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How To Set Reasonable Payment Terms


Posted by Brett Romero - 28 August, 2019

Best ways to safeguard your B2B website security

For anyone running a business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce platform, you will know how important security is. However, keeping yourself secure is not quite as easy as it might seem at first. To help you make progress, here are some useful tips for safeguarding your enterprise online without any issue.

E-commerce security is always important

First off, it is important to note just how important that eCommerce security is. A failure to have good security in place will lead to:

  • A lack of options when hunting for clients.
  • A failure to get clients to sign-up and try out your services.
  • Drop-off in trust from those who wish to try out what you offer.
  • Loss of sales and performance as a business in the long-term future.
  • Complaints from partners who feel you are not secure enough.

Open source or closed source code?

One issue that you might have is choosing to use an open or closed source code for your business. Open source is naturally easier to edit and find support for – and more affordable, if not free – but often means you are more likely to have security threats due to the widespread use of the code.

With closed source eCommerce coding, you often need to pay more for assistance and support. The benefit, though, is the added peace of mind that you will not be put under needless risk or pressure as the code is less likely to be attacked or hacked due to added unicity.

Try single sign-on solutions

Another important change to think about making is to implement single sign-on solutions. These are an excellent choice for making sure you can easily update and change passwords to maintain high strength standards. You need to do all that you can to minimise the risk of human error, so be sure to look to implement a single sign-on process.

This will help to keep passwords up-to-date and within modern password security standards. Minimising the risk of human error is so important, as this is where most security flaws stem from.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

One thing that you should definitely look to do is to work with a virtual private network. This has become a go-to solution for improving the safety of your internet connection. This helps to make sure you can have a strong security system in place that makes it much harder for people to get into the back-end of your system.



As such, users and partners will be much more likely to place orders if they know you are baked up with secure VPN technology. If you need to kill off any doubt in a potential partner about your security practices, make it clear that you use a VPN. Research from Best VPN shown in their infographic below suggests that 30% of people who use a VPN do so to access files or services at work.

Sana Commerce B2B e-commerce security

We recommend that you take a look at using Sana Commerce B2B security. This has become the go-to choice for many people who want to help secure their business and benefit from a highly tested, Microsoft-evaluated form of B2B protection. It’s got a happy blend of both open and closed source code, too, making it a happy mixture that allows for the best of both worlds whilst eliminating the wider weaknesses.

Secure Internet Connection

One thing that often goes undervalued in a B2B business, though, is having a secure and strong internet connection. This is why we recommend that you take a look at getting Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certification for your website. This gives your website that little padlock next to the URL and will make people much more likely to use your service.

This means that private data such as personal details and payment information is securely managed. This makes people much more likely to buy from you and to work with you. A failure to have a secure connection, though, deeply limits your options.

Choose your partners wisely

Always make sure you are very particular about who you work with. Any business is not good business – that is a logical fallacy. Make sure that you do your business with the best people, but also only use the best services. For example, make sure you use a trusted credit card processor and that you have the best cloud storage service that you can afford.

Make sure that everyone, from your customer support service to your shipping and delivery service, are picked on merit, not on price. Value is important, but not at the cost of performance. Be sure to look around, then, and make your choice wisely. You will be much more likely to benefit if you were to spend more time choosing your partners wisely than simply choosing the cheapest option on the market.


As you can see, then, there is a fair amount to think about when it comes to setting up a B2B eCommerce platform. Using the ideas above, though, you should feel a lot more comfortable about managing this securely. The sooner you put in place secure management of your systems, though, the sooner you will prevail.

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