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Posted by George Draper - 08 March, 2019

How to Increase eCommerce Conversion in 6 Steps

The purpose of any marketing team is to achieve the end goal of making conversions that lead to sales. Lately, the most effective way to accomplish this has been through digital marketing due to its high return on investment. Some people believe conversion rate optimization or CRO is the same thing as UI/UX but it is different.

 UI/UX is specifically meant to increase online sales. Customers are attracted to sites such as Youi showcased in its service page.

CRO is to increase the number ofconversions. It is important to realize users take 0.05 seconds to form their impression regarding the site. During this time, the consumers will decide if they intend to use the site.

The first impression is critical and decisions can be based on a variety of attributes; speed, color, structure, symmetry, scrolling, spacing, fonts, and text. The best ways to increase digital marketing conversions are outlined below.


The Fold Area Design

  • Users spend 66 percent of their time above the fold.
  • Scrollbars are used for 76 percent of the web pages.

Above the fold eCommerce ConversionsSource

Digital conversions are increased by making the content above the fold more compelling. This type of interaction is encouraged with visual cues to entice readers with a suggestion to more content below the fold.


The Website Speed

The speed of the website is critical for success. If a website requires more than three seconds for loading, forty percent of all consumers will leave the page.

Google figured out if they slowed down their search results for four tenths of a second, the result is losing eight million searches daily. The loss of speed is usually an engineering issue, a design issue, or a combination of the two.


When text is used above the fold instead of videos or images it will benefit the loading speed of the page. The largest contributor to the size of the page are the images.

Icon fonts are an excellent replacement for images due to their smaller file size. This is because raster graphics are used by images while icon fonts use vectors. When icon images are replaced with icon fonts, the page will load approximately fourteen percent faster.


The Familiar Design Patterns 

It takes the users less than 50 milliseconds to establish a reaction to the page. When the visual complexity is highly appealing, the consumer will remain on the page longer.

This means the web design must feel familiar and simple. The average consumer enjoys seeing a specific type of eCommerce website. This repetitive nature of websites leads to a better user experience and more conversions.

If the page confuses the consumer, they will have a bad experience and are not likely to convert. Conversions increase when the site is easy to use and embraces clarity.

Conversion rate optimization web designSource

The easier the site is to navigate the higher it will perform in both experience and CRO. To help with this, make buttons self-explanatory and streamline the dialog/copy. The design should always embrace brevity and should use minimal word count.

The largest element on the page will attract the attention of the consumer first. This element should contain the most important message to support conversion.

Conversion goals can also be met through your choice of typography. This goes much deeper than simply selecting a nice font. There is a different type of personality contained in every font. The audience should be the influence of the selected font. Some fonts are seen as trustworthy or authoritative.

For example, Helvetica is used for government tax forms and viewed as official. The font should either amplify the message of the site or showcase what the audience cares about. A clean san-serif font is excellent for a modern and objective site.


The Colors Draw Attention

Colors can establish branding, a relationship between the elements, convey a visual hierarchy, and draw the attention of the user. The best general rule is more visual weight is expressed by darker colors. The lighter colors are then used for balance. 

If the logo is a bright color, the background should be represented with a dark color and vice versa. This will immediately grab the attention of the consumers and help increase conversions.


Building Trust Increases Actions 

A Consumer's trust must be gained before they are willing to buy. By adding brands, logos or trust markers such as the badge for the BBB Accredited Business will help to drive creditability with your audience.

Testimonials using trusted authorities will also make a positive impact.


Clear Call-to-Action

On an airline web page, the consumer knows clicking search will pull up a list of selected flights. The Call to Action or CTA can also be labeled to provoke a customer to make a specified action such as Buy Now or Add to Cart. 

It is critical the CTA is clear. This often encourages the consumer to take the desired action. Conversion data is improved by testing your CTAs by adding animations, images, using different colors, and links.


The Final Outcome

Digital conversions are required for any site to become successful. This enables the site to grow, increase productivity, and skyrocket sales. The above recommendations are an excellent place to begin.

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