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Posted by Ed Morley - 18 October, 2018

Can Your B2B Company Benefit From Digital Signage?

Digital signage business is blooming, and installations are happening every day. From schools to hospitals and even small companies, digital signage is being embraced by all. The benefits of digital signage is that a business's message is broadcasted to a targeted group throughout the day and night and it can play a dramatic role in internal and external communication.

So what is digital signage?

Digital signage is any communication that is delivered through TV, social media or screens. This communication is made by businesses to advertise their products, services, or convey a specific message. 

How do you get digital signage?

There are lots of digital signage companies worldwide. You can contact one near your location or you can purchase a digital player and connect it to your TV at your workplace. 

Importance of business signs?

Some of the benefits of business signs include:

  • Digital signage can be used to communicate effectively or to motivate people. It is a valuable tool that you can use to display relevant information such as news, sports, fitness tips and nutritional tips.
  • They can be used in any part of the world.
  • They make it easier to send information from one large group of people to another. If the content is displayed in a public place, lots of people will see it during the day and night.
  • They can also be used to train employees. Companies that have many employees use business signs to inform and educate their staff. Additionally, they can be used to pass messages to employees, such as the tasks assigned and other such things
  • They can be used to reach audiences that are far from your location.
  • They provide the right information at the right time. A good signage system will ensure that data is not delayed.
  • They can be paired with sensors to display information based on movement or external stimuli.
  • They can be used by both small and large businesses. 

How can B2B companies use Digital Signage?

Retail stores

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Store owners know the importance of communicating with their buyers. They use digital signage to deliver pricing updates so as to increase sales. Being able to send instant price updates not only boosts their sales but also creates customer loyalty. Buyers are also able to compare prices and to decide what fits into their budget.

Why does this matter to a B2B marketer? If your retail stores are advertising to their shoppers in the store, a feature on your products(s) could drastically increase your product's sales with that specific retailer. 



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 There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to producing any product (especially for contract manufacturers). Keeping employees up to date on what is currently being produced and what is happening next allows workers to quickly and efficiently adjust, making them more informed and allowing for smoother transitions. Displaying workspaces, projects and tasks may have an enormous impact for your business.

Sales and Marketing

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In a B2B environment, there can be a continuous change from month to month or week to week about promotions, new marketing materials, and prospects that have come in. A display may allow your business to eliminate miscommunication by displaying actionable items 24/7. Show sales the current promotions, leads that need immediate follow up and new marketing materials to help increase efficiency and revenue.

General Office

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An office has a lot of moving parts, and it becomes near impossible to inform every employee about days off, new procedures, company achievements, events, etc. Using a display in a high traffic area may help alleviate these miscommunications. 

Customer Service & Website

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As a business grows, so do the teams that manage customers and prospects. This growth can commonly lead to a miscommunication of what is being worked on, and what needs attention. Some main areas of this are in web chat and customer service queues. Showing a dashboard of those people waiting to hear from your customers can allow for your employees to move quickly as a cohesive team.

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