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How to Implement a Successful B2B Content Creation Strategy

When it comes to the top B2B marketing trends, content marketing is often a surefire and cost-effective way of promoting services, establishing a brand, demonstrating expertise and reaching an intended audience.

 At MonetizeMore we followed industry best practices to create an effective content production and promotion strategy that you can follow to create your own. Here are our five steps to content marketing success in 2018.

Publish regular high-quality content

With all the fluff and fake news floating around the internet, people are hungry for real content written by experts that solve problems they are dealing and provides information beneficial to their business.

Publishing content on a regular basis (1-2 times a week, bi-weekly, or even once a month) demonstrates consistency with your audience and visitors can also look forward to the content being published on your blog.

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By doing so, it helps to build a loyal following for your company and provides valuable content to publish on your company social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Making sure your content focuses on keywords that drive traffic will help your articles benefit from search engines. Increasing your SEO rankings will increase the visibility of your content to prospective buyers since Google loves content.

 It also has a domino effect on your entire website's SEO as a whole. More content means an increase in website authority; your website ranks easier for keywords which leads to more traffic. More traffic means more leads and more leads result in more clients, especially if your traffic is targeted.

Are you starting to get the picture? If you combine your keyword research with quality writing and content promotion you'll be amazed at the short and long-term benefits for your company.


Leverage news and events to capture industry attention

 Regularly publishing valuable content and generating topics users want to read about isn't always easy. It can be time-consuming and often difficult.

However, one surefire way of covering topics that not only can deliver lots of traffic but are also very relevant is leveraging industry-specific news, events, policy updates, and trends.

 If within a few month's time a specific event will take place, start developing content ahead of time to cover the event in detail on your company blog. Recommending keynote speakers, sessions, sponsored events, restaurants and hotels can drive industry attendees to your company blog.

The same principle can be applied with regards to industry-related product releases and policy updates. However, the focus here will be on providing solutions and tips to prepare companies for changes rather than general recommendations or places to stay. 

Find these news, event and policy content opportunities through industry-specific partnerships, industry memberships, other news websites and networking events.


Promote key content pieces

Not all content pieces are equal or will perform on the same level. Some will warrant more promotion than others.

However, with each piece of content you create, make sure to follow a systematic promotional strategy.

This not only ensures you remain consistent in your promotional efforts, but it’s easily outsourced or assigned to an employee within your company and tracked. 

A few simple content promotion tactics include:

  • Sharing content to your loyal following such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn.
  • Sharing content to relevant Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit groups.
  • Sending out an email to your subscriber list.
  • Creating a complementary video for a blog post and publishing it on your YouTube channel.
  • Reaching out to relevant blogs to gain exposure and generate backlinks.
  • Running a paid Facebook ads campaign to get an initial traffic boost.

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Try different content mediums

Your company's blog should be the main focus of your content marketing since it's a property you control and as explained in previous sections, the compound effects of SEO exposure and growing your following (either via social media or an email newsletter) pose many benefits to your company.

However, often your prospects might be hanging out on different websites, social networks or forums which provide companies an additional opportunity to reach them.

First, you’ll need to find out where your prospects like to spend their time online. Websites such as Quora, YouTube, Reddit or niche relevant forums are great places to start. Make sure to have a presence on the platforms you’ve identified. Share content, answer questions and post solutions to problems on a regular basis.

Remember to create your profile as a company or as a representative of the company so that you can refer leads back to your company website.


Include call to actions

Establishing authority, promoting your brand and growing a following is great and all, but if it does not result in additional leads or business clients then what's the point? 

Adding call to actions to your blog posts and even when posting on forums and other websites, is vital to generating leads.

A simple call to action method to follow for blog posts is to have a call to action, whether it’s to join your newsletter or book a free consultation, near the beginning and end of the article.

For forums and groups, you can either insert a call to action within your signature or place it at the end of your post.

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