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Posted by Jennifer Studebaker - 17 June, 2021

How to create an attention-grabbing video marketing Strategy

Video is transforming the way businesses reach their target audience, whether it is B2C or B2B Marketing, it is considered as on of the most effective and innovative ways of getting real results or return on investment from your marketing initiatives.

Video Marketing has reported that the following impact for companies using video marketing:

  • 41% of users of video see an increase in traffic
  • 71% of marketers say video conversion rates outperform all other marketing content
  • 27% of video users see higher click-through rates

Video marketing is an easy, convenient, and shareable way of communicating your brand's core message to your target audience. This article will teach you five unique ways to create an attention-grabbing video for marketing:

Add value to your video

Believe it or not, not every person would be interested in watching your video, even if it is just a one-minute video production. Why would they want to watch it? There are millions of videos out there for them to view on the internet, so you need to give them reasons to devote their time to yours. And the only way you can effectively do this is by adding value.

What are the values you are ready to share with your audience? How great is the story? Does it offer solutions to their problems? Are there insider reward options like free trials, or discount codes? Ensure you add value to your video, and then watch how people will share the results happily to their circles, friends, and connections. Let the videos be smart and informative.

Tell Real Stories

People want to watch you tell real, coherent stories. If you are going to produce another video to continue your story-telling, then you will have to give people reasons why they should be excited to expect it. Don't tell your stories in one video, the more you break it into several videos, the more engaging it would be, and the more people will be interested in watching your videos.

However, before you do this, make sure your explainer videos contain instructional tips; you can record the whole stories at a go, and then break them into series of short videos with easy editing tools. Producing content this way will keep your audience wanting to watch more.

Create an Eye-Catching Title

In your best interest, make sure you create a stimulating and eye-catching title; this will grab the attention of your viewers. Use relevant keywords in the title, so that the video can quickly show up when viewers search the topic on the search engines. if you are struggling to come up with one, try using some power words listed below:

Video title power words.png(Image Source)

Mobile friendly

The number of people using mobile devices is daily on the rise. Thus it is essential you make your corporate videos also mobile friendly; the videos you market should also be downloadable, so that people can download them anytime and enjoy it on any device, with or without wifi.

Create Engaging Content

A lot of businesses rely on their websites or blogs as their number one selling tool; they spent thousands of dollars in building or creating the right website with fantastic design options.

You may have a great website with robust design, but what makes it stand out is its content, programming, pictures, and video - all these will make it be functionally and visibly more appealing to your visitors. What makes the site to sell is the quality of the content. Spend quality time to create user-focused, strong material.

Your video content should be able to answer a series of questions relating to your products or services, and also be able to speak, interact, and compel every visitor to move forward the sales funnel. Below are some reliable ways you can engage your users:

  • Your video contents must have a unique voice, and be distinguishable from other websites out there.
  • Use active words- this will make your visitors to participate actively on your website. The person speaking about your products or services should be coherent, convincing, clear and highly self-motivated.
  • Eliminate typographical errors- your credibility will be questioned if there are grammatical errors.
  • Focus on what your clients or customers will get by buying your products or services; people will be interested in what you do if they know what they will gain from it.
  • Add call-to-action in your video presentation- this will increase conversion, more leads, and deals.

Creating Videos for Each Stage of the Funnel

Sales funnel video marketingBefore you go out with your cell phone and start creating videos, please stop. Viewers will perceive the quality of your video with the quality of your product or service. If you create a grainy, low sound quality video, there is a good chance viewers will perceive your brand as a very below average offering.

That is not to say that every video needs to be a top-notch production either. As you track your customers moving through the sales funnel your objective should be more focused on personalization over high quality production. Here are some ideas to help your video strategy:

  • Top of Funnel - This stage is all about awareness and lead generation. It is most likely that viewers at this stage do not know what your company does, or how well it does it. For this stage, a great production piece is needed to build awareness, desire, and perceived quality. Options would be full production filming or animated explainer videos.
  • Middle of Funnel - Viewers at this stage, know what your brand does and is now comparing you to your competitors. Of course, your brand wants to keep up the sense of quality, but you will also want to make numerous videos that speak to their individual questions. For this, you may want to create short videos that talk about company benefits, case studies or customer testimonials.
  • Bottom of Funnel - Your viewers are ready to buy, but they have some last minute questions about your product. These concerns are usually pretty specific and have few needs outside of this particular sale. In this instance, personalized lower quality is good enough to make the deal happen. Using tools such as Loom make this easy to do.

Added Bonus for Video

Video is a great SEO tool. Keeping viewers on your site longer will always benefit your SEO rankings. Furthermore, using the right meta tags and schema may allow your page to reach a higher ranking too.

Video also helps engagement on Social Media to grab more attention and distribute more information to impatient viewers.

For these instances, creating a short and visually driven video for a blog and social media may make a lot of sense. Using a tool like Wave, is a great way to execute.

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