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How B2B Ecommerce Financing & Credit Programs Grow Your Businesses

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In the $1 trillion B2B ecommerce market, credit and A/R functions run the gamut from outdated, partially manual tasks to streamlined, fully digital processes. Accounting and ecommerce professionals face high internal expectations for digital transformation of ecomm credit and A/R.  The average U.S. business has nearly a quarter of its monthly revenue tied up in AR, terms, or trade credit.

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A full 80% of companies implementing B2B e-commerce believe that their customer expectations have changed, taking their cues from B2C experiences. However, B2B transactions are typically more complex than B2C purchases. The capabilities needed to create simple, fast, and easy B2B buying experiences haven’t been available. Now, innovation in intelligent credit and A/R automation has business leaders thinking about e-commerce processes and looking for e-commerce customer credit solutions.

Offer Your B2B Ecommerce Customers Automated Net Term Options

B2B companies are launching online corporate accounts and e-commerce sites in part to meet growing market demand for digital credit and A/R. With the transition to virtual transactions due to the pandemic, about two-thirds of B2B firms shifted away from physical invoices, and about the same are receiving more payments digitally. 

Still, offering net terms in the B2B ecomm checkout process has been a challenge. Without that component, B2B customers are forced to change their payment process if they want to use ecomm sites. They end up with a sub-par buying experience, so they’re less likely to have higher AOV and repeat purchases. An automated, fully financed credit program brings financing options to B2B e-commerce customers.

Hit the Triple Aim for Ecomm Growth

The Triple Aim to drive accelerated e-commerce growth are larger transaction volumes, higher adoption, and increased buyer acquisition. With intelligent credit and A/R automation, B2B companies can address all three approaches at once! 

A convenient buying experience with an e-commerce customer credit solution makes it easy for B2B customers to increase both purchase frequency and AOV. New customers can set up their accounts, pre-qualify for credit, and onboard in as little as three minutes. They’re able to view invoices, set up purchasing teams, and autopay through the buyer portal. Because repeat customers spend about 33% more than new customers, creating purchase experiences that keep buyers coming back contributes to overall e-commerce channel growth.

Increase ROI With Financing for Ecommerce Customers

In addition to purchasing growth, B2B companies that implement financed automated credit and A/R programs earn a return on investment (ROI) by reducing their fixed costs by up to 50%. They also increase their adaptability to shifting market conditions as they’re able to quickly and easily make adjustments to payment terms and credit limits.

By adopting an e-commerce customer credit solution you can create a simple and convenient digital invoicing and payment experience that can help your B2B business grow online. Talk with the specialists at Apruve

Here at Apruve, we help businesses grow their B2B e-commerce through an automated, fully financed credit program that offers net terms to buyers in the checkout process and still allows sellers to get paid in 24 hours. The buying experience is as easy as paying with a credit card, with the added advantage of being in the B2B buyers’ language. B2B sellers can offer their customers net terms, buy now pay later (BNPL) programs, and net financing directly from the checkout using their dedicated credit line. 

Interested in exploring the potential for your e-commerce channel? Apruve can help. Manually managing your customer's b2b e-commerce credit can be a challenge – save time and automate instead! Apruve makes your financing and accounts receivable process easier with Apruve’s credit and AR automation programs. Learn more about Apruve or contact Apruve’s specialists to sign up for a demo today! 


Marketplaces are booming! Learn about the $40B ecomm trend for 2022. In our next blog, we’ll talk about using intelligent automation to drive profitability and market share on B2B marketplaces. 

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