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FAQ: What is the B2B buyer experience like with an automated A/R financed credit program?

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FAQ: What is the B2B buyer experience like with an automated A/R financed credit program?

Automated A/R financed credit programs allow B2B merchants to provide digital purchasing and a range of payment options to their buyers, including an option that’s similar to consumer BNPL programs. However, given the personal, relationship-based nature of B2B markets, you may have concerns about the quality of your buyers’ experience with an automated program. Here are answers to the questions Apruve frequently hears from finance, accounting and ecommerce professionals regarding the customer experience when automating B2B credit, invoicing and receivables. 

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How does an automated A/R financed credit program work?

B2B transactions occur on the Apruve payment platform where the automated, fully financed credit program is built right into the order-capture process. Buyers place orders and select from the payment options offered by the seller, which are equivalent to net terms, BNPL, or pay over time. Unlike traditional B2B transactions though, the seller is paid within 24 hours of invoicing.  Apruve is the only provider that combines A/R automation with guaranteed next day financing on all open invoices.

What is the B2B buyer experience like?

Apruve enables B2B buyers to manage the entire purchasing process online, from applying for credit to placing orders to making payments. End-to-end intelligent automation removes manual work and streamlines the purchasing process, making it a faster, more efficient and easier ordering experience for B2B buyers. In fact, new buyers can prequalify and onboard in as little as three minutes. Buyers can also create purchasing teams, autopay, and view purchase history in the buyer portal. 

The customer experience has become a priority for companies across industries as a driver of customer satisfaction and as a market differentiator. B2B merchants can make progress toward both goals with Apruve’s B2B buyer experience.

What are the advantages of a digital B2B purchasing experience for buyers?

When purchasing through an online portal or ecommerce site, it is easier for buyers to receive certain advantages such as:

  • Available 24 x 7 – B2B buyers can place orders, track invoices and make payments whenever it is convenient for them. They don’t have to wait for business hours or work around time zone differences.  
  • Faster, more accurate purchasing – Eliminating manual document exchange between B2B buyers and sellers results in faster purchasing with fewer errors. There are advantages for B2B sellers too: Digital invoicing reduces invoice processing costs by 81%. 
  • Less friction and greater efficiency – B2B buyers can spend less time on purchasing activities and more time building their business. 
  • Localized purchasing experience – B2B buyers can do business in their language and currency. Apruve is available in over 40 countries and growing. Apruve offers multi currency trade capability and multilingual buyer portals.

Do B2B merchants lose order expansion opportunities by using an automated A/R financed credit program?

No, not at all. The speed and simplicity of Apruve’s buying experience, and the ability to select the best payment option for their business encourages B2B buyers to purchase more frequently and increase AOV. With Apruve, B2B merchants can extend credit lines in excess of $1 million as their buyers’ AOV increases.

Is an automated A/R credit program right for all B2B customers?

Intelligent automation provides important benefits for buyers who place repeat and routine orders with high frequency. For many B2B merchants, about 80% of customers meet these criteria, and though this group of customers is large, it typically drives only about 20% of the revenue. (For more on 80/20 customer segmentation read our blog here.) The biggest revenue producers typically represent only about 20% of a company’s customer base.  

Many B2B merchants use Apruve to serve their higher-frequency, lower-value buyers. That leaves more time for their sales and A/R teams to serve their top-tier customers. At a time when 25% of credit departments do not have enough staff to manage their workload, this is a significant advantage for both B2B merchants and their buyers. With this approach, every B2B customer has an exceptional buying experience. 

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