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Posted by Erik Larson - 18 January, 2019

How to Teach Your Old Dog New Tricks with Postalytics


If you think that sending anything other than an email or social media message is a waste of time and money, think again. While digital communication might have long surpassed snail mail for person-to-person communication, direct mail from businesses to other businesses or businesses to consumers is still alive and well.

So alive, in fact, that Postalytics found a way to create a niche tool to help B2B companies improve their direct mail approach. And it's catching on fast.

Dennis Kelly PostalyticsPostalytics is an all-in-one direct mail automation tool that turns direct mail into a digital marketing channel. This tool helps marketers generate leads, sales, and loyalty with CRM and automation driven, personalized direct mail postcards and letters. With a radically simplified production, tracking, and pricing process, Postalytics is making direct mail a logical channel for marketers of all types.

We caught up with CEO, Dennis Kelly, to find out what led him to create Postalytics and how B2B clients are putting these tools to work.

When did you notice that current direct marketing tactics had room for improvement?

The team at Boingnet, our other product and previous company name, has been deeply involved in the tracking and measurement of direct mail campaigns for several years via our Personalized URL software. All of a sudden in 2016, we started getting a lot of interest from clients that wanted to incorporate their direct mail into their marketing automation or CRM platforms. As we worked with those clients, we realized that there was no easy way to do it at the time. This lead to us beginning to look for ways to solve the problem. Postalytics was born.

What benefits does direct marketing have over digital marketing?

Direct marketing is a very important discipline for organizations to master. Whereas digital marketing is often thought of as “Inbound,” direct marketing is associated with “Outbound.” When marketers need to generate leads or move prospects along in the buyer’s journey, they’ll turn to direct marketing.

Due to several factors, like crowded email inboxes, less crowded postal mailboxes, and better direct mail tech, response rates for direct mail currently far exceed digital channels. When marketers need to stand out from their competitors they turn to direct.

What were the main reasons marketers were moving away from this channel?

Direct mail volumes peaked in 2008. As email and other digital channels like search, PPC, and social began to proliferate, marketers moved their focus and budgets into those channels. They found these channels to be fast, easy and integrated into the core marketing automation and CRM platforms they were investing in. Direct mail production, tracking, and measurement remained primarily offline, manual processes taking weeks or months to implement. The processes that direct mailer used hadn’t evolved much in several years. 

How has Postalytics met these concerns of marketers?

Direct Marketing DashboardPostalytics is a direct mail automation tool. It turns direct mail into a digital marketing channel, that just happens to generate printed and mailed messages. We’ve created a tool that uses the contacts and data that is stored in marketing automation and CRM platforms to drive fully automated campaigns. With Postalytics, it literally takes minutes to set up a postcard or letter campaign that tracks both the delivery and online response of each piece of mail, and syncs that data back to your CRM or marketing automation tool. There are no manual steps, nor any need to negotiate prices for paper, printing, postage, handling, etc. It looks and acts like email marketing, but delivers messages to the uncrowded mailbox.

How can B2B companies take advantage of this service?

Often we hear from B2B companies that are interested in using direct mail to augment their email strategies, help promote an upcoming campaign, or to assist with event/conference marketing. We’ve worked with a renowned direct marketing expert to create some pretty cool direct mail/email workflows that often act as the starting point. It’s very simple to give it a try. They can create a free account at and send themselves a test batch, or engage with one of our Account Managers to set up an initial campaign.

What are some unique ways businesses have used this software/service?

There are a couple of things that stand out as we observe our clients.

The first is that Postalytics is being used to augment email marketing. We see many organizations creating lists of email non-responders and using direct mail automation to target them.

Another thing we've noticed is that small batch direct mail is a new phenomenon that we didn’t anticipate. Because campaigns can be whipped up in minutes and Postalytics has no “minimum runs” like traditional direct mail, B2B firms are deploying quick, small batch campaigns for lists being developed by individual salespeople to support their initiatives. 

Finally, onboarding is a growing and important use case for direct mail automation. We’re seeing “triggered drip” campaigns being set up to welcome new customers with personalized letters from company executives, and postcards for customers that sign up for services but slow/stop their onboarding.


Focusing on emerging technologies might be important, but it doesn't mean that all old tactics should get left behind or altered through digital transformation. Postalytics is proof that success can be found by those willing to breathe new life into old ideas in the B2B world.

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Postalytics is the leading all-in-one direct mail automation tool that turns direct mail into a digital marketing channel. We help marketers generate leads, sales and loyalty with CRM and automation driven, personalized direct mail postcards and letters. We’ve radically simplified the production, tracking and pricing of direct mail, making direct a logical channel for marketers of all types.

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