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Posted by Erik Larson - 18 January, 2019

Five Reasons Why B2B Companies Fail at Content and Social Media Marketing

The internet allowed the B2B marketing world to evolve entirely. Modern technologies brought so many novelties which are sometimes hard to grasp, especially for B2B companies. As a matter of fact, 88% of marketers in North America used content marketing in 2016 but only 30% was successful. 

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Embracing the changes and new possibilities is very important if you want to do content and social media marketing properly. So here are the reasons why you might not be getting the best results:

1. Publishing poor content

Quality content needs to be interesting to the readers, as well as provide them with enough useful information. This is pretty challenging to achieve, and some B2B marketers do struggle to create good content because the writing is just not up to standards. Not to forget that the content needs to be engaging, so it comes as no surprise to find out that creating more engaging content is the priority for 72% of content creators according to Content Marketing Institute.

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You also have to remember that imagination is key to creating high-quality content. It needs to stand out so think outside of the box. Spend as much time as you can on developing exciting campaigns. When asking for assignment help, encourage your writers to always include at least a couple of images or videos alongside their text.

2. Forgetting that consistency is the key

If you want to improve your content marketing game, you have to focus on both delivering the right content and social media posts. Yes, this might seem almost impossible but successful companies do have a team of people monitoring social media profiles who make sure they are up to date. These tasks are hard and require a lot of research, as well as knowledge of current trends in marketing. Content Marketing Institute reports that 60% of B2B Content Marketers think that creating engaging content is the most challenging part.

B2B Content Marketing Challenges

But dealing with this is quite easy because it only requires a right number of people who know what their responsibilities are. So don’t hesitate to hire additional staff that can tackle this problem. They should post every single day and create a tight schedule. The content needs to be regular as well as high in quality which means that posting anything for the sake of an update is a huge no.

3. Marketing without a clear plan

Having a goal is crucial because it gives you something to strive for. But reaching it can be tricky if you don’t have a good strategy. The same goes with marketing – you merely need to have a plan before you start. Content Marketing Institute’s research confirms that the success of content marketing will increase by 48% if you have a strategy in place.

Strategies are individual, and they differ depending on a company. However, there are some primary points you have to cover. First of all, create a statement which describes either your short-term or long-term goal. Secondly, move on to analyzing your audience, as well as their needs and expectations. Thirdly, find the suitable platform for communicating with the previously mentioned audience. And finally, don’t forget to do the keyword research because it is the foundation of every great marketing campaign.

4. Not having “the face” of the company

If you want your clients to connect with you on a more personal level, your B2B company needs to have “the face”. Personal branding is essential in the digital age so don’t ignore it. Not having a representative might turn some potential clients away from you because connecting to a single person feels more direct.

So if you plan to strengthen your social media marketing, you have to find someone who will be the face of your company. They should become a synonym for your brand. Take a look around the office and see who is capable of managing this position. You probably have the head of the marketing department who can be the face of the brand. Or you can keep things fresh and trust an ordinary employee who also knows a lot about marketing.

5. You want to expand your brand without quality content marketing

Content marketing is a huge deal at the moment, and the majority of B2B companies are doing it. Of course, some are more successful than the others, and that is because they choose the best people to do their marketing. Wishing to make your brand noticeable is one thing, but you need to take action and do something about it. Expecting that you can reach the number one spot without spending money is foolish.

B2B Content Marketing Spending

The B2B marketers are aware of the fact that exciting campaigns require plenty of work if they want them to have the desired effect. Content Marketing Institute discovered that 51% plans to increase the funds for the next year. Investing more money will result in excellent marketing campaigns and outstanding quality of the content.

Tools for creating high-quality content

  • – this software is super easy to use and it will send automated emails for you. Plus, you can connect it to your Gmail account.
  • – adding more images and eye-catching graphics to the website is a must if you want your content to stand out. You can find everything you need on Canva.
  • Google Calendar – if you need help with scheduling your posts and other work-related events, Google Calendar is a must.


While B2B companies do their best to implement content and social media marketing, there is always room for improvement. So start off with a foolproof strategy, a reasonable marketing budget, and most importantly – a team of creative professionals. 

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