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Posted by Ed Morley - 18 October, 2018

Effective Strategies to Boost Sales on Instagram

For Consumer Packaged Goods companies the most effective use of Instagram is to drive more and more traffic to an e-commerce store or to draw the attention of potential retail buyers. Instagram has proved to be the topmost social networking site for promoting business owners from industries such as fashion, lifestyle, and beauty due to its user base demographics and visual focus.

Instagram users are consistently on the rise and their numbers are increasing with every passing day. Thanks to the introduction of striking features such as stories, you could expect to see the number of users going up manifold.

Instagram has been the social media platform that was ruled by stunning visuals. It has today become a golden opportunity for all e-stores to promote and market their products despite the stiff competition they would be encountering from e-commerce giants such as Amazon.

Here are effective strategies for driving more traffic and boosting sales of your products by exploiting the power of various Instagram marketing tactics.

Get into the Habit of Coming Up with Weekly Promotional Posts

In case you are finding it really difficult to boost your product sales via Instagram currently, it could be because of aggressive selling. You are simply trying a bit too hard. Your potential customers should not identify you as an aggressive or pushy seller. It is better to abstain from doing direct selling all the time by unabashedly asking your potential customers to buy the products now. Instead, you could concentrate on motivating, educating, and interacting with your followers before adopting the hard selling stance.


If you are in the habit of posting once every day, then also, you must put in a hardcore promotional post only once in 7 days. It is a good move to share one promotional post every week. Your posts must be upbeat and fun. However, you must discuss the potential advantages of purchasing your fashion apparels and accessories. You must try guiding all your followers effectively to your precise bio link for getting that conversation. Remember changing your bio link. You could use Gramista for boosting sales.

Share a Special Monthly Instagram Offer

You must consider coming up with a monthly offer exclusively for your Instagram followers. That would be a perfect way of incentivizing them and encouraging them to carry on shopping with you at least, once every month. You could set up an appropriate Instagram discount code. You may offer just 10 percent off one month on your first order. Again, you may give a free gift of your choice with every purchase. You have to plan this well depending on what you wish to offer to your esteemed customers and the most effective ways of incentivizing them. You need to do thorough research and carry out surveys involving your most-engaged subscribers on the email list.

Through offering specials or discounts, you also increase the chance of your post becoming more viral and increasing its reach to the Instgram community. The more likes and shares a specific brand has will look favorably to retail buyers. Brands with a larger following and engagement online are seen to be a less risky of an investment that a company with a minimal following.

Advertising on Instagram

instagram-ads.pngImage Source

Instagram advertising is a fantastic way to drive sales for products and services. You have to be vigilant with your ads, just like you would be on Facebook and Google ads. Graphics and word choice have to be on point, and you also have to choose the correct targets so that you get the maximum exposure and best dividends. To get the best ROI from advertising, a company should have a clear understanding of who their customer is, creating personas and advertising directly to this niche is preferred.

If you are looking to expand your brand into more retail locations, it may be in your best interest to target those retailers' customers to increase the chances of being noticed. This is a great Account Based Marketing technique that goes well when coupled with emails and trade advertising.

Shop Instagram Platform

Your e-commerce store should definitely have a tab for shop Instagram. It is great for the sales driven by Instagram, as you can link this tab to your bio at all times and not have to keep updating the bio. 


In the end, you would be sure that Instagram could really be a lucrative platform for getting more sales for an e-commerce site or play a pivotal role in your business growth.

Nearly 57 percent of all Instagram users worldwide use this platform every single day.

However, things could prove to be slightly challenging at times. With the above-discussed strategies, you are all set for smooth sailing.

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