about your product, engage with them and assure that you are looking into the matter.

Furthermore, keep posting visuals on social media. You can bring significant traffic to your website from this platform. There is an excellent chance that the visitors will spread the word among their circle if they like any stuff.

Bring Analytics into Play

Given the present technology, analytics are easy to get. However, its implications are far-reaching. Analytics spell out your strengths as well as weak links. These statistics also help you increase customer engagements by letting that you know that what your clients are actually expecting from you and what are your downsides.

Upload Quality Pictures

Whatever your product is, make sure it looks spotless. This is such a common thing, but you will be amazed to know that many people ignore it.

A picture with defective pixels ruins the effectiveness. It gives your website an unprofessional look, and the consequences viewed as exiting the visitors from your site.

Additionally, if any image contained a background, make sure it will be attractive visual in terms of color scheme and combination with highlighting an element in the photo.

Offer Special Discount To Some

That’s an evergreen way to boost the business. However, offering discounts take some mathematics. Set a target regardless of a quiz or a riddle, and announce the bonus. Whoever, meet the goal first will be eligible for such an offer.

Have you heard about push notification? Numerous corporations send many at least a message daily. Some marketers send it every week. The purpose of such text is to remind your consumers about your company or product. Their thought won’t forget your services due to the continuous message. But ensure, it will not irritating your client.

It is quite obvious that people want to be recognized. They wish to remain to remember by a reputable firm. Sending a thanking message caters this feeling for you in customer’s sub-conscious, and they feel proud on this little act.

Keep Yourself Calm

No matter how sincere and passionate you are with your business, don’t think you can ever keep the criticism at bay. It will always find your route.

While undertaking queries, make sure you are icy cool. Only being calm and patience ensures the best customer engagement. Otherwise, you might make the mess of it. Never indulge in an argument with the purchaser. Remember the golden rule:

The customer is always right.

Evaluating the Situation

No one can provide a solution which will be applicable in all circumstances. Trained professionals and experienced people can suggest numerous resolutions based on the information that you provide them. Ultimately, you are the one who can be the judge of which response will be most appropriate in the given scenario.


How can you multiply your customer engagement?

  1. Customer engagement
  2. Quality content
  3. Utilize social media
  4. Use analytics
  5. Quality Images
  6. Discounting
  7. Keep calm
  8. Evaluate the situation

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