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Posted by Matt Osborn - 16 December, 2019

7 Easy Content Generation Steps to Make Your Traffic Convert

Content marketing is the most effective form of digital marketing. It is responsible for the large majority of traffic to drive to your site.

 That applies to eCommerce sites as well.

And with more eyes on your content, showcasing your online store to people is that much easier.

But the bottom line of every marketing trend is generating leads and bolster the sales funnel. Content marketing is no different. With proper content marketing strategy in place, it is quite possible to achieve long-term success for your eCommerce store.

Creating engaging, relevant and popular content is no easy task, let alone one that also converts to sales and leads.


But that’s why we are here.


In this article, you’ll discover a detailed guide on how to produce content for eCommerce that converts.


1.Set Goals

What are you trying to achieve? How do you define conversion? What is the conversion rate that you’ll consider as success?


These are important questions that must be answered. Your content marketing strategy needs a specific goal.

There are several things that you can choose from.


  • Build up an email list
  • Make a sale
  • Create awareness about your product
  • Encourage referral programs
  • Website traffic
  • Social share; etc.


Setting up specific and realistic goals allows you to create a strong backbone for your strategy. Otherwise, there’s no way to know if your strategy is working or not. 

Goals in eCommerce Conent MarketingSource

Also, make sure to set up your goals in Google Analytics to keep track of your conversions easily.


2. Search Content Ideas

The next step in determining your goal is to search for content ideas. You need to find topics that relate to your niche. Topics that people find intriguing and entertaining.

To some, generating content ideas for eCommerce sites is harder than a conventional blog post.

But that can be made easier.

There are several ways that you can discover some great topics.


Competitor Analysis

One of the more effective ways to get a high-traffic content idea is through analyzing your competitors. It is a great way to identify what is already popular and attractive to your target audience.

Target content that motivates the highest traffic and replicate them for your own blog.

You can either do that manually by going through their sites or use any of the backlink analysis tools available. Tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs offer the greatest accuracy.



Reddit is one of the most active communities today. It is made up of several subcommunities or subreddits that have specific niches. So it is a good place to find out exactly what your target audience is interested in.

The Reddit community is huge. There’s a subreddit for almost everything.

To find what you are looking for, just type in your keyword in the search bar. It will display everything that is related to it. You can then just go in and see what they are discussing.

 Reddit Conent GenerationSource


Another great platform for generating content idea is Quora. Quora is a platform where people ask questions. There are questions about every topic imaginable. People participate in answering said questions.

You can go two ways to find your niche. 

The first is to look for topic or categories. Quora is full of them. Each of them has many questions that people asked and tagged them with the topic. 

The second is to use the search function. Just type in the keyword and look through the questions. 

Try to find the most engaged questions. They usually are gold mines for coming up with new ideas.


Content Explorers 

The web offers many content tools for you to use. Buzzsumo, SEMrush, Ahref etc. are just some. They show popular content that is related to your industry.

Going through them is the easiest way to find what is currently hot. From there, just replicating them to provide your own twist is enough.


3. Isolate Topic

Now that you have generated a vast list of content ideas, it’s time to go deep. Instead of focusing on broader content, focus on something that’ll provide you conversion.

Look from the business point of view and decide which has the most business value. These are the topics that are related to your goal the most.

Even though a topic that might be enjoyable to write, it might not be beneficial to your goal. Hence, there’s no reason to put in the time and effort to produce it. You need to create content for eCommerce that converts. 

Now it’s time to do some keyword research. You want your content to come up on the first page of Google’s search result page. So, choose the topics that have the most number of search requests, yet low difficulty in comparison. This is a basic technique that is proven effective time and time again.


4. Tantalizing Headline 

According to Copyblogger, 80% read the headline, but only 20% actually finish the article. Headlines have a great impact on whether your post gets read or not. A vague title has less chance of getting clicks than one that clearly states its content.

headlines are 80 of contentSource

Therefore, even though headlines aren’t directly related to conversion, they are important to create content for e-commerce that converts.

There are several factors that influence the effect of the headline, such as length, use of numbers, emotional words etc.

Using numbers in the headline greatly increases social share and engagement, more than 73%. Also, words such as ‘tips’, ‘tricks’ and ‘secrets’ deliver more clicks. 

 You need a tantalizing headline to give individuals a reason to click your link and visit your site. It is the first step that takes a potential customer to the beginning of the sales funnel.


5. Create Engaging Content

Now comes the most major part of the content marketing strategy, writing the content itself. As mentioned before, writing a content for eCommerce that converts is no easy task. You need an excellent piece of content to achieve conversion.

The first question that you must answer is about the form of the content. WIll it be a short-form content or long-form content?

Long-form content typically generates 9 times more leads than its counterpart. Furthermore, Google also prioritizes long and detailed content in its search engine result page. Generally, the top article is somewhere between 1500-2000 words.

Keep in mind though, information in the long-form articles should be valuable. Broadening them unnecessarily will both put off readers and Google. 

Use the information gathered from Quora and Reddit. Maximize the potential of your content by hitting every point you collected. A detailed and valuable article will be linked more. Thus, increasing the chance of conversion.


6. Insert Visual Elements 

Ecommerce User Experience (UX) plays a big role in conversion, even if it’s a blog post. Poor UX leads to drop of engagement. Inserting visual elements into your content can tremendously improve that.  

It has been found that a blog article with visuals can generate up to 94% of more views! Which means, the right visuals have the power to even transform a monotonous piece of the article into an engaging one.

Visual content is more interactive and scannable. They also make the piece more navigable and enhance the users experience immensely.

Elements such as short paragraphs, readable fonts, responsive design, bullet points, charts & graphs, images & videos etc. are best for creating content for eCommerce website that converts.

Video Content 

7. Placing Call-To-Action  

Last, but not least, you need to place Call-to-Actions (CTA) strategically. This is the final key to create conversion from content. 

In case of eCommerce stores, the goal of CTA is to get the potential customer to the product page and start the checkout process. But in case of content for your online site, keep your goal when deciding the CTA’s action 

People will click on CTA’s if they are relevant. That’s why you need to place them surgically. There’s no need to stuff your site with CTAs. It needs to use subtlety to guide to potential customers.

There are several Call-to-actions that can be inserted into the post. For example, linked texts to another product or article. This is a great way to associate your product with the article. Just make sure it’s a great article.


Wrapping Up

Content marketing is a long process. Given enough time and effort, it can be very profitable. Also, don't forget social media is great for boosting up its speed.

To create content for ecommerce that converts, you need a solid content marketing strategy. Using the points discussed here, you can create a checklist and determine your own strategy for success.


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 About Author: Maruf Iftekhar is a content writer for WebAlive, a company that is renowned for creating innovative websites and digital marketing strategies.

Topics: B2B eCommerce, B2B Sales, Sales & Marketing, B2B Marketing

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