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Increase Your B2B Sales With BigCommerce Wholesale

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Is your B2B eCommerce website meeting your prospects' and customers' expectations?

If your eCommerce website isn't set up to facilitate wholesale online ordering, you could be losing sales and driving customers to your competitors. Thankfully, you can create a wholesale website that will help attract customers and increase conversion with the many built-in features and software integrations offered by today's eCommerce platforms.

BigCommerce is popular among many B2B wholesalers and offers a variety of features and apps that help improve B2B sales. Here are 8 ways to increase B2B sales with BigCommerce functionalities:

1. Drive Traffic With Dedicated Landing Pages

89% of B2B buyers use the Internet to search for products and 57% of B2B buying decisions are made before the vendor is contacted. You can boost your SEO and attract high-quality prospects by creating dedicated landing pages on your eCommerce website.

To launch a dedicated landing page, use a webpage that's built into your BigCommerce platform. You can then optimize SEO to target specific keywords and drive high-quality traffic. You can also display B2B-specific information and pricing on these pages to deliver relevant content and consistent customer experience.

Customer Group

2. Increase Sales With Personalized Content

50% of B2B buyers say personalization is a key component that affects their purchasing decision. You can increase conversion and customer retention rate by delivering personalized information that helps streamline the purchasing process.

BigCommerce wholesale platform has several functionalities that help you leverage personalization to increase sales. For example, you can display dynamic on-site product recommendations or show related products based on browsing behaviors, purchase history, pages viewed, traffic source, etc.

3. Display Bulk Or Differentiated Pricing

The BigCommerce platform allows you to display wholesale pricing or pre-negotiated pricing down to the variant level to registered B2B customers or visitors on a dedicated landing page. This helps reduce friction in the purchasing process and increase conversion.

With the use of customer groups, you can offer B2B customers access to select products or categories at predetermined prices. You can also install the Bulk Price Slider app that allows visitors to get discount pricing based on the quality they want to order.

4. Provide Quoting Options

Many B2B customers want to negotiate volume pricing and get a customized quote. You can use a quoting tool, such as Quote Ninja or Quotes by Freshclick, on your BigCommerce site to facilitate the process. 

Buyers can simply click on a "request a quote" button and fill out their information. You can then provide a custom quote via email with a link to check out, which helps further reduce friction in the online ordering process and increase conversion rate.

5. Support Wholesale Ordering

B2B buyers often need to make recurring purchases and allowing them to easily find items from past orders can help increase sales. Besides BigCommerce's robust account management features, you can install a Reorder Button app to further streamline the process. 

In addition, you can download apps to add more features that facilitate bulk order and wholesale on your site. For example, you can create minimum order requirements for or offer discounts to specific customer groups.

6. Provide Real-Time Customer Support

You can improve customer experience by providing real-time pre- and post-sale support on your website to increase customer acquisition and retention.

You can use the many CRM and customer service apps to deliver a seamless customer care experience across multiple touchpoints, such as live chat, Facebook Messenger integration, phone, and knowledge base, via the BigCommerce platform.

Purchase order

7. Offer Online Ordering Options

Many B2B buyers need to follow specific internal processes when they order from wholesalers. You can attract and retain more customers by supporting purchase orders or punchout (or e-procurement) in your online ordering process.

For example, you can install the Purchase Order Solution app so customers can input a PO number at checkout, or you can use the PunchOut2Go app to enable B2B punchout catalog capabilities.

8. Provide Multiple Payment Methods

Many B2B customers prefer to use payment methods other than credit or debit cards. By offering multiple payment options, you can attract and retain more wholesale customers. You can even use an app that displays different payment options for different customer groups to deliver a streamlined purchasing experience. 

Many B2B customers prefer to purchase with net terms so they can lower the cost of financing and better manage cash flow. By extending credit to buyers, you'll not only attract more customers but also increase their average order values.

To offer extended credit to your customers, download the Apruve app for BigCommerce. It provides a fully integrated B2B credit solution that allows you to set payment terms and handle both online and offline ordering. 

Your customers can take advantage of extended payment terms and you'll get paid within 24 hours of shipment. Not to mention, you don't have to worry about credit approval, invoicing, and collections -- we'll take care of them for you. Learn more and download the app here.


  • Drive Traffic With Dedicated Landing Pages

  • Increase Sales With Personalized Content

  • Display Bulk Or Differentiated Pricing

  • Provide Quoting Options

  • Support Wholesale Ordering

  • Provide Real-Time Customer Support

  • Offer Online Ordering Options

  • Provide Multiple Payment Methods

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