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Locally Marketing Your Business at Event Venues

Getting your business' name out there is tricky. It's even more so if you're focusing your attention on a local area. Having a niche/target audience can make it difficult to spread brand awareness.

Have you ever considered how to local market your business with an event venue?

Bizzabo numbers indicate that using an event as a means to foster a community and brand engagement is something a lot of marketers and companies are looking to tap into. 63-percent of Bizzabo respondent marketers actually have plans to invest more in events in the near future. 

When utilizing a venue for marketing, take into consideration the occasion and industry. In this scenario, if you're planning to utilize marketing geared toward business-to-business (B2B) endeavors, trade show marketing might work. Exploring event marketing in itself cannot be done in a solo article given its scope.

B2B marketing trends at events that are ripe for marketing potential are the following: 
  • Self-hosted events 
    (host an event free to the public or invite-only in your own venue)
  • Trade shows 
    (businesses are showcasing their products and services in the same venue.)

Businesses participating in trade shows will likely have their own booth. The bigger the trade show, the better the opportunity for a sponsorship. These are great places that allow both businesses and visitors to interact. 

The difference between self-hosted events and trade shows alone will get your brain running around ideas as to how to sell specific events towards your industry and/or niche trade. Let's see this in action when taking trade show marketing for B2B endeavors.

Phase One:
Determine Your Parameters and Internal Efforts 

marketing event checklistSun Tzu said in The Art of War that "[he] who wishes to fight must first count the cost," and while you're not exactly going into war, it's important to know what you want to achieve out of your local event marketing plan.Remember, money spent is part of your budget, so make everything count. Here are things to consider before proceeding to the actual venue: 

What is a successful event?

Thinking about B2B, a primary goal is to have a strong pipeline for your leads. Converting leads into consumers will bring the most obvious returns for you. Your goals may include affirming brand loyalty and brand awareness. Have a registration booth to gather data, check in with prospects, and sell products. These are similar objectives pursuing different goals (lead generation versus profits). Be very clear about your participation intention at the event.

What promotional tools are required? 

In today's digital landscape, it's good to take advantage of the various tools available. Taking advantage of those tools will work best if you know exactly what you need. What tools will best serve your success goals for the event? Are you going to push for e-mail and/or social media marketing? Are you going to hype prospects via videos and/or social media buzz?

What are your strengths? 

As a company, your endeavors toward event marketing aren't confined to your marketing team alone. All members are aware of the event and have specified tasks to boost marketing efforts. When everyone is aware of the campaign objectives, all are working toward achieving those goals. Emphasize the event goals and put marketing strategies in place to achieve them. What promotional materials do you require at the event? What can everyone do to support the campaign? How should participants in the venue behave throughout the event?


Phase Two: 
Execute Your Plans and Follow Through 

Event MarketingThe bulk of the second phase revolves around making a plan and executing. Keep your parameters on hand because anything can come up in events.

Practice makes perfect.

B2B trade show marketing is not solely about the software or strategy. Execution is key, and practice can help make the most out of your event. Study the venue properly and become aware of the ins and outs of the place. This will help in emergencies, but also to know where potential competitor booths are located. Familiarize your team with the event space so they are knowledgeable. This is important for when they walk around and invite prospects back to your stand. The Farm Soho has venues that are spacious enough for movement, which you should utilize.


Be friendly.

Form better connections by being conversational and not sticking too closely to leads and customers. Training your group to converse with prospects needs to be a natural approach.


Don't let them leave empty-handed.

Depending on your goals, try to make sure things such as fliers, brochures, and business cards are available to customers and leads, should they want to keep in touch. You can provide exclusive information by showing a video on a monitor or provide tips in a booklet exclusive to that event.


Make sure you follow-through.

Put your new contacts fit into one of three categories. The first is those you can follow-up with immediately. Initial contact is crucial to keep your business at top of mind. The second category is following up within a week. This gives potential leads B2B event follow upbreathing room so your message isn't lost in the shuffle. Third, and lastly, those you can follow up within a month. Make sure the content you provide and your presence at the trade show sustains anticipation. Leave your leads satisfied, but also wanting more. Do this by teasing another event, live stream, or product release. These types of teasers sustain the momentum and the interest piqued.

Conclusion: Maximize Your Location

When marketing your business on a local level, remember to maximize your location. Regardless of how you want to market your event, it is a brand awareness engine. Use the tools above for your next event.


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