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Posted by Matt Osborn - 16 December, 2019

Content Repurposing Tips to Boost Your B2B Marketing

There are many marketers who think that they have to find new marketing content ideas to surprise their audience. While it is true that you need to offer something new to your audience all the time, you have to also accept that you are not going to reinvent the wheel.

Moreover, when you had previous B2B marketing strategies which proved to be successful, why not use them again and repurpose your content to surprise your audience. Just think how nice a classic car looks when it is restored. The same will happen to your B2B content marketing which you can transform and use to stand out of the crowd. If you are still not sure how to repurpose your B2B content, then you should keep reading this article and find out the most efficient tips.

Content Repurposing Tips to Boost Your B2B Marketing

Transform the endless PowerPoint presentations into videos

Content marketingPractice shows that one minute of the video presentation is equivalent to 150 written words. So, you can easily calculate how long your video can be, based on the number of words you have in your PowerPoint slides. When you present a video to your audience, you are engaging a variety of senses. When you are shooting a video, you will be able to use emotions and create a strong relationship with your audience.

In addition, your B2B audience will absorb the information easier and remember the most important points from your presentation. Moreover, there are plenty of tools which you can use to record your videos and share them with your audience in a video format. You can try tools like CanadaWriters or Fly Writing whenever you feel you need an extra hand to produce engaging content.

Think of thematic interviews

“Collaborating with industry influencers is an excellent method you can bring expertise and build your credibility on the market. When you conduct interviews with well-known executives from your market, then you are offering a different perspective to your audience, showing them that you put consistent efforts in staying up to date”, says Gabriel Coles, an SEO specialist at BestWritersCanada.com. It is very easy to repurpose your content and create thematic interviews with some of the biggest influencers in the industry.

eCommerce SEO Checklist-01Think of the themes which had the biggest success in the past and find from your customers what are their main interests. Write down a list of 10-12 questions for your guests and start getting the best answers from them. Furthermore, to keep your audience engaged, you can publish these individual interviews in episodes and make them more curious every new week.

Give a different flavor to your best performing content

If you have been creating B2B content marketing for a while already, then you most probably have had a couple of content pieces which had tremendous results. Moreover, as your content ages, it doesn’t expire. On the contrary, good content is like wine. It gets better over time. On the other hand, you should also keep in mind that the industry is evolving and so are your audience expectations. This means that if you want to repurpose your content, it is not enough to just republish it and wait for it to perform.

Once you have decided which content to pick for repurposing, the next step is to discuss with your internal experts and find their perspective on the topic. Furthermore, you can also discuss with the industry’s influencers and get their opinion on the subject as well. You can give the old content a different flavor by adding updates and showing your audience that you stay informed with the market’s trends and come with the best solutions available at the moment.

Create an infographic

Content with plenty of data and statistics can be hard to assimilate, irrespective of how professional your audience would be. If you have such content from the past which didn’t have so much success this doesn’t mean that you cannot repurpose it and make it successful (create an engaging infographic). Karen Padilla, head of marketing for GetGoodGrade.com states: “Remember that people are visual human beings and they will always react well to photos or graphics which summarize the information and help them understand it easier.”

SEM Marketing InfographicsTherefore, you have the perfect premises to create an engaging infographic. Furthermore, in case you have too much information, you can break it down in smaller visual pieces. In addition, you can attract attention over the most important details by using colors and headlines to help your audience digest the information you want to present.

When you are looking to the top-performing content you published in the past, you will not only have an incredible source of inspiration for new ideas, but you will also get a clear view on what your B2B customers expect from you. Moreover, you shouldn’t be afraid to repurpose your best content and flavor it with new information and a different way of presenting it. Your audience will appreciate your imagination and efforts to keep them updated with the current market’s trends.


How can you repurpose your marketing content?

  1. Transform slide decks into video
  2. Think of thematic interviews
  3. Jazz up your best performing piece of content
  4. Create an infographic

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